R4-series agromech droid


R4-B6-3 or “Beesix” as he is also known is an R4-series astromech droid built by [[Industrial Automaton]] in 27 BBY. Beesix’s paint job is a green camouflage pattern and is equipped with a voice synthesizer which enables him to speak perfect [[Galactic Basic]], a rare feature amongst astromech’s.

Beesix first made the acquaintance of [[Kalko the Collosal]] when he offered himself as a local guide to Kalko upon his arrival two days before the start of the [[Festival of the Portage Moon]] at the Quantill City Intergalactic Spaceport. Since that meeting Beesix has provided invaluable information on local personalities and hidden goings on around the city to both Kalko and his companions.

Beesix has stated that during the [[Clone Wars]] he was owned by an offworld spacer and that he fell into the ownership of the Quantill City Intergalactic Spaceport Authority by means of debt collection.


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