Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

ith the ravaged and burning Dantooine settlement of Ecumenopolis liberated from the mercenary armies of OUTLANDER, our heroes have won their first major victory against the great unseen enemy that threatens to change the face of the Galaxy forever.

With little time for celebration however our heroes must now turn their attention to the Wookie and Kiwa villages nearby are still under the terrible siege of the invaders from parts unknown. Worse still is the dark and elusive secret of why so many of our heroes enemies have decided now to join forces and fight for an unknown cause.

With a burning dawn of even more warfare lying ahead our heroes ready themelves as best they can for whatever fate has in store, as theirs paths carry them closer to a new hero and ally who may just help the tide of war in their favour…

A Hero Recruited

On a far distant world deep in the Outer Rim, Kotore, a master Defender of the Jensaarai Force-using tradition walked with his apprentice, the powerful Chiss Jensaarai Thrax. Kotore told Thrax how proud he was of him, his student, and that he was delighted that his past misdeeds and time as a servant of the dark side of the Force had been all but redeemed.

Kotore introduced Thrax to Zeetra, a human female and member of the secretive Warden of the Sky Force-using tradition. Kotore told Thrax that in order to complete his training he had to help Zeetra in her quest, which Zeetra explained was to capture four dangerous fugitives wanted for murder on multiple counts and bring them to justice. The fugitives were known as Aidan Dyre, Kalko the Colossal, Akira Ben-Toshi and Nyla Hawklight.

Zeetra explained that she had received a tip of the whereabouts of these fugitives from an informant, and though Thrax was suspicious of the reason this informant gave up the location of these individuals, he never the less agreed to assignment, thanking his master and then departing with Zeetra for the world they were told the fugitives would be found on, the agrarian planet of Dantooine.

After several days the pair reached Dantooine in their chartered transport, and were to land at the mining settlement of Ecumenopolis. Due to an overflow of traffic at the settlement’s starport however their ship was diverted to the smaller starport in the neighbouring Wookie settlement of Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk.

After their ship landed in the late evening, Zeetra and Thrax had only just exited their craft to begin making plans for how they would arrest the fugitives when both Thrax and Zeetra sensed a great danger incoming. Almost immediatly a series of low flying starships hovered over the Wookie village’s starport, and dozens upon dozens of large heavily armed Trandoshans repelled down lines to the ground below.

Sensing and seeing the danger all around them, both Zeetra and Thrax readied themselves for the fight that they now faced.

The Rogue Scouts

Later that night as the sun began to rise, with the settlement of Ecumenopolis under the control of the heroes and their allies, and the captured enemy forces being secured by Aidan’s Mandalorian mercenaries, Akira dispatched Cade Starbreaker and his Rabid Rancors Swoop Gang to scout the Wookie village of Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk, to see how bad the situation was there.

Nearly twenty minutes later Cade reported back, telling of how the village was being raided by slaver Trandoshans who were rounding up Wookie as they spoke and flying them off in large transports from the village’s starport. Aidan immediately raised Asaan on his comlink, and told her to use every means possible to stop the Trandoshan transports from making the jump to hyperspace. She told him that it would be done, but her and her vessels were being overwhelmed by more and more Outlander mercenary warships arriving.

Akira ordered Cade to attempt to create a diversion for the Trandoshan forces far away from the starport, which Cade agreed to do as the player party as well as their friends and allies boarded the Renegade and the Emerald Eye and headed for the Wookie Village, while Aidan boarded a Z-95 and took off with a squadron of four fighters in support.

A Settling of Accounts

Over the village Aidan and his squadron engaged several Trandoshan fighters escorting the escaping transports, downing several of the unprepared fighters within mere moments of the combat commencing. The Emerald Eye and Renegade, both with all guns blazing were able to keep any transports from leaving the Wookie village. As Akira piloted the Renegade to make another pass over the starport a large Trandoshan lept onto the side of the Renegade, and attempt to cut his way into the ship with a welding torch.

Not wanting to be boarded in mid-flight, Akira hastily landed the craft and exited, to see that the large Trandoshan was none other than Ssruzzz, Kalko’s former associate from Nar Shadda. Ssruzzz told Akira he and his friends were making a terrible mistake, and that in Outlander he and his Trandoshan friends had found partners willing to pay a fortune for Wookie slaves, he even pleaded to let him speak to Kalko in person as Kalko would likely see the wisdom and good business of his offer. Akira told Ssruzzz that Kalko was dead, disappointing Ssruzzz, leaving Ssruzzz to tell Akira then that without Kalko he wouldn’t waste another minute arguing.

