One Eyed Pirate Captain


Gurk was a notorious Dug pirate captain known for numerous attacks and raids north-west of the Tingle Arm in the Outer Rim Territories. He was a cunning warrior with a legendary habit of routinely engaging groups of enemies which outnumbered him as much as 10 to 1, and often coming out victorious.

Gurk first became known to the player party when they learned from a crew member of a downed pirate cruiser that Gurk was it’s taskforce commander, and had been hired along with his nearly all Klatooinian army by a Neimodian investor to conduct raids on the Dantooine settlement of Ecumenopolis.

Later Gurk engaged a stunned player party in close combat single-handily while seeking revenge for the downing of his three pirate cruisers. Despite the Dug pirate captain’s resilience and his legendary stamina in combat, Gurk was defeated when knocked unconscious by the party after a ferocious gun, dagger, grenade and sword fight. He was then taken prisoner to be later interrogated for further information regarding his pirate force and the reasons for raiding Dantooine.



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