Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XXII

The Ambush at Aargau

The Crawl

triking from the depths of the Outer Rim into the Galactic Core, our valiant heroes under clever disguise have marched straight under the nose of the BANK OF AARGAU and the GALACTIC EMPIRE itself, and retrieved the half a billion credits stolen long ago from their employer THE TARISIAN.

As their journey home to Dantooine from Aargau began however a rogue missile was fired at their starship, the Blaster Bolt, as a strange and hostile vessel appeared on our heroes scopes where it had not appeared before.

As the starships brave crew struggles to safety steer their ship, our heroes must choose whether to fight or flee from this unseen threat over the skies of Aargau as their battle rages on the very footsteps of the Galactic Empire, where a dark fate awaits if they should fall or be captured alive…

The Ambush at Aargau

With his lightening fast Jedi reflexes Akira banked the Blaster Bolt, the second hand Ghtroc 720 Freighter Kalko had purchased for this mission hard to starboard, and the concussion missile passed on their port side sailing high into the Aargau sky. Akira shouted over the ships intercom that they were being fired upon, and all the party took to their respective stations, which Aidan joking to Kalko that this would be good practice for him and his future adventures on the Emerald Eye, another Ghtroc 720 Freighter which he had purchased on Laponth as a long term investment.

With Aidan manning the ships lone gun turret and Kalko attempting to get a fix on the hostile craft with the ships sensors, Nyla took to the co-pilot seat, and by stretching out to the Force enacted the ancient Jedi power of Battle Meditation.

Kalko meanwhile struggled to get any fix at all on the hostile craft, eventually having to resort to visual scanning to even see the ship at all. It was a reflective titanium hulled long and narrow vessel, no more than twenty or twenty-five meters in length with a heavily tinted cockpit window.. It’s sleek appearance, and seemingly stealth capabilities did not seem to indicate it was a BAS enforcement vessel, nor an Imperial one either. Kalko reported this to the others, begging the question, who was it that was pursuing them?

With visual coordinates established Kalko fed the information into the Blaster Bolt’s computer, allowing Aidan better ease with targeting the vessel. Akira continued to maneuver the Blaster Bolt around the missile launches of the mysterious ship, avoiding each one much to the delight of Nyla, who knew as well as Akira did that the stock ship’s weak shielding would likely sustain only a single direct hit, if even that.

Knowing the weakness of the ships shields, Kalko along with the Wookies Quaggo and Baccitcuk moved Dyneh and the twins Eldewn and Elsae Sarvool into the ships escape pods, while the droids S-19IM and AC-3POR did everything they could to ensure the ship remained functioning through the assault, with Krith Nosix aiding as well.

Akira attempted to call for help from the BAS, yet the Blaster Bolt’s transmissions were jammed, and with the concussion missile’s coming closer and closer to hitting their ship, Nyla, reaching out to the Force using the technique of Move Object stopped the hostile ship in it’s tracks, hurling it backwards into a cloud. At this point Akira knew he had to take advantage of the extra time Nyla had given him, and pushed the Blaster Bolt’s engines for everything they could give him so that he could bring the ship to the closest but safest distance to make the jump to hyperspace.

As Nyla feverishly worked to double the power of the shields, Aidan fired away unsuccessfully at the hostile ship that was once again gaining ground. Kalko and the Wookies struggled to keep the others calm as Akira maxed the Bolts aging engines out to dangerous levels, causing the ship to vibrate internally. Yet the dangerous push gave the vessel a badly needed burst of speed, giving it the extra seconds it needed to finally break the Aargau’s atmosphere and as a flurry of concussion missiles zeroed in make the jump to hyperspace.

All aboard breathed a sign of relief, but S-19IM soon warned all onboard that Akira’s pushing of the engines meant that they would not be able to sustain hyperspace travel for much longer.

The party brought the ship out of hyperspace long enough to send a transmission to Aidan’s friend Shad Raal, who was still holding the wayward xeno-archaeologist Ingle Mothheim prisoner for running out on the party with their treasure scrolls taken from the ancient Asteroid Ship over Bodir. Aidan explained the situation to Shad, and the two agreed to meet on the planet Iego, a planet still considered to be mythical to many, but one Aidan and Shad had visited during the Clone Wars years ago.

