Braylen Bren

Male Sullustan Jedi General


Braylen Bren was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He did not believe that Clone Troopers were as effective as beings who had lived a lifetime and developed skills and experience. As such Jedi Bren recruited a highly trained group of soldiers from various militia units. These irregular troops consisted of loyal Republic citizens with special skills and Jedi Bren’s unit was often called in to deal with “specialized” or “delicate” missions. One such member of what became known as Bren’s Irregulars was a Mandaloran named Aiden Dyre.

Braylen and his irregulars were decimated upon the issuing of Order 66 at the conclusion of the Clone Wars, with himself falling in the chaos and only Aiden Dyre and fellow soliders Darr Lannik and Shad Raalsurviving the initial purge.

Braylen Bren

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