Dyneh Lonin

Female Human green eyed, brown haired marine biologist


Dyneh Lonin is a Corellian post-graduate biology student of Coronet University, formerly in the employ of the Corellian Mining Corporation but now currently a fugitive from justice.

Early Life

Born to a successful spacer mother and shipbuilding father, Dyneh took a liking to marine biology at a young age while on a family vacation to Dac. Her facisnation with marine biology would become her life passion and guide her towards her future career.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars Dyneh had worked hard to save up enough credits to attend the prestigious Coronet University while her parents both saved what they could to help her out as well. Early in the war Dyneh’s parents both became aware of a plot to overthrow the Diktat, the pro-Republic corporate government of Corellia and in it’s place restore the ancient monarchy with a pro-Separatist figurehead. Though her parents knew the dangerous risks of becoming involved with this plot, they also knew the rewards could secure them for life and guarantee the best education for their daughter.

Regrettably the plot to overthrow the Diktat quickly unravelled before it truly began, and Dyneh’s parents were both killed while attempting to smuggle arms to a conspirator stronghold.

Meeting Jakkar Qin

Now parentless and fearful that she would be soon be accused of involvement with her parents and the conspirators (a charge of which she was innocent), a mysterious but wealthy man named Jakkar Qin introduced himself to Dyneh. Mr. Qin explained that he had been a high level conspirator but had not been discovered by Corellian authorities. He further explained that he felt great guilt that Dyneh’s parents had paid the ultimate price while so many high level conspirators escaped blame entirely, and that for her parents sacrifice he would help shield her from the authorities investigations and would pay for her entire education at Coronet University.

Though Dyneh harboured resentment that Mr. Qin had been involved in the plot that claimed her parents lives, she could not turn down the promise of an education, and reluctantly accepted his offer.

After graducation and serving as a post-graduate student, Jakkar hand picked Dyneh to complete her post-graduate studies at the centre of his deep sea mining operation on the Mid-Rim world of Ando where he hoped to harvest the planet’s legendary durasteel shelled Mineral Fish directly from the ocean’s floor.

Dyneh jumped at the opportunity, however she harboured deep reservations about participating in the wide spread destruction of such a rare and valuable species simply for the profit of the Corellian Mining Corporation. Ever a patriotic Corellian however Dyneh has chosen to remain with the operation, even though she was looked down upon by more senior members of the operation and her fellow students serving on board Qin’s state of the art Seacrawler who saw their failiure to date to harvest large amounts of Mineral Fish as her failing.

Meeting the Player Party

Dyneh first became involved with the player party when she answered several marine life questions of Akira’s when the party was serving as added security for Governor Oddur during his tour of the Seacrawler. She was evacuated from the Seacrawler when it came under attack along with Akira, and the two later became quite close with Akira giving Dyneh a personal tour of the Renegade and boasting about his exploits on the infamous Kessel Run.

After the assassination of Colonel Madine and Governor Oduur and the subsequent blaming of the player party for the crime, Dyneh was taken prisoner along with Umdat and LE while onboard the Renegade when it was seized by Imperial troops. The Renegade was however later rescued with Dyneh and fellow captives still onboard and the party managed to evade Imperial forces and take the Renegade to hyperspace, escaping Ando.

The attention of Imperial authorities however would prove too much for Jakkar Qin’s protection, and by the time the player party sought temporary refuge on Ryloth Dyneh’s relation to her traitorous parents had been discovered and she had been branded a traitor in league with the player party. During this ordeal Dyneh grew closer to Akira and the two would form a very strong relationship.

After the player party took refuge on Dantooine in the service of the Tarisian, Dyneh took up a post at the Ecumenopolis schoolhouse.

Dyneh Lonin

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