Umdat is an Aqualish child and former street orphan who had lived on the streets of Quantill City, the capital city of the planet Ando. Currently Umdat is the adpoted son of sorts of Nyla Hawklight and lives in the Dantooine settlement of Ecumenopolis.

Early Life

Umdadt was born on Coruscant to a loving mother and father and was the youngest of three children, all of whom were boys in the Taung Heights region of Republic City. From a young age Umdat took a liking to cooking, and often would help his mother prepare meals for his father and two brothers who would toil away in the family’s tailor shop below.

The Clone Wars

During the Separatist Crisis Umdadt’s father convinced his mother that the proper thing to do as a family would be to relocate to Ando, their ancestral homeworld after the planet seceded from the Republic and joined the Confederacy. Though the family, including Umdat somewhat adjusted to life on Ando after their relocation life was none the less hard and difficult at every turn. The Clone Wars that followed the Separatist Crisis would only make life on Ando harder with constant shortages of nearly every resource. Umdat’s older brother enlisted in a planetary militia in the last year of the war and was never heard from again, and Umdat’s other brother was killed during the Battle of Ando which saw the planet fall under Imperial occupation just before the end of the Clone Wars.

After the Wars

Once again Umdat’s family tried to adapt to life on Ando, now under Imperial occupation. Life was even more difficult than before, as the family struggled to feed itself on a daily basis and Umdat’s fathers attempts to re-immigrate back to Coruscant were held up in endless bureaucratic red tape.

Umdat first met Nayla Hawklight when she arrived in Quantill City two nights before the beginning of the Festival of the Portage Moon, and has since then helped provide a great deal of information about local customs, attractions and somewhat secret goings on to both Nayla and her companions.

One night while Umdat slept in his small bunk Imperial forces raided his family’s home and took his parents away for questioning. Umdat would come to believe he was not taken only because Imperial forces missed the small door leading to his bunk. Regardless, Umdat would never see his family again and began living on the streets of the Ando capital city of Quantill City with dozens of his fellow street orphans.

Soon after Umdat was given a menial job of being a tour guide too off-worlders who come to the city through the Quantill City Intergalactic Spaceport, a job given to many street orphans by the spaceport’s corrupt administrators.

Meeting the Player Party

Umdat first met the player party when Nyla Hawklight arrived on Ando after being invited there to meet a group of her fellow fugitive Jedi by the mysterious Jeyen. Immediately Nyla sensed a sadness in Umdat and agreed to let him be her tour guide while she was in Quantill City.

Soon later Nyla would meet up with other individuals that were lured to Ando, a Rodian businessman named Kalko the Colossal, a Mandalorian solider named Aiden Dyre and the pilot of Aiden’s starship Akira Ben Toshi. Umdat would stay with the group and provide them with information on the city when needed, in particular on the dreaded crime boss Horrat.

After the assassination of Colonel Madine and Governor Oduur and the subsequent blaming of the player party for the crime, Umdat was taken prisoner along with Dyneh and LE while onboard the Renegade when it was seized by Imperial troops. The Renegade was however later rescued with Umdat and his fellow captives still onboard and the party managed to evade Imperial forces and take the Renegade to hyperspace, escaping Ando.

Umdat was ecstatic to be off of Ando, and by this point had taken to Nyla as a mother figure in his life. Due to her sympathy for Umdat and her belief that with her help he could grow to be a strong and responsible adult, Nyla advised the player party to allow him to stay onboard the Renegade in stead of casting him off on Nar Shadda as had been suggested. Umdat, now grateful for being allowed to stay with the party quickly assumed the role of ships cook when onbaord, a role the party agreed he suited well what with his experience in his mothers kitchen.

After the player party took refuge on Dantooine in the service of the Tarisian, Umdat began attending school at the Ecumenopolis schoolhouse and would sleep in a private suite at the Upper City Gem when the Renegade was away, as Nyla often warned Umdat their missions were too dangerous for a child. When the Renegade was on Dantooine however Umdat would sleep onboard, having learned to think of the Renegade as his frist true home since his family left Coruscant.

Umdat hopes to one day be stronger and not be pushed around by the Empire or anyone else.


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