Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

ith Outlander defeated once and for all, our heroes embarked on a mission to retrieve an Imperial fugitive and his stolen bounty which he offered to them in exchange for safe haven on their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE.

In the process however our heroes have once again met the mysterious fiend JEYEN, orchestrator of the assassination they were first blamed for almost a year earlier. Even stranger still, Jeyen has brought our heroes before his own master, THE MATRON, a woman who claims to have been manipulating events for nearly a year now, further testing, bettering, and making the player party stronger for her ultimate task, to overthrow the EMPEROR of the Galactic Empire, whom she claims to be none other than a masquerading Sith Lord.

Confronted with these shocking claims, a great many questions now lay before Aidan, Akira, Nyla and Thrax as they are faced with a danger unlike any they have ever faced, and the chance to work with their possible new allies to change the face of the Galaxy forever…

A Plan is Hatched

As Jeyen escorted Nyla Hawklight, Aidan Dyre and Akira Ben-Toshi back to the Renegade he assured them that even though he himself was not and never was a Knight, he would help them see their plan through to it’s end as per the Matron’s orders and his own desire to see the Jedi restored to their rightful place in the Galaxy.

All that he asked of the party was that they bring Thrax in to help with their operation. The party agreed to this, with Nyla suggesting that they contact their new friend and former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on [{Tattooine]]. Aidan and Akira agreed with this, as well as the idea of calling upon nearly every other ally they had met over the past ten months to help prepare for the mammoth task ahead.

With that Jeyen big the heroes goodbye, and wished that the Force would be with them.

The Red Fire Bird Flies

Meanwhile on Thrax’s adoptive homeworld, the Chiss Jensaarai was meditating in his desert hutt when his master Kotore approached him to tell Thrax of a troubling dream he’d had the previous night. He told Thrax about a vision of Imperial Center engulfed in fire and chaos, a planet in complete upheaval, and that he saw Thrax and Thrax’s friends from Dantooine consumed by a creature that rose from the chaos and fire, a massive red bird that spread it’s wings and flew into the depths of space.

Kotore told Thrax to be mindful of events that were soon to unfold, as he considered this vision to be a warning of dangers to come.

It was then that Thrax was contacted by Aidan, who asked if he could arrange for a transport to meet them back on the planet Dantooine, which Thrax accepted, as he had come to think highly of the party and trust their judgement. When he arrived on Dantooine the party told Thrax of what they had learned, and though he struggled to believe the shocking news that Emperor Palpatine was a Sith Lord, he sensed that the party was truthful, and decided to accept their request for help.

Spies and Allies

Now with the party assembled on Dantooine, the heroes reached out first to their former employer and current partner in business, the Tarisian, and told him of their plan to assassinate Emperor Palpatine on the planet Naboo in three weeks time. The Tarisian was shocked, but as the party had guessed with the Tarisian’s former CIS leanings, he was willing to go along with their plan if it meant saving the galaxy from a warmongering tyrant.

The Tarisian also explained that if they and their motley crew of pirates, mercenaries and fighters resistant to the Empire were to launch a direct attack ON the Emperor of the galaxy then they would be inviting a retaliation of epic proportions on them and their base and settlement Dantooine, which far too many people already know of.

The party agreed, with Akira suggesting that the Tarisian abandon the settlement here on Dantooine and relocate to a more remote world to use as a base of operations. The Tarisian was hesitant at first, explaining that the ore mine north of the settlement was only eighty percent exploited at worst. After Akira reminded him that the last days of a mine’s operation were always it’s least efficient and least profitable, the Tarisian agreed, and a discussion began on where to make their new home in the galaxy.

After some discussion Akira had suggested the planet Ossus, an Outer Rim world that once housed a Jedi library and academy in ancient times but had since been abandoned and all but forgotten by history. Aidan suggested a planet named Lehon, a planet deep in the Unknown Regions that’s legendary in the annals of Mandalorian history but mostly abandoned and uninhabited as far as he knew. The Tarisian agreed to investigate both these worlds, and advised the party to spend the remainder of the next three weeks focusing on their plot, which the party agreed with entirely.

The party next spoke with Krith, and after informing him of the Emperor’s true and sinister nature, they asked that he try as hard as he could to first find out as much as he could about the Emperor’s visit the Naboo from classified Imperial sources as well as set up a secure channel for the group to speak with the Corellian Imperial Senator Garm Bel Iblis. Krith agreed to both, and vowed the help the party in any way that he could.

