Baccitcuk is a Wookie Berserker from the Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk village of Dantooine. Quaggo was a respected warrior and a veteran of the Clone Wars on his native Kashyyyk, but fled his homeworld when slavers began ravaging his world.

Having followed his Chieftain Granzawaroo and his fellow Wookie refugees to the planet Dantooine, and after receiving permission from the Tarisian to land at the settlement of Ecumenopolis and to build their own neighboring village nearby Quaggo set to work with his fellow Wookies to build their new settlement and make a new home for his people free from tyranny and oppression.

Baccitcuk’s brother was part of the Raalbar Bora settlement owned by the Tarisian on the planet Bodir deep in the Unknown Regions which one day ceased all communication for weeks with their base of operation on Dantooine. When the crew of the Renegade offered to travel to the Unknown Regions to asertain the fate of Bodir, Baccitcuk, along with his friend and fellow Berserker Quaggo was offered one of two warriors by Granzawaroo to accompany the party in search of the many lost Wookie and other settlers on Bodir.



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