Tyrnia Masak


Tyrnia Masak is a Force-sensitive human female and a notorious pit fighter. It is believed Tyrnia originated from Nar Shadda where she honed her skills in hand to hand and gladiatorial combat. Tyrnia is currently wanted for involvement in illegal underground fighting rings and currently appears on the most wanted list of the Imperial Sector Rangers.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first encountered Tyrnia when Beesix was asked by Aiden to find someone on the Imperial Sector Rangers most wanted list whom they could attempt to blame for the theft of the three million credits from from King Larngo and King Duumba by sending out false tips and leads to the various news outlets on Manaan.

Following the resolution of The Tarisian’s business on Manaan no inquiries were made to determine what if anything had happened to Tyrnia. Shortly after the Tarisian’s business on Manaan concluded the Hunto Pawa cartel did apprehend Tyrnia under the suspicion that there might be some truth to the information planted by Aidan and Krith.

Tyrnia was subjected to cruel and barbaric treatment by her Hutt captors, many of whom she killed while making a daring escape from their captivity. This treatment greatly affected Tyrnia, and vowed revenge on those she had learned had lead the Hutt’s to her.

Tyrnia, after finding out that the party who had framed her were wanted fellons themselves contacted a crew of bounty hunters for hire named the Perlemian Sirens, a crew who were already searching in vein for the wanted party. After following a hunch that Aidan Dyre, a true Mandalorian would still be in contact with his Mandalorian friends, the bounty hunters were able to monitor several Mandalorian transmissions that revealed the party to be in hiding on the planet Dantooine.

The Kidnapping Plot

After arriving in Dantooine in two seperate ships, the bounty hunters including Tyrnia concocted a plan to kidnap the party one at a time, to better increase the odds of them taking them all alive. Together they were able to kidnap Akira Ben-Toshi, but the kidnapping of Kalko the Colossal failed, and Tyrnia was badly injured in the process. Both she and the Perlemian Sirens agreed to flee Dantooine immediately and to rendezvous in Hutt Space to plan their next move. Unfortunately by the time Tyrnia got to her vessel and took to the air, she discovered to her horror that the Siren’s starship had been shot down and was in ruins.

Outraged at having failed to have her revenge, Tyrnia returned to Hutt Space herself to plan her next move, now seeking vengeance for not only her time with the Hutt’s but for her fallen sisters, the Perlemian Sirens as well.

Tyrnia Masak

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