After Aidan sent a transmission back to Dantooine as well, ordering LE and Beesix to bring the Renegade to Iego as well, the Blaster Bolt made it’s final jump to hyperspace headed to the fabled Planet of a Thousand Moons.

Meeting Under the Thousand Moons

On the near mythical world of Iego the party arrived first on the Blaster Bolt, soon followed by Shaad in his Stathas-class freighter. the Taung’s Revenge, and finally the Renegade piloted by the droids.

After Shaad turned over Professor Mothheim, who still insisted he only fled to search for this Asteroid Ship himself to raise funds for a proper expedition to Korriban, Shaad told Aidan of a secret dilema of his.

He explained that the political situation on his homeworld of Concord Dawn had become too complicated for him, and that he desired some time away from Mandalorian politics in favour of good old fashion combat. Aidan invited him to join them as they headed to a hidden ghost planet Akira had suggested they could hide away on for a month of two in case Imperial or BAS authorities came looking for them. When Shaad asked why they’d be looking for them now, Aidan couldn’t say. When Shaad asked where this ghost planet was, other than saying that Mothheim knew of it’s location, Aidan couldn’t say.

Shaad joked that he was already liking the sound of this mission better than things on Concord Dawn. Shaad also warned Aidan that he’d been told by his friends within the Mandalorian Protectors that their patience was running out for Aidan and his agreement to hunt down the renegade Mandalorian Dar’Manda Arpat. Aidan was disappointed his word to capture the rogue leader was being questioned, and told Shaad that he would soon deliver on his word. Shaad told his friend that he had no concern with Aidan, but wanted only to tell him of the grumblings of the Protectors.

Akira meanwhile was pessimistic about bringing someone else with them when they were trying to lie low, but in actuality was becoming more concerned that his idea to hide out in the lost world of Korriban may have been a bad idea after all. His and Nyla’s vision of the Celestine still haunted him, and he worried he was now being warned of the dangers that lay down the path ahead.

The Path to Korriban

En route to Korriban on the first day of their five day journey, Akira pulled Nyla aside to ask her if he believed this was still the right course of action. Nyla admitted that it was likely one of the safest places in the universe to hide from the Imperial authorities, or any other authorities as it was a planet that had been all but lost to time. Yet she confessed her profound unease at the thought of the dark forces that could still be lingering on the grave world of the ancient Sith.

Akira acknowledged Nyla’s concerns, and then told her what his padawan learner Elsae had told him, that there may have been a dark spirit that resided inside a book Kalko had acquired back on Ando many months ago, and that that same spirit may now be possessing the unborn child inside of Dyneh. Nyla was shocked to learn of this, and told Akira that Korriban could even strengthen the dark spirit if this were true. Akira again acknowledged Nyla’s concern, but added it may also be the perfect place to draw dark spirits out. Neither were sure, but agreed to decide the next day for certain if they should deviate from their course.

Later that night as the crew of the Renegade slept in their quarters, Nyla was awaken by the sensation of a presence at the foot of her bed. When she arose she was horrified to see her padawan learner Eldewn at the foot of her bed, but in a state she had never seen her young student. Eldewen’s hair was worn and matted, her skin grey and moist, and black veins pulsated around her red and yellow coloured eyes. Eldewn pointed a sickly finger to Nyla and shouted “You did this to me, you were not strong enough, and you allowed me to fall!!”, and then the shocking figure lept at Nyla through the air, igniting a red lightsaber and swinging for Nyla neck. Yet the instant the blade would have hit Nyla the apparition disappeared. It took Nyla a moment to recover from this shock, and immediately afterwards Nyla ran to the twins quarters to see if anything was wrong. Yet nothing was, both twins were sleeping normally as they should. A disturbed Nyla returned to her own quarters, to meditate on this disturbing vision.

Kalko meanwhile was awaken from his sleep to see a frightening sight of his own, the dreaded apparition that appeared to him before was now standing on his ceiling, peering down at Kalko as if the gravity of the room did not apply to it. The apparition told Kalko that the long wait would soon be over, and that they would finally be together when he arrives on Korriban. Kalko ordered the sight away, telling it he would never be a part of it or it a part of him. The spirit casually walked down Kalko’s ceiling and then his walls, warning him that he’d waited far too long to be rejected now. Kalko was shaken at this sight, fearing now more than ever before that this spirit may try to follow through on this promise as they drew near this strange planet called Korriban.

