Mysterious Thief


The so called “Mysterious Thief” was the individual believed responsible for leading the raid on the Quantill City Intergalactic Spaceport’s Docking Bay 78, where a large quantity of illegal Giggledust Spice was stolen from the YT-2400 parked beside the Renegade.

The thief had lead a party consisting of himself, two other sentients dressed in dark clothing similar to himself with rocket packs, as well as three heavily modified B1 Battle Droids and one heavily modified heavy loading droid. The thief along with his two fellow thieves with rocket packs escaped just as the player party arrived to the rescue of the Stormtroopers under heavy fire along with a crate of cargo crate each.

It was observed as the three thieves rocketed away that the leader ascended slower and carried a larger crate than the others, this caused Akira to wonder if the thief had in fact been holding the Proton Torpedo which had been stolen from the YT-2400.

Identity Theories

It was later speculated by Akira Ben Toshi that the mysterious theif could have easily been Jeyen, as the assasination of Governor Oduur and Colonel Madine was carried out with a Proton Torpedo which likely was the very same one stolen from the YT-2400 by the mysterious theif. Why Jeyen wished to lure the party to Ando, only them frame them however remained a mystery.

Mysterious Thief

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