Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

s the long and difficult cleanup of Ecumenopolis begins, our heroes are now faced with their greatest challenge yet in the wake of the disappearance of their brave and valiant leader, AIDAN DYRE in the midst of the recent OUTLANDER assault.

With limited resources and few allies to call their own, our heroes have never the less rallied an armada of starships, fighters and brave soliders willing to put their lives at risk to stand against the forces of terror that threaten to tear the Galaxy apart.

Now with the epic battle against the mercenary armies of Outlander in the NAL CLOONUS Asteroid field in the DEEP CORE of the galaxy fast approaching, the stage is set for a confrontation where the choices of a small few may change the course of galactic history…

The Heroes Assemble

On the tropical oceanic world of Tikowo, the base of operations for the Corellian pirates provided to the heroes by Jakkar Qin and the Imperial senator from Corellia Garm Bel Iblis.

There the heroes divided their massive fleet into fourteen attack groups consisting of six to seven ships, six full starfighter squadrons and eight companies of ground troops, four of which could serve in space marine roles if needed.

Realizing a dangerous lack of intelligence on the Nal Cloonus Asteroid Field where the forces of Outlander were stationed, the Force sensitive members of the player party, Nyla Hawklight, Akira Ben-Toshi, Thrax, along with the padawan twins Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool, the mercenary Parias, joined with a young Dantari man named Auran, the apprentice of the late The Wise Old One, together stretched out into the Force and focused their gaze upon the distant asteroid field of the Deep Core. There they saw their employer, the Tarisian alive, but badly beaten and wounded and in prison, along with Zeetra, Thrax’s partner. Around them flew a flotilla of hundreds of warships, some remnants of the defeated Confederacy of Independent Systems, others from what seemed to be local defense forces, including no less than six massive hammerhead style command ships such as the one the lead the recent raid on Dantooine. All together it was a force that outnumbered theirs by at least three to one. In the centre of this flotilla lay a massive warship, one nearly four kilometres long. It was the largest vessel any of the heroes had ever seen.

After the heroes ended their attempt at farseeing, they formulated a plan of attack. The allied armada would strike at the western edge of the asteroid field, while Krith Nosix would create a fake sensor shadow leading the forces of Outlander to believe that a larger force was headed for their eastern flank.

With a sound plan at their fingertips, the heroes took to their vessels. Thrax would take command of the Black Star Squadron, a squadron lead by his experimental starfighter known as a Tie Fighter. Nyla took command of the Howling Squadron, a squadron made up of Clone Wars era starfighters including a Delta-7 Aethersprite which Nyla would fly, as she had on many occasions during the wars. Akira would lead the Mayhem Squadron, lead by his TE-103 Tirion Fighter. The twins Elsae and Eldewn respectively took command of the Renegade and the Emerald Eye, while Shad Raal took control of the allied fleets command ship Valour, the Marauder Corvette purchased by the party’s late leader Aidan Dyre. Baccitcuk, the life pledge of the late Aidan Dyre joined Aidan’s clan as a proud and newly minted Mandalorian, taking up his former masters colours of black and gold as his own.

As the small armada took off from the Tikowan sunset to the drum beats and dances of the island native people, Shad told the crew of his fellow Mandalorian mercenaries to fight for their fallen friend and leader, and to make the whole Galaxy remember the Dyre Rebellion.

With that, the allied fleet jumped to hyperspace.

To Trick the Devil

Meanwhile in the Nal Cloonus Asteroid Field, Aidan Dyre still lay captive in the command ship of the Outlander fleet, captured by the renegade Mandalorian leader Dar’Manda Arpat who was now in league with the forces of Outlander.

Dar’Manda came for Aidan in his cell, as she had many times before to interrogate him. This time however, she took him on a tour to the command ships observation deck, where he beheld in the middle of the expansive asteroid field a warship larger than anything he’d ever seen before. A gentleman, a Neimodian who Aidan recognized as the one who ordered the Renegade to surrender over the planet Dantooine during the recent raid then appeared on the observation deck, accompanied by the half-Star Dragon Force Witch whom had fought at the raid on Dantooine alongside the forces of Outlander. The Neimodian introduced himself as the Gogarian, a former business partner of The Tarisian before and during the Clone Wars, and he introduced the Force Witch as Bytyrni.

