Male Human, white haired yellow eyed with extremely pale complexion


The individual known as Jeyen is a highly mysterious figure the entire player party had been separately instructed to meet on Ando several weeks ago, specifically on the first day of the Festival of the Portage Moon.

Kalko the Collosal had been contacted by a fellow Rodian while on Nar Shadda telling him that if he were interested in a smuggling deal of a lifetime he would need to meet with Jeyen, and receive 10,000 Imperial Credits for hearing the proposition alone. Aiden Dyre was told via hologram by a dark robbed Mandalorian that a meeting of the few true and honorable sons and daughters of Mandalore was to take place on Ando and that Mr. Jeyen would guide him to his fellow Mandalorians. Lastly, fugitive Jedi Padawan Nayla Hawklight learned from a mysterious message over the holonet of a gathering of her fellow fugitive Jedi on Ando, being organized by the hooded source of the message, and that a Mr. Jeyen would direct her to her fellow Jedi once on Ando.

The player party, all having arrived two days early has waited patiently for the arrival of Mr. Jeyen, occupying themselves with various tasks until his arrival. Jeyen did contact the party the day before the Festival was to begin via the holonet telling them he would arrive the next day, and contacted them again on the morning of the first day of the Festival via the holonet once again.


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