SC0-RN13, or “Captain Scorn” as he’s known in stories and legends is the commanding battle droid operating in the ancient catacombs of Quantill City on the planet Ando.

During the final year of the Clone Wars Captain Scorn was given the task of stock-piling goods and munitions for Confederate Forces in the ancient catacombs beneath the capital city, and has organized an on-going fighting force made up entirely of still activated and modified separatist battle droids ever since the city’s occupation by Republic/Imperial forces.

Although Scorn and his army are resistors to the occupation, they differ greatly from the Quantill City Resistance. Scorn has dedicated himself and his army to building their strength and await a return of Separatist forces so that they may aid their comrades in the liberation of the planet, where as the Resistance conducts constant on-going attacks on Imperial targets.

Scorn first met the Player Party when they tried to move through his catacombs to get to the spaceport so that they could evade the Imperial forces and escape Ando. Scorn was hesitant to work with the “meatbags”, but after listing to their story he became convinced they shared a mutual enemy, a shadowy figure who had kidnapped two of his best battle droids days earlier and were later used he learned to rob the YT-2400 in docking bay 78.

Scorn lent the party the use of two other battle droids to aid in their escape which ultimately proved successful.


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