Larngo Hunto Pawa Kijad

Hutt Crimelord


Larngo Hunto Pawa Kijad, or King Larngo has he calls himself is a Hutt Crimelord currently based on the ocean planet of Manaan. Larngo is a member of the powerful but largely mysterious Hunto Pawa cartel along with his brother Duumba Hunto Pawa Kijad, otherwise known as King Duumba.

The Manaan Operation

Larngo and Duumba both relocated to the planet Manaan shortly after the end of the Clone Wars to begin an kolto harvesting operation, one which they had been lead to believe would be quite profitable what with the high demand for a low cost bacta substitute. Cost overruns and unexpected competition for control of an area of ocean known as Derelict Canyon with a Black Sun Vigo and an unknown third party investor lead to the project falling behind schedule.

The Direktoranda’s Intervention on Manaan

Desperate for funds to recoup their losses Larngo and Duumba turned to their cartel, who’s even more mysterious leadership council known as the Direktoranda sent funds immediately along with Negas, a powerful high level operative for the Hunto Pawa to oversee the investment on Manaan and to ensure the project’s success. Secretly it had been decided by the leadership of the Hunto Pawa that Larngo and Duumba would eventually have to be eliminated in order to prevent similar failures, but only after the situation on Manaan was remedied.

Though Negas allowed it to appear in public that he was merely a lackey for Larngo and Duumba, by the time of his arrival he was single handily in charge of the operation on Manaan with Larngo and Duumba acting only as a figurehead. Negas quickly befriended Black Sun, and forged an alliance against the mysterious third party investor. Negas had planned to sabotage the third party investor’s harvesting operation until it was abandoned, after which he would sabotage Black Sun’s operation in turn leaving the Hutt’s operation as the only one able to viably harvest and sell Kolto.

The Raid on the Deep Diver Cantina

The player party first became aware of King Larngo when Krith informed them it was Larngo and Duumba who had stolen parts vital to the Tarisian’s own Kolto harvesting platform and were sabotaging the operation along with Black Sun and Selkath isolationists. The player party hatched a plan to befriend the Hutt’s and to turn the Hutt’s against Black Sun using Krith to deliver a peace offering, but Krith was shot and knocked unconcious by Larngo and Duumba upon trying to make peace.

The party then improvised a plan where Kalko pretended to be a superior to Larngo and Duumba during a black out at their cantina stronghold, and in the confusion convinced the blinded and confused Larngo and Duumba to give the party 3 million credits they had on hand. The party made off with the credits much to the embarrassment of Larngo and Duumba despite the efforts of Negas at stopping them, and both were later chastised by Negas for being two incompetent idiots unworthy of the name Hunto Pawa.

Larngo Hunto Pawa Kijad

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