Arkan Hudge

Male Human Noble


Arkan Hudge was a pilot in the service of the “Danto-Xpress” for the Tarisian on the planet Dantooine. As he was highly successful in exporting and importing goods to the settlement of Ecumenopolis, and it was his success that lead to the Tarisian selecting Hudge to be one of the pilots to run supplies and exports for her newly formed operation out of the planet Bodir in the Unknown Regions.

When a mysterious comet entered Bodir’s star system disrupting communication with Dantooine, Arkan Hudge volunteered to take his Incom Explorer Scout Ship known as Hopper 9 to explore the mysterious object. He was able to relay making visual contact with the object that would later be revealed to be the infamous Asteroid Ship, but contact was lost with him and his craft shortly after visual contact was established.

After the devastation of the planet Bodir he was presumed lost along with his ship and the majority of the settlement on Bodir.

Arkan Hudge

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