The party then sought out Uhnri, the spy from the Freeworlds region of the Tapani Sector. After the party explained what they now knew of Palpatine to Uhnri, and told her of their plot to assassinate the Emperor on Nabboo, Uhnri explained that she and her organization already knew of the meeting on Naboo for loyal monarch’s to the Empire because of the fact that not one but two noble Houses’s of the Tapatni Sector would be sending delegations, House Mecetti and House Melantha, houses that the party had fought with and lost to on the planet Procopia months before.

Uhnri told the party that her organization would be glad to provide whatever intelligence and logistical aid it could to help defeat the Emperor and restore a democratic government to power, but that their services would come at a price, of fifty million credits. As the party had amassed such a fortune in the past year, they agreed it was a price they could easily afford.

It was then that Krith came to Akira to inform him that he had a secure link to the Corellian Senator that he could speak over. Akira explained everything that they knew to Senator Iblis, though the Senator was unsurprisingly skeptical. Akira had the impression though that even though the Senator doubted the Emperor’s nature as a Sith Lord, he never the less considered him a dictator who’s power had reached too far. When Iblis asked Akira just how they would attempt to attack the Emperor, Akira laid out their plan, and then explained further that they intended to frame both Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR for the assassination to prevent a new head of state just as tyrannical and militaristic as Palpatine from taking over with their aid. The Senator was silent for a moment before saying to Akira that he knew he was planning to use Order 73, which Akira agreed to with a smile.

Senator Iblis agreed to consult the party for the time being on their operation, but declined to pledge guartenteed support just yet, and explained he only would pledge his support if he was certain all the needed steps had been taken to assure a clean and near bloddless transition of power. Akira accepted his proposal, and told him to contact Owen Tobt, an agent with the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations whom he considered an ally. The Senator agreed.

The party then approached the mercenary Parias to ask him for help in their plot against Palpatine and the Empire. Parias took the thought of the Emperor being a Sith Lord with more difficulty than anyone else, claiming that it was too difficult to believe because he had years ago been in the man’s presence and felt nothing more than the presence of a skilled politician. Akira and Nyla reminded him that this was precisely what the most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy had ever known would have wanted all Force-users in his presence to believe.

Parias then revealed that he in fact knew of the still secret planned meeting on Naboo to reward pro-Imperial monarch’s for their loyalty. When Akira asked how so many here on Dantooine could have known about a so called secret meeting in three weeks on Naboo, Parias explained that he knew this because he would be involved with the security detail of one of the dignitaries, but said no more. He told the party that he would meditate and reflect on what they had told him. The party understood, and left Parias to make his decision.

An Old Friend

The party then left Dantooine in the Renegade, knowing that even though time was fast running out to prepare for their operation, they needed to consult one person more than any other before moving forward, the former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi who was still living in hiding on the planet Tattooine.

While en route Aidan and Akira figured out how the actual assassination could be carried out. He knew of more than seventy former Clone Troopers who had succumbed to what had been known as Clone Madness that were held in maximum security prisons in the remote reaches of the galaxy. Akira imagined that if Krith could arrange it so that they could remove twenty or so said troopers under the guise of an Imperial Intelligence operation, they could then be smuggled to Naboo and then be used to unleash a sudden flury of blaster bolts and missiles upon the Emperor from multiple positions that even a powerful Force-wielding Sith Lords would be unable to defend against.

The party still knew much would have to be decided on still to ensure that even if they could defeat the Emperor that a friendly head of state would take his place as they arrived on Tattooine to meet with Master Kenobi.

After a short time searching throughout Mos Eisley spaceport Kenobi found, and then took him to his desert hutt to speak. The party told Obi-Wan everything that they had heard, and after only a moments pause Obi-Wan told the party that it was true, that the Emperor was in fact a Sith Lord, and had hid right under the nose of the Jedi and the Republic until it was too late.

The party then asked Obi-Wan if he could possibly help them with their plot. He explained he had an important assignment from none other than Master Yoda, who was in fact still alive he explained that required him to stay on Tattooine. For a mission such as this however, he told the party he would give them every ounce of his strength to help free the galaxy.

With Obi-Wan Kenobi at their side, the party could finally see their plan coming to fruition.



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