Corpse Droid


The Corpse Droid is a legend, a night time story used to frighten young children into cleaning up their rooms and eating their vegetables, some would say. According to legend the Corpse Droid is a cyborg, but one who has reversed the typical cybernetic nature by being a droid who now relies on biological components to sustain it’s existence.

Various tellings of the legend suggest that the Corpse Droid has a psychotic lust for murder and destruction, and that it routinely harvests the organs, limbs, and any other extremities from it’s victims and installs them on his own being in an unending quest to grow stronger on the parts of dead sentients. Some have even said that dozens of species have contributed to the grotesque abominations current state, if it exists at all.

Krith Nosix refereed to the Corpse Droid while speaking to the player party of non-existent legends that still frighten some, but the reference was unknown and not understood by any in the player party, suggesting that the legend of the Corpse Droid is not widely known throughout the galaxy.

Corpse Droid

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