The Gogarian made Aidan an offer to lead his ground forces in the coming but brief conflict with the Galactic Empire in exchange for a hundred million credits. As leader of the army of their new confederacy the Gogarian explained, he would oversee the recruiting, and if needed cloning of the ground forces needed after Outlanders plan to hurl asteroids out of hyperspace towards key planetary targets across the Empire came to fruition.

Aidan knew that he couldn’t ever in good concious join the forces of Outlander, but decided to gamble that his friends would soon rally their beleaguered forces and attack Outlander before it was too late. Aidan then accepted the Gogarian’s offer, and agreed to lead the ground forces of Outlander as Dar’Manda lead the naval forces. The Gogarian then showed to Aidan the massive Factory Ship as it came into view from their observation deck, the retrofitted sister ship to the late Malevolence, the largest warship the Galaxy had ever seen. It’s unfinished sister ship the Gogarian explained had been expropriated by their interests before the war ended and was now producing the durasteel needed to secure the hyperdrive engines to the massive asteroids. The Force Witch Bytyrni only gave Aidan a sour look, which Aidan could care less about.

When Stone Caught Fire

The allied armada came out of hyperspace just on the western edge of the Nal Cloonus asteroid field as planned, and immediately began their assault on the Lucrehulk-Class Battleship that guarded the flank.

Unprepared for the attack, several of the Lucrehulk-Class Battleship’s were dealt critical damage before they could raise their shields. Within minute of the launch of the attack, the false sensor shadow, aided by the very real deployment of Chuda Mobabbo’s force of Aqualesh resistance fighters from Ando created the impression for Outlander that an even larger force was now approaching their eastern flank.

Dar’Manda ordered most of Outlanders fleet to chase the phantom shadows on the eastern flank, while Aidan commandeered a command ship to head towards the western flank, plotting to surrender his vessel and join his friends against Outlander.

As Outlander divided their forces, the allied armada quickly pursued the remaining ships on the western flank, dealing critical hit after critical hit to the ships as they scrambled to form defensive formations against the more agile heroes. Aidan’s command ship too was heavily damaged, forcing Aidan to order a micro-lightspeed jump to a safe distance where he opened a channel to his friends, announcing that he was in fact still alive, and was now offering his troops to the allied armada.

With Outlanders forces on the western flank all but routed, the allies began their assault on the massive Factory Ship, eventually disabling it’s shields in a firestorm of blaster fire, concussion missiles and proton torpedos. Eventually the shields guarding the ships massive forges were disabled, giving the heroes a brief change to destroy it from the outside. One by one Aikra, Thrax and finally Nyla dealt a direct hit with their proton torpedoes, setting off a chain reaction that split the Factory Ship in half, ensuring that the even the near finished massive hyperspace asteroids would never be completed.

The allied armada then launched a series of daring space marine assaults on several of the remaining Outlander warships on the western flank lead by Shad Raal and found that the crews, both droid and living were in various states of panic and mutiny, and were all too quick to surrender.

Just as Aidan had ordered the Mandalorians on his command ship to fight for the allies, several Mandalorian officers on his bridge were hurled against bulkheads by an unseen force. When Aidan turned to see what had happened, he was confronted by a horrible sight, a creature with the arms and legs of a vile smelling Wookie, connected by a massive battle droids armour in the centre, and atop it’s body rested a skull wired to robotic controls preserved in a sealed spherical container. It was the Corpse Droid reborn, just as Parias had warned it had a tendency to do when you thought it destroyed.

With what Aidan could only describe as Force powers the droid attempted to choke Aidan, but he resisted, and by the time the droid had tried to taunt Aidan by stating that “The Force Witch Bytyrni had sent him aboard to kill him in case he tried to surrender the ship.”, Aidan had ordered the Mandalorians on the bridge to attack the droid, which they did, shooting it, stabbing it, and dismembering it, leaving the droid in pieces, but not destroyed as Aidan had now come to suspect.

The Red, the Silver, the Grey and the Black

Just as the forces of Outlander on the eastern flank of the asteroid field were regrouping to head to the western flank to stave off total defeat, a first, then a second, then a third, and then a fourth squadron of Imperial Star Destroyers emerged from hyperspace, in turn demanding their surrender.

