Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

hough our heroes have escaped the clutches of the vile Corpse Droid and his Hutt masters and made several valuable allies in the process, it has come at a terrible price as their beloved friend and trusted companion KALKO THE COLOSSAL perished in their escape.

Now with their respective Padawan’s, life pledges, friends and family back safety in their arms, our heroes have returned to their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE, only to find it under siege by a massive army on both land and in space.

Our heroes must now rally their strength and summon their courage while still mourning their friend if they are to save the innocents on Dantooine below and restore freedom to the peaceful green world…

At the Gates

With Aidan commanding the Valour with Baccitcuk and Shad, Nyla, Parias, Miss M’Row, Umdat, Eldewn and Quaggo on board the Emerald Eye, Akira, Dyneh and Elsae in the Renegade, and the Mandalorian commanders Asaan Doamaros in command of the [[Rancor’s Fist]] and the [[Kalko’s Endless Vengeance]] respectively with the rag tag army known as Dyre’s Irregular’s spread out between the five vessels our heroes charged head on into the enemy’s fire, refusing the order to surrender or perish.

The massive enemy command ship, easily two and a half kilometers long launched two squadrons of star fighters at the player party’s armada, focusing on Aidan’s vessel the Valour, the largest of the heroes ships while the two smaller cruisers also focused their firepower on the Valour.

With Akira’s and Nyla’s help from their own respective ships firepower, Aidan was able to destroy six of the enemy starfighters while dealing significant damage to the enemy command ship and the two cruisers supporting it. Yet Akira realized even with Nyla turning over piloting of the Emerald Eye to Eldewn so that she could focus on using the ships turret and the other vessels firepower, they had no chance of surviving a long fight with the enemy command ship.

Akira hatched a plan to board the massive command ship using the power of the Force, and with little explanation to Dyneh or his Padawan Elsae boarded the ships escape pod, saying only to Elsae “May the Force be with you” as the escape pod door closed, launching him into space in the midst of the fierce battle. “… and also with you… master” Elsae said as she watched Akira’s pod fly towards the enemy.

Inside the pod Akira focused his attention at the distant sight of the command ship, just barely making sight of it’s massive bridge. With his mind focused on where he was and where he wanted to be, Akira reached out into the Force, and by folding the space around him successfully unreported into the massive two hundred foot high cathedral size command bridge of the enemy command ship.

Having taken the enemy by surprise, Akira pulled out a live thermal detonator and ordered the bridge crew to surrender. The commander, the sinister Neimodian sitting comfortably on a large repulsor platform high above Akira simply laughed, ordered a nuclear warhead to target the heroes armada and for Dar’Manda Arpat to kill Akira. With horror Akira realized that the Mandalorian renegade that he and the party had been hired to hunt down and destroy by the Mandalorian Protectors was now here, fighting side by side with the forces of Outlander. Why this was Akira didn’t know, the two groups had NOTHING to do with one another from what he knew.

Regardless Akira knew he had to act fast, and before Dar’Manda who had emerged form beside the Neimodian high above Akira could fly down via her rocket-pack to attach Akira, Akira once again stretched out in the Force to teleport across the bridge to the weapons control station, where he quickly dispatched the crewman operating the weapon controls and disabled the weapons computer, then throwing his thermal detonator towards the environmental control computer, which exploded, deactivating the artificial gravity and causing the fire suppression system to malfunction, filling the massive bridge with clouds of water vapour.

Meanwhile onboard the Emerald Eye Nyla was thrilled to see her Padawan Eldewn handling the ships controls in combat so well, but knew that if they were to survive then they needed every edge in combat that they could take. From her gun-turret seat Nyla set her eyes on the two command ships, and focused hard on their places in space and then by stretching out into the Force pulled one from where it was, hurling it several entire kilometers into the other, catastrophically damaging both massive vessels. Though exhausted and weakened by the use of the Force, Nyla had bought her and her allies badly needed time.

Meanwhile back inside the bridge of the command ship Akira used the jump servo’s in his cybernetic legs to propel himself across the giant bridge towards an escape pod, but not before Dar’Manda rocketed to him in mid flight, attempting to shoot him at point blank range. A furious fist to fist fight ensued, with Akira knocking her blaster away with his lightsaber and severely damaging her rocket-pack. With her momentum in the zero-gravity environment carrying her across the room with Akira still the two continued their grappling attack, with Dar’Manda throwing a thermal detonator of her own at Akira who just narrowly batted it away before finally kicking her in her helmet, throwing her off of him as he reached one of the bridges last escape pod’s, launching himself down to the planet surface, but not before seeing the ships Neimodian commander reach his own escape pod, and realize that he had overcome the lock on the ships tactical computer, launching the nuclear warhead.

