Jakkar Qin

Human Male Noble


Jakkar Qin is a wealthy Corellian noble, and possibly the most powerful single shareholder in the Corellian Mining Corporation. Born to an ancient line of Corellian nobles, Jakkar succeeded his father as matriarch of their family and has since invested a large portion of the family’s fortune into the Corellian Mining Corporation and various high stake developments which have thus far paid off handsomely for both CMC and the Qin family.

Jakkar Qin met the player party when they boarded his Seacrawler mobile mining/harvesting platform as added security for an inspection from Governor Craz Oduur. After an unexpected and dangerous encounter with local fauna, the player party (Akira to be specific) became well aquatinted with marine biologist Dyneh Lonin, a post-graduate student in the employ of the CMC who had been hand-picked by Jakkar Qin to aid in understanding the rare but valuable Mineral Fish.

Jakkar is believed to be a personal friend of Colonel Madine and is said to have made many friends in Imperial circles in order to gain the permits needed to mine/harvest Mineral Fish on the Ando seabed. Even so, it is still widely believed that like many Corellians Jakkar resents the central galactic authority and favours a belief of Corellians for Corellia.

Jakkar Qin

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