Kiwa Ro Bordup

Male Dantari Solider


Kiwa Ro Bordup is respected and brave warrior of a Dantari tribe, the Kiwa. Bordup currently lives in the Kiwa village of Purok on the edge of the Nal Moota river aproximatly 78 kilometers north-west of Ecumenopolis. Bordup achieved great fame amongst the people of Purok and the Kima tribe itself when a year earlier he helped lead his people to victory against the barbaric Irith, a nomadic tribe who had until then been encroaching more and more on Kiwa land.

Kima became known to the player party when Nyla and Aiden discovered Nyla’s runaway training remote had been heading in the direction of Purok. Upon investigating this village they met Bordup and his friend Mookur guarding the village entrance, whereafter Bordup offered them a tour of Purok which ended for Nyla with her being led to the wise and elderly medicine woman of the village.

Kiwa Ro Bordup

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