Akira Ben-Toshi

Male Scoundrel


Male Wroonian Scoundrel with short black mohawk.

Vital Statistics:

Player: Bcrieger
Class: Scoundrel 2 (pg.45 CRB), Jedi 6 (pg.38 CRB)
Species: Wroonian
Character Level: 8
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Destiny: Redemption

Ref: 25. (20 Flat Footed) Fort: 18 Will: 24
HP: 58 Threshold: 18 Init: 9 Perception: 5 Speed: 6 BAB: 7 Grapple: 9 Force Points: 10 (2 Temp.) Destiny Points: 14

Basic, Durese, High Galactic, Huttese, Droid Speak, Binary, Wroonian

Special Combat Actions
Dual Weapon Mastery I, Force Training I

Str: 12 Dex: 21 Con: 10 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 15

Spacehound (Spacer Talent Tree) (pg. 47 CRB), Clear Mind (Jedi Sentinel Talent Tree) (pg. 40 CRB), Severing Strike, Block, Deflect

Dual-Weapon Mastery I (pg.84 CRB),Force Sensitive (pg.85 CRB) Force Training I (pg.86 CRB), Linguist (pg.86 CRB), Point Blank Shot (pg.87 CRB), Percise Shot (pg.87 CRB),Weapon Prof. – Lightsaber (pg.89 CRB), Weapon Prof. – Pistols (pg.89 CRB), Weapon Prof. – Simple (pg.89 CRB), Whirlwind Attack, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Vehicular Combat, Weapon Finesse, Skill Focus (Pilot)

Skills: Acrobatics + 14, Climb + 5, Deception + 6, Endurance + 4, Gather Information + 6, Initiative + 9, Mechanics + 11, Perception + 5, Persuasion + 11, Pilot + 17, Ride + 9, Stealth + 14/+ 24, Survival + 5, Swim + 5, Treat Injury + 5, Use Computer + 6, Use the Force + 14

Force Powers (Use the Force + 14)
Force Strike, Surge, Mind Trick, Fold Space, Battle Strike


Melee Unnamed Strike + 5 (1d4+1)

Double Bladed Lightsaber
Crystal Colour: White (-1 to condition track), Amber (2 Fire Damage), Attack: 10 (x2) Damage: 2d86 Type: Melee Size: Medium Damage Type: Energy & Slashing, Aquatic

Attack: 5, Damage: 1d8+1, Type: Melee

Ion Pistol
Attack: +7, Damage: 3d6 ion, Type: Ranged

Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle:
Attack: 4, Damage: 3d8 (area attack), Type: Ranged

Adhesive Grenades
Attack: 9 (3 rounds immobilized, area 2 sqs)

Heavy Blaster Pistol (equipped with aquatic adaptation), ion pistol, mace, heavy repeating blaster rifle, shadow suit (+10 Stealth in darkness)(pg.64 CWCG), hidden holster, dark vision goggles, stun grenades x4, adhesive grenades x8, breath mask, 9,710,000 credits.

Notes: All weapons have the aquatic adaptation.


Akira is a very resourceful scoundrel, having honed his skills in his years of mingling with the scum and villainy of the galaxy. These years of experience have made him highly adept at moving near silently in and out of dangerous situations, a skill at which he has become even more adept since his purchase of a shadowsuit on Nar Shadda.

Akira makes an epic level stealth check in the midst of Imperial forces.

Akira Ben-Toshi

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