Darr Lannik

Mandalorian Solider


Darr Lannik is a male Mandalorian solider. His age, place of birth and even his species are not known to have been recorded, and may now only be known by a very select few who served with him in the past.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, Darr was recruited to join and served in the organization known as Bren’s Irregular’s, a militia lead by Jedi General Braylen Bren. Darr’s specialty was as a heavy weapons expert, a role in which he excelled, being described on more than one occasion as both a “walking tank” and “flying tank”. Field reports often described entire enemy lines simply disappearing after a single strafing run by Darr with his repeating blasters and flamethrowers while using his jetpack.

Order 66

Following the execution of Order 66 after the failed Jedi Rebellion, Darr evaded Imperial forces on a Vasharan Moon along with fellow Mandalorians Aiden Dyre and Shad Raal. The three men were the sole survivors of General Bren’s militia.

Armour and Gear

Darr decided early on in his career to embrace not only the traditional Mandalorian warrior jetpack, but also both heavy armour and heavy weaponry.

By the end of the Clone Wars, Darr’s suit of armour was a heavily modified Clone Blaze Trooper suit, with major modifications made by a private Bith contractor whom helped perfect the Republic technology in the suit.

Weapons wise Darr’s suit was known to feature an arm mounted flamethrower on his left arm, a heavy repeating blaster on his right arm, an embedded personal shield generator, as well as possessing the ability to create a massive smokescreen. For optimal performance the entire suit of armour as well as the weapons and accessories were partially droid controlled and powered, which allowed Darr to move in the heavy suit and operate it’s many weapons with relative ease.

Darr Lannik

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