Orn Syndulla


Having served at some point in the armed forces of the Confederacy of Independant Systems during the Clone Wars, Orn quickly found herself jobless upon the wars conclusion having fought on the losing side.

Yet still eager to apply her tried and tested skills in combat, Orn came into the employment of the Tarisian becoming the captain and chief of his fledgling security force on the Dantooine settlement of Ecumenopolis.

The player party first met Orn, or “Chief” as she is known, when they saw her leading the settlement Fire Suppressors after a pirate raid that set fire to the settlement. Later that same day the party was formally introduced to her, Orn gave them a summation of the severity of the most recent pirate raid and the damage that was done.

The party to date believes she is untrusting of them, being subtly dismissive of their input and qualifications. Even so, she has obeyed the Tarisian’s orders to date to aid the party when asked and offered support when needed.

Orn Syndulla

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