Outside the vessel Aidan detected the launch of the warhead from the Valour and ordered all the vessels to take evasive action, helping them narrowly escaping the worst of the deadly shock wave but still taking massive damage. Nyla, both impressed and proud of her Padawan’s flying and evading of the nuclear warheads shock wave told Eldewn to land their ship on the settlement of Ecumenopolis below so that they could fight off the enemy forces occupying their adopted home. Aidan agreed, and ordered his own ship down, telling Asaan and Doamaros in to keep Rancor’s Fist and the Kalko’s Endless Vengeance in orbit to finish off the enemy command ship, while ordering the three best pilots on board to meet him in the Valour’s hanger bay by the Z-95’s.

The Cavalry Arrives

As the heroes in their three ships and Aidan’s squadron of four Z-95 descended on Ecumenopolis, they took heavy fire from two droid anti-aircraft batteries positioned on the Little River Hill, on the western bank of the river to the west of the settlement.

Aidan ordered his squadron to focus their attacks on the anti-aircraft batteries on the Little River Hill, making several passes over the droid batteries and eventually disabling them both while taking minimal damage themselves. Aidan however suddenly found his starfighter being forced down to the ground by an unseen force, leaving Aidan no chance but to eject over the Riverfront district of the settlement.

After landing safely Aidan came face to face with the one responsible for forcing his fighter to the ground, a ghastly witch dressed in scarlet robes adorned with animal hides and feathers who by sight alone he could tell was some sort of sinister Force disciple. The witch attempted to use the Force to break Aidan’s will to fight, but he resisted, and even managed to dodge one of his own Z-95’s that the witch ripped from the air and threw into the ground at him, with the pilot ejecting just in time. The witch fought furiously with her dark Force powers, but Aidan bested her in the end with his braun and his blaster. Having defeated the witch, Aidan made his way to the South’n Out neighbourhood where the other heroes ships were landing.

As the heroes set their ships down in the outh’n Out neighbourhood on the southern most end of the settlement, the party were greeted by Orn Syndulla and a small band of militia. She explained that they had been attacked about two hours earlier, and that the settlement’s militia did not have the time to react. She further explained that the enemy, whom they all believed without a doubt to be the forces of Outlander controlled entirely the Starport, the Docks, the Market District and most of the Upper City, while the defenders of the settlement still were held out in the Barracks neighbourhood as well as the Swoop Pit, the bar in the northern end of the South N’Out where the Rabid Rancors swoop gang was based.

Even more disturbing, Orn explained that the enemy forces, nearly two thousand strong had begun hording civilians from the settlement into the wide open Drive-In Theater neighbourhood for reasons unknown.

With this knowledge in hand Akira ordered the Wookies help guard the civilians, while he loaded the Mud Hog from the Renegade with as many weapons and explosives as the small band of defenders could muster and proposed that they make a charge straight for the enemy that was surrounding the Swoop Bit. Orn and the rest of the party agreed, with Parias volunteering to help. When Akira asked if he was really up for the task of heading straight on into combat, Parias simply produced a double-bladed lightsaber, which he then ignited, revealing two bright golden blades. When Akira asked where he acquired the weapon of a Jedi, Parias simply said that it had come from a Dark Jedi he had slain years earlier.

With Orn, her small militia and the party formed they charged with no fear of death straight on into the enemy lines, where the surprised and unprepared Outlander defenders, a mix of Clone War-era battle droids and mixed alien mercenaries were scattered, falling back towards the Barracks and the Drive-In Theater.

With the heroes, Orn’s militia now united with the Rabid Rancors the parties allies began to grow, with Cade Starbreaker personally thanking Akira for coming to the Rancor’s rescue. Though Akira told Cade that he trusted him and that the settlement, and the Tarisian needed the Rancors, he would personally cut of Cade’s head if Cade ever turned the weapons they were supplying the Rancor’s with against ANY member of the settlement, knowing very well Cade and the Rancor’s had no warm feelings for the Wookies. Cade happily agreed.

With Aidan rejoining the party after defeating the Force witch, the party prepared to make their move on the barracks. While the barracks were surrounded by a larger force than the one that surrounded the Rabid Rancor, and though the barracks themselves had been reduced to rubble, the barracks shield generator was still on-line, leaving the defenders deep under the rubble unscathed.

The heroes took their larger army now as close to the barracks as they could get, nearly a hundred meters away without being detected. A co-ordinates attack was planned, with Akira gathering all the thermal detonators and grenades that he could carry, and activating his shadowsuit so that he could sneak past the enemies line surrounding the barracks and delve deep into the underground bunkers. Once inside the bunkers Akira told the hundreds of gathered defenders of their plan. With the defenders of the barracks bunkers ready Akira again snuck back outside, overhearing several unsuspecting Outlander mercenaries boasting of the sky-high values the bonds they’d purchased in Outlander would reach in less than a week. Akira stealthly planted the explosives and grenades around the mercenaries lines at strategic locations, and when Aidan gave the word when Akira had retreated to safety, the explosives were detonated, causing confusion among the mercenaries as the barracks defenders poured out of their bunkers while the heroes lead their militia against the mercenaries from the other side. The mercenaries were caught off guard on either side, and were easily routed.

