Darth Vader

Male Human Sith Lord


Darth Vader is a hero of the Galactic Empire and a prominent figure of the New Order. Much of Darth Vader’s past is unknown to the galaxy at large, but he is known to be the commanding officer of the 501st Legion, and also has the capacity to command generals and fleet admirals on a regular basis, making him possibly the second most powerful figure in the galaxy, behind only Emperor Palpatine himself.

He is strong and resolute, and strikes fear into the hearts of all those who oppose the Galactic Empire. His red lightsaber have fueled rumors that he was once a Jedi Knight.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first learned of Darth Vader while watching a COMPNOR news transmission recorded by R4. In the transmission it was reported that Vader had recently slayed a party of assasins who had killed a Kuat Drive Yards executive. The executive’s death had occured around the same time the player party had been framed for the killing of Colonel Taft Madine and Governor Craz Oduur, causing R4 to speculate that this party had been framed, possibly even by Jeyen as well.

At first the party speculated that Vader was simply a rich noble who had bought his way into the Imperial military, however upon learning he commanded the elite 501st, Aiden realized he could be no mere noble with wealth. Akira and Nyla also recognized that anyone wielding a lightsaber could be no mere mortal, but rather an advanced Force user, possibly even a Jedi, or a Dark Jedi.

The party agreed that whether or not Jeyen and framed the unfortunate party or not, Vader was a force to be feared and reckoned with.

Darth Vader

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