Captain Granger


Captain Granger was a ships captain in the Imperial Navy and the commanding officer of the Ellison’s Fury. His vessel was one of 43 warships serving in Blackeye Squadron under the command of Captain Thrawn deep in the Unknown Regions.

Granger and his vessel came to the aid of the Big Berta when they intercepted it’s distress signal over the ruined planet of Bodir, but were later incapacitated himself with the near entirety of his crew by an unknown and unseen alien force while investigating the mysterious Asteroid Ship that had played a part in the destruction of the planet.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first learned of Captain Granger when they arrived at Bodir and made contact with the Big Berta, where they spoke with Captain Flak, a Stormtrooper who had been left on Big Berta while the Ellison’s Fury investigated the Asteroid Ship.


Captain Granger

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