With the tide of the battle now turning in favour of the heroes, the party realized that the mercenary forces of Outlander were also withdrawing from the drive-in theater, but were taking thousands of settlement civilians with them in repulsor trucks, sleds and even on the backs of animals freed from the settlement’s stables.

The Starport Stand

Aidan ordered the Valour to take the air with the Reneagade to offer air support as the heroes and their ever growing forces gave chase to the retreating mercenaries towards the starport. Akira, Parias and Elsae boarded the Renegade to join the Valour in the air, though the Valour was quickly shot down by enemy ground fire forcing it to make an emergency landing.

Once in the air however a strange spectre lept atop the Renegade, slicing with an arc welder into the bridge cockpit with a lightwhip in hand, revealing herself to be Tyrnia Masak, the fiend that Aidan had had framed for the destruction of the Hutt’s kolto harvesting rig on the planet Manaan.

Akira rose from the pilots seat to fight Tyrnia, ordering Elsae to take the helm in his place. After several exchanged blows Tyrnia surprised Akira by stretching out into the Force and throwing him up into the air and out through the whole in the cockpit canopy that she had carved. Only with great acrobatic skill was Akira able to take hold of the Renegade from the outside, and after several harrowing moments manage to pull himself back in.

Once inside Akira lunged at Tyrnia for the kill, only to be stopped by Elsae who blocked him with her waving arms, shouting at her master to wait. In the heat of the moment Elsae explained that she looked into Tyrnia’s mind, and saw only someone who was scared, and had been hurt, but wasn’t evil. Tyrnia told Akira that she just wanted revenge on the party for framing her for their crimes, which though Akira could not approve of, he could at least understand. Without powering down his lightsaber he demanded to know why she was helping Outlander attack the settlement then if her score was only with the party, to which she replied she was recruited by a mysterious individual who told her where the find the party and that others were looking for them as well.

Akira, realizing that the battle was still raging outside ordered Tyrnia to take a seat, and that they would deal with her accordingly when the time was right.

As Aidan lead the army of Ecumenopolis’s defenders towards the starport, he was greeted in the middle of the road leading to the starport by a ghastly creature. A bizzare droid with outstretched arms of sweat covered flesh, and sealed sphere for a head containing a humanoid skull, a motorized jaw and glowing read eyes. It took only a moment for Aidan to realize that he was face to face with the infamous Corpse Droid.

“I look forward to adding your biological uniqueness to my own… meatbag” the droid said to Aidan, who simply motioned to his troops to bypass the droid and carry out the assault on the starport while Aidan dealt with the Corpse Droid. The droid lunged at Aidan with a wide array of edged weapons, swords and saws. Aidan repelled every attack and dealt heavy damage on the droid himself with his blasters, Aidan even avoided a deadly spray of acidic gas the droid sprayed in his direction, dodging and rolling out of the scalding mists way just in time to be out of the path of the incoming Renegade, which on Akira’s command unleashed the entire ships firepower onto the Corpse Droid. The droid was incinerated, it’s organic and metalic parts blown away in every direction. Aidan surveyed the remains for but a moment, looking down at the deactivated skull, crushing it with his boot remembering full well what Parias had earlier told him of the Corpse Droid. That the droid had an uncanny ability to assume new form time and time again, and that though Parias had destroyed the droid form of the Corpse Droid many times over the decades he now never assumed the Corpse Droid to be truly vanquished. Aidan was certain they had not seen the last of the Corpse Droid.

Re-joining the ground assault on the starport, aided by Akira and the Renegade in the sky the heroic defenders of the settlement were able to stop more than half of the invading Outlander mercenaries from stealing the starports ships and leaving with their prisoners. Even though nearly a thousand enemy troops were captured, more than a thousand escaped, with a thousand of the settlements civilian population in tow.

Surveying the wreckage of the starport and the now un-occupied Upper City district the ruins of the Upper City Gem itself, the party found a nearly dead Gurk, the Dug pirate captain who lead an earlier raid on the settlement only to be rendered comatose then. The dying Dug mocked the party, boasting of how they had taken the Tarisian hostage. Just before he passed unconcious, only to be stabilized at the last second by Nyla he warned the party that in less than a week the entire Galaxy would be changed forever.

The party knew then that they had to get to the bottom of Outlander and fast, and save the settlement civilians from captivity. Both tasks would have to wait however as dawn began to break over the Dantooine horizon, as the Wookie village of Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk and the Kiwa village nearby still lay under siege.

The heroes would not leave any innocents behind on this day.



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