Frohm Gin’Dahl

Male Neimodian Noble


Frohm Gin’Dahl is a Neimodian financier with a largely unknown background and very dangerous associates. What little is known about Frohm is that at some point in the past he was aquatinted with the Tarisian.

Frohm first became known to the player party when his Harcell Class Interstellar Transport was shot down while trying to flee Ordisan with a supply of stolen ore. Frohm yielded no information when being interrogated, and even refused to speak after Kalko severed his thumds to make him speak, a highly unusual act for a Neimodian who are known for cowering and begging for mercy in the face of the slightest adversity.

It was learned that the pirates who had been raiding Ecumenopolis had been hired by them, but none, other than their leader Gurk knew the full extent of why Frohm had hired them, only that it involved something called Outlander. Even stranger, many of the pirates in Frohm’s employ committed suicide rather than risk spill the secrets of Outlander and face the wrath of Frohm’s associates.

Frohm Gin’Dahl

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