Commander Crack


CC-1977, nicknamed Crack, is a Commander in the 905th Imperial Legion. As one of the most experienced Stormtroopers on Ando and in the entire Dufilvian sector he more often than not given command of troops on a regimental level.

As the highest ranking Stormtrooper serving under Colonel Taft Madine, Commander Crack was tasked with briefing the player party on their high level mission of protection of the Quarren “Businessman” Horrat, a personal friend of Madine and an ally of the Imerpail occupational forces.

Following the player party’s success in safeguarding Horrat, Crack was instructed to enlist the party in serving as added security for Governor Craz Oduur during his and the Colonel’s inspection of Jakar Qin’s Seacrawler at the request of Colonel Madine. This decision proved vital for Crack, as the player party was instrumental in saving the Governor’s, Colonel’s and even Crack’s life when he fell unconscious from an attack on their Escape Pod from a Firaxan Shark.

Though Crack obeyed orders to work with the player party, he was highly untrusting of them due to their nature as mercenaries, to say nothing of his suspicion of Mandalorians such as Aiden Dyre.

Commander Crack was present in the square below the Governor and the Colonel when they delivered their speeches on the day the Festival of the Portage Moon began and bore witness to their murders via a planted proton torpedo in the tower from which they were speaking. Crack survived the explosion and subsequent collapsing builds and received word with the rest of the Imperial forces on Ando that the player party was believed responsible.

Commander Crack was tasked with seizing the Renegade by force, which was done, capturing Dyneh, Umdat and LE in the process. The three prisoners were held by Crack’s forces on the Renegade to await transfer when the player party lead a surprise assault on the Renegade’s hanger, overpowering Crack and his Stormtroopers, of which three were taken prisoner by the party as the Renegade blasted away from Quantill City and escaped the Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit of Ando.

The last known position of Commander Crack was on the planet Ryloth, where he gave an interview on the Imperial HoloNet detailing the brave “escape” of the three captive Stormtroopers from Ando when the party stopped on Ryloth to re-supply. He described the player party as “Armed, lacking in respect for peace and security, and highly dangerous”.

Commander Crack

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