The Tarisian

Male Human Noble


The Tarisian as he is known, is a wealthy businessman, investor, developer and entrepreneur specializing in high risk ventures in volatile regions the offer the chance of high returns on his investments.

The Tarisian first became known to the party when his agent Jacen Mith approached the party after learning of their status as wanted assassins on Nar Shadda, telling them that they were just the sort of group his employer was in desperate need of recruiting.

After following up on Mr. Mith’s initial offer, the Tarisian offered the player party 500,000 credits in return for a guarantee of six months employment in addition to room, board, restocking, refueling and the promise of additional materials and personnel when needed in return for agreeing to work for him helping to secure his various interests across the galaxy.

The Tarisian is currently based in the settlement of his founding Ecumenopolis on the Outer Rim world of Dantooine, where he owns and operate a Danto-Lommite Ore mine. His place of residence is the 3 story Upper City Gem, the cantina/brothel/casino, which also features rooms made available to the player party in return for their service.

The Tarisian

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