Colonel Taft Madine


Colonel Taft Madine is the senior Imperial officer and base commander of the Imperial Military Garrison on Quantill City, and is in charge of military and security ground operations on the planet Ando.

Meeting the Player Party

The Colonel first became aware of the player party after they came to the aid and defended a squad of Stormtroopers against raiders plundering a YT-2400. Clearly impressed with the party’s skill and combat prowess the Colonel recommended the party as a private security detail to his friend and local “businessman” Horrat.

After learning of the party’s success in protecting Horrat from would be assassin’s, Colonel Madine personally requested the party’s services again. This time as added security for visiting Governor Craz Oduur on his tour of Jakkar Qin and his Corellian Mining Corporation’s Seacrawler. This would prove a vital decision for the Colonel, as the party was instrumental in the safeguarding of the Governor and the Colonel in their escape from the Seacrawler when it came under attack from Firaxan Sharks during his tour.


Later that day Colonel Madine stood beside Governor Oduur on a balcony high atop the ancient House of the High Lord in Qui Square as the Governor delivered a rousing speech about the strength of the Empire and the role that strong aliens such as the Aqualilsh could play in the New Order. Only moments after said speech concluded a Proton Torpedo hidden inside a nearby astromech detonated, killing the Colonel and the Governor instantly and toppling the ancient structure onto the square below killing thousands of spectators.

In the insuing chaos and aftermath, Imperial authorities immediately laid the blame for the bombing and assassination on the party, though at the time no evidence of their guilt was provided in any way. The party was forced to escape from Ando under fire from Imperial forces.

Colonel Taft Madine

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