Chuda Mobabbo


Chuda Mobabbo is a sitting Quantill City [[High Lord]] who resides in the [[Historical District]] in the city’s North-East.

Chuda originally met the player party when the party recovered Chuda’s stolen wallet from the Gungan pickpocket [[Rabbo]] and they decided to return it along with Chuda’s hefty sum of credits he kept on his person. Though Chuda was glad to have his wallet back he was visibly agitated when the party first met him on the eve of the [[Festival of the Portage Moon]]. Chuda was equally agitated when Akira asked him if he was interested in the burnt out wreck of a YT-2400 freighter, though he did promise to help the party with a favour whenever they asked for their assistance.

The party later learned that Chuda had just discovered that Governor [[Craz Oduur]] would be making a surprise visit to Ando, something he was not pleased with.

Chuda Mobabbo

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