Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

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The Crawl

s the chrono ticks down to the date of the plot slay the evil EMPEROR PALPATINE, our heroes race to finish drawing their plans against the GALACTIC EMPIRE in the hope that they’re small band of renegades can do what seems impossible.

Yet brave as our heroes may be they know that danger now lurks behind every corner they pass as they set themselves to take on a force that spans the entire galaxy and holds a universe of dark secrets that they could not begin to imagine, enemy agents, spies, monstrous creations, none worse than the Emperor’s deadliest henchman, the sinister DARTH VADER.

Still the allies of Ando bravely venture on, knowing that they may face their ultimate destiny in only a few days time as they struggle to end the purge of the Jedi, defeat the Sith, and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy.

Our Home Again

As Akira Ben-Toshi, his friend and slicer colleague Krith Nosix and his Padawan learner Elsae Sarvool exited hyperspace in their Naboo Royal Shuttle in close orbit of Imperial Center, the galactic capital, formally known as Coruscant, young Umdadt revealed himself to have stowed away on board in the hopes of returning to Coruscant, the planet of his birth which he still had fond memories of from before the Clone Wars.

Knowing it was too late to return Umdat to the safety of their base on Dantooine, Akira made the young Aqualish promise to behave and stay out of his and Elsae’s way while on the planet, which he agreed to happily.

Once landed in Eastport, the starport closest to the Senatorial district in docking bay number one-hundred and ninety-four, the party was greeted by Akria’s old acquaintance Owen Tobt, an investigator with the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations and a sympathizer to the party’s cause. Akira introduced Elsae and Umdat to Owen and Owen’s partner the police droid K0-PR. The group then traveled together to the upscale apartment belonging to the Corellian senator Garm Bel Iblis, who had been introduced to the party by their ally Jakkar Qin.

In the senator’s luxourious high end apartment overlooking the skyline of the galactic capital and the setting sun, the party was introduced to Mar Himar, the head of Iblis’s personal spynet and the person they would be working closely with during the plot against the Emperor here on Imperial Center.

The conspirators came to the agreement that for the senate to believe that not only was the Emperor dead but that Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR were responsible for his assassination, they would metaphorically have to be the first ones to a microphone with an accusation.

Krith offered to work with Iblis’s spynet to create falsified video evidence linking Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR to the attacks, but warned that it would eventually be proven fake.

Akira and the rest of his group went to sleep for the night, while at the same time half a galaxy away the rest of the player party did the same, knowing that the most important day of their lives lay ahead beginning with the following dawn.

The Judgement Day

Akira awoke early in the morning, and was briefed by Senator Iblis with Himar on the senators who he believed would be in the running to be interm-chancellor, should their allies on Naboo succeed.

After the briefing the senator left for the Imperial Senate, where the chamber was debating how to amend the existing/expand Clone Wars Veterans Compensation Act after the Galactic Supreme Court ruled the act too narrow in scope in that it excluded too many planetary defense forces, militiamen and private contractors fought for the Galactic Republic but were otherwise ineligible for compensation. With only two thirds of the senate in attendance this day, Akira believed the smaller number of senators to manipulate would be to their advantage.

Owen told Akira by comlink that he would be in the office with paper work until their plan was put into action, and wished him luck. Akira, Himar and Elsae then waited patiently as the chrono in the senator’s apartment read ten minutes to nine o’clock in the morning.

If in ten minutes all contact and holonet communication with the Chommell sector was lost via Krith’s Red Tide virus, he would know that his friends were successful.

If in ten nothing happened, he would know that they were not.

The First Volley

Far from the edges of the waterfall laced cliffs of the city of Theed on the planet Naboo, the player party, Aidan Dyre, his Wookie life pledge Baccitcuk Thrax, Eldewn Sarvool, her Padawn learner Eldewn Sarvool and their new found friend and ally, the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi stood waiting in their stolen Imperial Stormtrooper uniforms, watching the masses gathering at Theed’s starport for the Emperor’s arrival to greet the league of loyal monarch’s of the galaxy.

The party had the day before made allies with local officials who agreed to stage a “strike” by starport workers to protest Imperial policies that was immediately but peacefully pushed far from the starport itself, thereby keeping the civilian workers far from the danger.

As nine o’clock approached, thousands of Stormtroopers organized in formation by the foot of the cliffs of Theed where the city’s main starport laid, where the Emperor’s personal shuttle was due to soon land.

Near the gathered Stormtroopers but far from the projected blast radius were several dignitaries from the League of Loyal Monarch’s and their respective security details. Of of the delegations, the Galenian, featured the party’s friend and ally Parias as the head of the Galenian princess’s security detail, which was his regular job. He had only agreed to permit the party to make an attempt on the Emperor’s life here at this event with the promise that the Galenian princess, whom he revealed was also his daughter. Aidan swore to Parias no non-Imperial personnel would be injured, and he intended to keep his promise.

As the chrono reached nine o’clock, the Emperor’s shuttle appeared high in the sky under heavy fighter escort. After only a few minutes it landed, and Thrax sensed sure enough a powerful, dark, but heavily cloaked and masked presence in the Force. It was so masked that he couldn’t even be sure it was the Emperor that he was feeling, and it was so hidden that had he not been actively searching for it, he doubted he would have sensed it.

The shuttle landed percisesly at nine o’clock, and after six of the Emperor’s Royal Guards emerged from the shuttle, the Emperor, dressed in red robes, emerged as well, to greet the commanders of the Imperial forces on Naboo.

As the Emperor reached out his hands to grasp those of his commanders, Aidan gripped the remote for the explosives hidden in the freighter parked in the starport, and depressed the trigger.

