Governor Craz Oduur

Male Human grey haired blue eyed elderly Imperial Sector Governor


Craz Oduur was to a great extent a political ally of the Emperor going back to Palpatine’s time as a Senator for the Chommell sector. Oduur’s support for Palpatine’s bid for the Chancellorship, followed by his support for the Military Creation Act and the later war measures during the Clone Wars kept Oduur in high favour with the now Emperor Palpatine, leading to his being granted the Governorship of the Dufilvian Sector late in the Clone Wars.

Meeting the Player Party

Oduur first became known to the player party when he made an unexpected arrival on Ando in the volatile days before the first celebration of the Festival of the Portage Moon since the end of the Clone Wars. The party was hand picked by Colonel Madine to act as added security for the Governor during his tour of Jakkar Qin’s Seacrawler mining operation on Ando’s ocean’s floor.

The player party played a vital role in helping secure the Governor’s safe escape from the Seacrawler once it fell under attack from rogue Firaxana Sharks, for which the Governor has expressed a great deal of thanks and appreciation.


Later that day Governor Oduur delivered a rousing speech from a balcony high atop the ancient House of the High Lord about the strength of the Empire and the role that strong aliens such as the Aqualilsh could play in the New Order while Colonel Madine stood beside him. Only moments after said speech concluded a Proton Torpedo hidden inside a nearby astromech detonated, killing the Colonel and the Governor instantly and toppling the ancient structure onto the square below killing thousands of spectators.

In the insuing chaos and aftermath, Imperial authorities immediately laid the blame for the bombing and assassination on the party, though at the time no evidence of their guilt was provided in any way. The party was forced to escape from Ando under fire from Imperial forces.

The Governor famously carried with him at all times a cane that both helped with his walking and served as a portable long range holographic enabled comlink.

Governor Craz Oduur

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