Captain Thrawn

Male Solider of Unknown Species


Captain Thrawn is a male of an unknown species who currently commands the Imperial Blackeye Squadron operating in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. One of the duties of the squadron is to search out for smuggling activity within the Unknown Regions, but it’s wider role and end game are unknown.

Encounter with the Player Party

The player party first learned of Thrawn from the Stormtrooper Seargent Darius, who was serving onboard the Ellison’s Fury, one of the 43 warships within the squadron and had told Nyla Hawklight about their mission in the Unknown Regions.

The player party later discovered while going through the logs on the abandoned Ellison’s Fury that there was a strong sense of distrust between Thrawn and a figure of unknown importance named Governor Wilhuff Tarkin.

Captain Thrawn

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