Male Quarren Crime Lord


Horrat, a male Quarren is a prominent crime lord on the planet Ando, and is known respectfully in the Quantill City underground as the “The Boss of the Appa Poa”, a major industrial thoroughfare in Quantill City. Currently Horrat collaborates on a regular basis with Imperial Commander Taft Madine on matters of security and intelligence and as a result is considered to be a local ally of Imperial forces, despite his non-human nature.

Prior to the Clone Wars, Horrat was a resident of the planet Dac. During his time on Dac Horrat had risen to prominence with a political faction opposed to the perceived Mon Calamari dominance over Dac, and he would eventually join the Quarren Isolation League as one of it’s principal financiers, which later joined Count Dooku’s separatist movement which later formally joined the Seperatist Confederacy of Independant Systems. Though the League’s inclusion into the Confederacy was intended to force Quarren rule upon Dac, for reasons unknown Horrat betrayed the Quarren Isolation League and fed vital information to the Galactic Republic which in turn launched and won the Battle of Mon Calamari, ending the League’s brief rule over Dac.

Fearing retribution from his fellow Quarren and former Seperatist ally’s, Horrat immigrated to the Imperial occupied ocean world of Ando and has lived there since the final year of the Clone Wars.

Always fearful of assassination attempts, Horrat resides in his posh Aduhm Island estate, rarely ever leaving its confines to venture into the open oceans or nearby the Quantill City mainland. On the rare occasions when Horrat is required to leave, he only travels with a large entourage of security personal to ensure his personal safety. Horrat enlisted the player party for one such occasion when he attended a gala ball on the eve of the Festival of the Portage Moon, and indeed survived not one but two assassination attempts over the course of a single evening with the help of the player party.


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