Male Trandoshan Scoundrel


Ssruzzz is a male Trandoshan smuggler based on Nar Shadda in Hutt Space. Early in his career Ssruzzz fell into the employ of Zorba the Hutt and had worked in his organization’s Nar Shadda operations for some time. During this time Ssruzzz had met and become good friends with Kalko the Collosal, a fellow ambitious smuggler.

Recently with the collapse of Zorba the Hutt’s criminal empire following his imprisonment, and the consolidation of his assets under Zorba’s son Jabba, Ssruzzz has opted to remain an independant business man for the time being rather than work for Jabba the Hutt on his desert base of operations.

Ssruzzz most recently met the player party when Kalko came to him on Nar Shadda to help sell their seized haul of giggledust, Stormtrooper armour and Horrat’s mysterious ancient book. Ssruzzz had mentioned to Kalkko that he is considering entering the booming Wookie slave trade.


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