Male Wookie Noble


Granzawaroo is the Wookie Chieftain of the Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk village of Dantooine and the brother of Koturawa. Granzawaroo was a respected warrior and a veteran of the Clone Wars on his native Kashyyyk, but fled his homeworld when slavers began ravaging his world.

Leading a small flotilla of refugee transports, Granzawaroo and his fellow Wookie refugees landed on Dantooine and received permission from the Tarisian to land at the settlement of Ecumenopolis and to build their own neighboring village nearby. Many in the settlment have speculated that Granzawaroo and the Tarisian struck a secret bargain which allowed the Wookies to stay, though none know for sure what this bargain entailed.

Granzawaroo currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee, where with the other committee members he advises the Tarisian on the affairs of the settlement of Ecumenopolis.


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