The entire party felt time suddenly slow, as a wave of air seemed to be sucked by them towards the distant starport, only to be followed by a deafening roar as a burst of light and flame erupted from the parked freighter, engulfing the Emperor and his guards, but expanding ever more to swallow hundreds of Stormtroopers in dark smoke and blinding flame. Extending the moment to what felt like an eternity was the collapse of an entire section of the city’s cliff overlooking the starport, shaken loose by the explosion and free of the retaining force field destroyed by the explosion. In near slow motion the party watched the collapsing cliff bury the fire and flame that only moments ago.

The slow moving of time seemed to last for hours as the dust settled from the collapsed cliff face, and the horrific scene was left in silence. In an instance however the silence was shattered by the shouts of the thousands of officers still alive near the blast site, and the footsteps of the thousands more Stormtroopers rushing to save their buried and injured Emperor beneath the rubble.

As starfighters flew helplessly overhead, unable to help in the mad scramble below, Nyla reached out deep in the Force, and saw a dark and sinister light of life in the Force flickering desperately. It flickered weaker and weaker, until after only a few more moments it was gone. Nyla told this to the party, and explained what she thought it meant. The explosion had worked.

The Emperor was dead.

Meanwhile on Imperial Center, a life feed via the holonet of a swoop-race from the Chommell sector suddenly went dead, as did all other channels from the sector too, precisely at the moment they were supposed to.

The plan worked Akira thought. With that he, Himar and Elsae left for the Senate Building immediately to help senator Iblis now wish ensuring a trusted anti-Imperial senator became the next Chancellor and soon.

En route through the Imperial Center airspeeder lanes high above the endless activity of the galactic capital, Akira was struck by how calm and normal everything seemed to be. Openly he wondered how long that could possibly last to his Padawan Elsae.

Back on Naboo, now certain that the Emperor was in all likelihood dead, the party and their allies quietly evaded the madness, chaos and confusion of the scene on Naboo and made their way to the caves a great distance from the where their vessels, the Renegade and the Emerald Eye were parked. Upon reaching the cave entrance, they were greeted by a member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, dressed in black and purple as opposed to the standard red.

The Guardsman, a powerful Force user did battle with the party, but was defeated and killed by the groups efforts. Upon studying his armour, Aidan discovered a small camera had transmitted a live feed of their fight somewhere nearby. The party knew that though the Red Tide virus would disable communication in almost the entire sector, eventually the footage of them fighting would find it’s way into Imperial hands.

Knowing time was short, they boarded their ships, and using a secret hyperspace route known only by Wookie spacers, made their way to Imperial Center, hoping that they could reach the galactic capital in time to ensure the Empire would not rise from the blow they had dealt it.

A Game In Shadows

Back on Imperial Center, word reached the senate that holonet communication with the Chommell sector was down. Soon later at the time Akira and Himar determined was right, information was leaked to the Core’s leading newsnet’s and channels that the Emperor had been assassinated.

At first Imperial officials along with their allies in the senate denied the reports, but they were countered by strategically leaked video feeds of the explosion at the Theed starport provided by Krith.

With Imperial officials caught off guard and senate bureaucrats struggling to maintain order and delay the vote on an interim chancellor, several names were put forth for consideration. Several of the dozen names proposed in a now chaotic debate on the floor of the Imperial senate were names that Garm Bel Iblis told Akira were either heavily influenced by or under the direct control of Imperial Intelligence and or COMPNOR.

Though Akira had planned to wait to until the last possible moment to publicly accuse Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR for the assassination, he and Himar agreed that they could not risk letting an official backed by either group be nominated, much less elected.

Using doctored documents and altered footage of the assassination sent to agents and representatives of prospective senators deemed indifferent and or opposed to the Empire and the New Order, Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR were publicly accused of the assassination, less than an hour after the explosion itself had occurred.

Both organizations were left scrambling to fend off the charges, all the while their allied senators failed to garner the votes needed to be considered as a nominee, and soon a new interim Chancellor was elected by the senate, Juno Vypoth of the Oktos sector in the Mid Rim. Madame Vypoth was a respected strong willed and fiercely independent woman who served her people’s interest first and foremost, and was now Chancellor of the Galactic Empire.

As Akira and Himar both discussed how to influence the new Chancellor into issuing Order 73, which was paramount to their entire plan, the newly elected Chancellor surprised both men by issuing the order herself without any prior consultation from advisers. The new Chancellor then declared a state of Galactic emergency, mobilizing the Imperial military to deal with any and all security threats.

Within minutes the Imperial Guard and Coruscant Security Force were dispatched to seize the headquarters of Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR and arrest their leaders, including the Chairman of COMPNOR, Ishin-Il-Raz.

Proceeding as Planned

Immediately Himar and Akira learned that COMPNOR’s brand new headquarters in Imperial City had fallen without a single blaster shot fired. It was then that the rest of the party arrived at Imperial Center, and using military clearance codes provided by Krith were able to land and join their friend Akira and meet Mr. Himar for the first time at Eastport.

Just as the party was meeting Mr. Himar word reached them all that although COMPNOR offices and buildings all across the galaxy were being seized and secured without incident, the effort to take the headquarters of Imperial Intelligence here in Imperial City by force had stalled. More than a thousand Stormtroopers had entered the building by force but had not been seen or heard from in close to an hour. A massive perimeter was now being formed around the headquarters by the Imperial Guard, Coruscant Security Force and local police before deciding on their next move.

Fearing that Force users may be to blame for what happened inside the headquarters, the player party left Eastport to join the forces surrounded Imperial Intelligence’s headquarters in the hopes of disrupting the organization and capturing it’s leaders including the infamous and notorious Director Armand Isard before the Empire had the chance to strike back.



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