Ssruzzz lunged at Akira, who rolled aside dodging the large lizard. Ssruzzz then lobbed an adhesive grenade at Akira, which Akira narrowly avoided. Akira threw his own adhesive grenade back, which did strike Ssruzzz, bonding him to the surface of the starport’s landing pad just as Aidan locked in on the trapped Ssruzzz with his Z-95’s targeting computer. Ssruzzz roared in defiance, but it was to no avail as Aidan strafed the Trandoshan slaver, blasting him into a million burnt pieces.

United Forces

With Ssruzzz dispatched, a large party of Wookie’s lead by two Force-users charged the landing pad, helping to board the remaining transports. The two Force-users were Thrax and Zeetra, who immediately recognized Akira as one of the fugitives, as well as Nyla who now joined Akira on the landing pad after setting the Emerald Eye down.

Thrax and Zeetra told them that they were there to arrest them, but Akira and Nyla pleaded their innocence, even citing their willingness to help defend the innocent Wookie’s in the village from invaders. Although Zeetra was suspicious, her order believed in the security of travellers and the starports they use, and as the heroes were defending a starport from invaders, she couldn’t bring herself to stop them. Zeetra agreed to help the party for now, but insisted that they still had a great deal to explain once the invaders were repelled. Thrax was surprised to see Zeetra swayed, suspecting that Wardens of the Sky had strange priorities.

A Sister’s Brother

As Aidan ordered his squadron to prepare to fly overhead the Kiwa village under assault nearly eighty kilometers away, he felt his fighter suddenly lurch towards the forest below. Thinking to himself “Not again!”, as this was percisely what had happened in the battle last night when a Force Witch which he believed to be none other than a Nightsister had performed the same act, slamming his starfighter into the ground with the Force.

Once again Aidan was unable to steer his fighter to safety, and was forced to eject from his fighter moments before crashing into the forest below. As he attempted to fly to safety via his rocketpack, he only narrowly missed being clawed at by the large and powerful hand of a massive bull Rancor.

What was worse, was that atop the Rancor was mounted a pale skinned man with horns growing out of his head, a Zabrak no doubt, and another Force Witch like the one Aidan did battle with at Ecumenopolis. As the rest of the party joined Aidan to lend aid in his fight, the Force Witch proclaimed that Aidan had killed his sister, and now vengeance would be his.

The party engaged in a ferocious battle with the Witch and his Rancor mount, with the Witch focussing intense hatred on Aidan, using the Force to hurl him against trees and into the Rancor’s mouth. Akira himself fell victim to a Mind Trick, and was made to walk away from the battle under the Witch’s command, leaving his friends behind.

The party in turn used every weapon and power at their disposal against the Witch, Zeetra demonstrating her martial arts prowress against him, while Thrax used his Fold Space Force Power to send the Rancor up into the sky, plummeting down to the ground below taking great damage in the process.

Eventually however Aidan lost conciousness from his extensive damage, and was taken prisoner by the Witch as he and his Rancor attempted to flee into the forest, with Akira by his side, still under the Witch’s control. Suddenly a blue heavily armoured rock-pack wielding Mandalorian entered the battle, catching Thrax in his arms. The warrior flew high into the sky with Thrax in his arms, but before he could climb high enough to release Thrax to a certain fatal fall, Thrax used another Force power at his disposal, Drain Energy. Without a source of power to operate his massive suit of armour, the Mandalorian plummeted to the ground with Thrax, hurting both, but the Mandalorian more so due to the massive useless hulk of armour.

Thrax simply told the warrior to either surrender or die, to which in a muffled voice, the Mandalorian replied that he chose death. Thrax was ready to strike with his lightsaber, but chose to take him prisoner instead. As he quickly inspected the warrior’s armour for hidden weapons that could still pose a threat, he discovered three thermal-detonator’s hard wired into the armour wearer’s vital monitors. Thrax realized that had he killed the Mandalorian, he too would have died in the ensuing explosion.

Meanwhile Nyla, the twins, the Wookie’s and Zeetra pursued the retreating Force Witch and his Rancor, and against all odds Nyla was able to strike down the beast with her lightsaber. As the massive creature lay dying, the Witch let out a terrible cry of anguish and despair that reverberated through the Living Force, terribly hurting all who heard it’s piercing sound. The Witch then dropped dead, mortally injured by the death of his mount and bonded friend.

With Akira now free from the Witch’s control, and Aidan soon regaining conciousness the party took a moment to explain to Zeetra and Thrax just who was attacking these settlements, Operation Outlander, and the danger they pose to all, even though their motives remain unclear.

Though Thrax and Zeetra were still unsure of what to believe, they agreed that for now it was the Outlander mercenaries who were the greatest threat to the innocents of Dantooine, and with the party and their allies set off for the Kiwa village to defeat the last enemy hold out.



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