The first voice demanding surrender was recognized by Darius as being that of Governor Wilhuff Tarkin. The second voice Elsae recognized as being that of the Imperial Inquisitor that was chasing them and their late master. The third voice was recognized by Eldewn as being from the agent of the Imperial Security Bureau that was also chasing the twins and their late master. Finally, the heroes recognized the fourth voice that demanded their surrender, it was a cold almost mechanical voice that had been described to them once before, the voice of the all powerful and mysterious but feared Darth Vader.

When Dar’Manda turned to Aidan to ask for help from her own command ship on what to do next, Aidan convinced her it was time to surrender to the allied forces so that she could at least save the Mandalorians under her command from certain death. Reluctantly, she agreed, and with Aidan and the party’s help, the remaining forces under her command navigated through heavy fire from Imperial warships and starfighters to safe hyperspace jump points, where the shpis blasted off to safety, leaving the Force Witch Bytyrni and the Gogarian in command of the remaining forces still fighting to Empire.


On the planet Dantooine the heroes gathered again for the first time since just after the devastating raid on the planet, but now they were returning as victorious heroes. From the Kiwa villages of the plains, to the Wookie tree top houeses to what was left of the settlement of Ecumenopolis, thousands greeted the returning heroes with open arms and celebration. Akira arrived just in time to be with Dyneh Lonin as their child, a son was born. Akira promised both Dyneh and his new son that he would never leave them, and that he would always keep them safe.

Darius, celebrated by kissing Nyla for the first time, something he told her he’d wanted to do since he first laid eyes on her years ago. Though it went against her teachings as a Jedi, Nyla was sure that being with Darius was the right thing to do. Umdat too gave Nyla a great big hug, telling her how oh so happy he was that she had come back.

Thrax was delighted to see a rescued Zeetra again, who confessed that she no longer believed the player party to be guilty of the crimes they were accused of, which he whole heartily agreed.

The Tarisian, still weak and wounded but on his feet sought out Aidan, and told him that hiring the party was the greatest business decision he’d ever made. The Tarisian and Aidan were joined by Akira and Dyneh along with their new baby boy, and Akira said that he supposed now that they’d openly fought the Empire on a fleet scale that they could never go back to simply being on the run. Nyla, joining them with Darius and Umdat added that she’d want it no other way.

Shad then joined the heroes and raised his glass to the first victory of the Dyre Rebellion to the celebrating masses under a sky of fireworks.

Sympathy for the Pupetmaster

On a far off distant world, drifting between the darkness between the stars, a single small shuttle arrived at the foot of the massive ruins of an ancient fortress. A small dark figure exits the shuttle, and crosses the barren rocky landscape beneath the star filled nebulas sky above.

After winding through the fortresses interior the dark figure emerged in the remains of a once great throne room, now torn apart and overlooking the barren wastelands around it, where a hooded figure sat reading a book. The hooded figure raised her head when she became aware of the dark figures presence in the throne room, and said “Speak ”/campaigns/star-wars-dawn-of-darkness/characters/63234" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jeyen".

The dark figure removed it’s helmet, revealing the white hair and the pale face of the man who had first brought the player party together nine months earlier on the planet Ando, and framed them for the assassination of Colonel Taft Madine and Governor Craz Oduur. “My lady, the forces of Outlander and their allies who we assembled… have been defeated” Jeyen said, before pausing and then continuing on.

“The Mandalorian Dar’Manda Arpat has surrendered, the pit fighter and her allies has turned to their side, and the Corpse Droid is no where to be found. It was a complete and total defeat… it is… exactly as you had foreseen, exactly as we’d strived to make happen”.

“Indeed Jeyen, indeed it is exactly as I have foreseen. They began as four ordinary individuals nine months ago, and through trials and tribulations, tasks and hardships of our making they have grown to become so much more, they are now the heroes we have intended them to be. I believe our work is at last done Jeyen, and it is time to make ourselves known to the allies of Ando, and bring them into our ultimate plan” said the hooded woman.

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Sith, at last the Jedi will return” replied Jeyen.



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