Elsae Sarvool

Human Female Scoundrel


Vital Statistics:

Class: Scoundrel 2 (pg.45 CRB), Jedi 3 (pg.38 CRB)
Species: Human
Character Level: 5
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Destiny: Secret

Ref: 14 (15 Flat Footed) Fort: 16 Will: 18
HP: 48 Threshold: 12 Init: 5 Perception: 9 Speed: 6 BAB: 7 Grapple: 7 Force Points: 6 Destiny Points: 3

Basic, Bocce

Special Combat Actions
See Below

Str: 6 Dex: 16 Con: 10 Int: 13 Wis: 14 Cha: 16

Vision Talent, Dark Side Talent (pg. 40 CRB), Resist the Dark Side

Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x2), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Skill Training (Decepion), Strong in the Force, Weapons Proficiency (Simple Weapons, Pistols, Lightsaber), Melee Defence, Force Mas. Reg., Quiet the Mind (pg. 23 Jedi Academy Rule Book), Awaken Force Sensitivity, Eyes of the Force, Dual Weapon Mastery 1

Skills: Deception: +10, Initiative: +5, Knowledge (Galactic Lore): +9, Perception: +9, Pilot: 5, Stealth: +11, Use the Force: +15

Force Powers (Use the Force + 14)
Force Thrust, Mind Trick, Move Object, Force Whirlwind, Technometry, Surge


Melee Unnamed Strike +4 (1d4)

Crystal Colour: Green Attack: +4 Damage: 2d8 +4 Type: Melee Size: Medium Damage Type: Energy & Slashing, Aquatic

Blaster Pistol
Attack: +6, Damage: 3d6 +1, Damage Type: Energy, Aquatic

Attack: +6, Damage: 1d4 +2, Damage Type: Piercing

Blaster Pistol, Knife, Stolen Sliced Credit Chip (300 Credits), Lightsaber (Blue crystal)

Notes: All weapons have the aquatic adaptation.

Early Life

Elsae Sarvool and her sister Eldewn were born on the Mid-Rim world of Romin in the year 3 GrS. The girls parents were quite wealthy and both sisters enjoyed a rather privileged upbringing. From a young age Elsae and Eldewn showed a stronger than usual “twin thought” tendancy with each other, but the extent of these abilities went unrealized through most of their lives.

Never the less Elsae excelled as a student in school along with her sister, though with stronger abilities in sports and athletics than her sister who excelled more in written and technical studies.

The Clone Wars

When the Clone Wars began in 13 GrS the planet’s tyranical leader kept the world officially neutral, but civil strife between the planet’s rich and poor would lead to several small conflicts throughout the war. In the final year of the war the twin’s parents were murdered in a gang war by a local crime lord, and spent the next several months on the run from that very gang in the slums of Romin’s poorest cities.

It was only by chance that the twins the Ithorian Jedi Ofar Tan-Doov who was on a humanitarian relief mission to the planet. Tan-Doov sensed the twins potential immediatly, but also realized that the months spent on the run underground on Romin had taken it’s tole psychologically on the girls. Though Eldewn dealt with the hardship by putting on a strong outer appearance to hide her fears, Elsae turned her fear inwards, a trait Tan-Doov feared could lead her to the dark side of the Force. Never the less he vowed to take both twins to Coruscant in order to train them in the ways of the Jedi, an order who’s numbers were fast depleeting as a result of the long running Clone Wars.

Order 66 and the Dark Times

Before Tan-Doov could leave Romin however Order 66 was issued, and Tan-Doov now found himself on the run as a fugitive with all his fellow Jedi. Knowing that there was now no Jedi Order to protect and train the twins, Tan-Doov decided to train them himself, though in his advanced age it was an extremely difficult task to undertake.

For more than a year Tan-Doov fled with the girls from planet to planet, always on the run from the Galactic Empire, yet also instilling Jedi teachings in the girls. Though they were rarely in one spot for too long, Tan-Doov made remarkable progress in teaching the girls to harness their Force abilities, though in Elsae Tan-Doov still feared a growing dark anger within her.

Death of Master Tan-Doov

One fateful day not long after the twins and their master Tan-Doov had purchased an old second hand Consular Cruiser, an agent with the Bureau of Ships and Services discovered Tan-Doov’s nature as a fugitive Jedi. The agent contacted nearby Imperial authorities before Tan-Doov could flee, and within hours a Venator-Class Star Destroyers was on the trio’s tail making hyperspace jump after hyperspace jump in a desperate attempt to escape their pursuers.

Their last hope was to fly to the planet Aunap, but the Imperial star destroyer was on their tail once again. As their cruiser came out of orbit over Aunap it was fired heavily upon by the star destroyer, critically damaging it.

With his last living moments a severely injured Tan-Doov pushed the twins into an escape pod and jettisoned it to the planet’s surface below in the hopes that they could survive the Imperial onslaught, moments later he died as their cruiser exploded in space.

Encounters with the Player Party

It just so happened that the player party witnessed the skirmish in the skies over Aunap while they were completing a business deal with local merchant Tan Rybar, and both Nyla Hawklight and Akira Ben-Toshi sensed the twins Force presence on the escape pod fast falling to the planet’s surface.

While Aidan Dyre and Kalko the Colossal were interested in scavenging the escape pod to sell to Tan, Nyla and Akira were sure a powerful Force presence was on board that may need their help. It was only after the escape pod was opened up on board the Renegade that they realized the Force presence was two different individuals.

Nyla and Akira nursed both sisters back to health, though it was Eldewn who first regained consciousness and was told about their new situation. When Elsae did awaken herself she violently threw an empty medical tray hurtling across the Renegade which Nyla only just managed to dodge. After this Elsae rarely spoke, feeling great sadness at the death of her master and blaming herself for his death, as well as her parents.

A New Master on Dantooine.

The player party was torn on what to do with the twin sisters upon their return to Dantooine. Though Aiden was at first against adopting them to protect them, Nyla and Akira decided to put their trust in the opinion of The Wise Old One, the powerful medicine woman who had been tutoring Nyla as of late.

After consulting with the Old Wise One, she insisted on meeting with the twin sisters in private. During this meeting the Old Wise One convinced both sisters, head strong Eldewn and shy but angry Elsae to trust in Nyla and Akira to be their new teachers, as fate had brought them together. Both sisters agreed in great part to the Old Wise One’s kind and calming demeanor. When the Old Wise One met with Akira and Nyla again she told Nyla that she would be taking Eldewn on as her apprentice, while Akira would take on Elsae as the Old Wise One felt he was more capable of relating to the pain and suffering in Elsae, and could guide her through her inner torment in the hopes of one day being at peace with herself.

Personality and traits

Elsae Sarvool possesses many traits that set her apart from other Force students of her age. She has progressed a great deal even though only having received active Force training for just more than year by the year 18 GrS. Elsae has a strong Force bond with her sister Eldewn, a bond which helped the two survive their ordeal while in hiding on Romin and while on the run with Master Tan-Doov.

Elsae has also bennifited from her sisters instinct to lead the two and take care of Elsae when she was overcome with grief and sadness. Never the less Elsae has done many dark natured deeds in her time on the run, acts that have disturbed both the late Master Tan-Doov as well as her own sister, though Eldewn would never admit to fearing her own sister.

Elsae excels as a telekinetic savant, easily hurtling objects great distances with little effort, though sometimes with little active control either. Her most puzzling ability is her farseeing ability, one which seems strongest only while she’s sleeping, and one that somehow allows her to see things and people that will soon play a part in her and her friends lives, even if she hasn’t met them before. This skill was never taught to her, but has manifested itself never the less.

Elsae Sarvool

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