While Dyneh and Akira slept in their own bunk, Akira was awaken himself by a wet sensation by his hands. Turning on his bedside light Akira found Dyneh lying lifeless beside him, soaked in her own blood. Standing over her dead body was a vision of Akira himself, holding a dripping red dagger in his hand. Akira was horrified, but knew this was not real, and shouted as such to the apparition, ordering it to be gone from his sight. After a moment the sight was gone, and Dyneh was lying peacefully in her sleep unhurt as she was and had been all night long.

Akira decided it was best to wake Dyneh and tell her of what he feared had happened, and that an evil spirit now possessed their unborn child. After waking his love Akira asked her to be as calm as possible as he told her, though she reacted not with panic and fear but with disbelief, and even annoyance that she was waken with this story. Though Akira insisted what he was speaking was the truth, she countered that though she didn’t share her parents strict scientific denunciation of the Jedi as backwards dark age warmongering sorcerers, as a woman of science she couldn’t believe what Akira had just told her. Akira still insisted, warning of the dangers a ancient dark side spirit could wield. Unconvinced, Dyneh left their bed, telling Akira she was too annoyed and confused by him to sleep by his side tonight, and that she would spend the remainder of the night sleeping on a giant sack of flour in the cargo hold where the Wookies were sleeping.

Akira was disappointed to say the least, and even confused as to why their ship had a giant sack of flour on board. Never the less Akira did follow his partner to the ships cargo bay, to find her already alseep on the giant flour sack. He laid down on the floor next to her and tried as best he could to fall asleep, hard as it was with the roar of the Wookies snoring.


The next morning Akira, nursing a soar back met with the rest of the party for breakfast, while Professor Mothheim worked in his quarters on translating the ancient book for the precise location of Korriban. Akira confessed to everyone that he had had a dark dream last night that seemed to be an ominous warning. Nyla then spoke of her disturbing vision, and Kalko admitted he’d had a bad dream himself, but offered no details. As Aidan wondered why he had never been bothered with dark dreams, Akira told everyone at the table that he believed the source of their trouble was a spirit that may have resided in Kalko’s ancient book.

Kalko told everyone how Horrat, the Quarren crimelord had warned him the book had brought great ill to him, which confirmed to Akira that the book was indeed sinister in nature. Akira left the breakfast table to find Mothheim and ask him how the translation of the Sith text was going.

Mothheim told him it was going well as he entered the information he translated from the book onto his personal datapad, and proceeded to tell Akira the story of the book itself. He claimed it was written seven thousand years ago a powerful sorcerer named Thue’Vernt, who was the apprentice to a great and immensely powerful King conquered a large portion of ancient Korriban and named Akatearyn, who the book claimed has mastered the ability to even raise the dead on Korriban to create legions of armies of zombie like creatures. Akira was disturbed to hear this, but never the less told the professor that he needed to stop looking for the location of Korriban.

The professor protested, claiming that for his entire career the Jedi had conspired to keep the planets location hidden, that they had no right to stand in the way of scientific research and discovery in the name of their secret traditions and outdated philosophies. Mothheim continued to ridicule the Jedi by saying that they had only themselves to blame for their fall from grace, and that his final discovery of Korriban would allow his life work to finally be recognized. Akira at that moment drew his lightsaber and placed it on the table beside the ancient book. Mothheim at first asked Akira where he’d gotten a Jedi artifact such as that, only to then realize Akira was telling him that he himself was a Jedi.

Soon later the crew on board the Renegade had gathered in the cargo hold, where Mothheim was being held in place by Quaggo, protesting the idiocy of destroying a book that had scores of historical and cultural value. Despite his objections the party agreed the book had to be destroyed to weaken the Sith spirit. The book was doused in flamable liquid and set aflame by Akira. After only a few minutes it was completely burned, yet none in the room felt any different nor did they feel a change of any kind. The act had failed to weaken the spirit it seemed.

Akira then turned to Dyneh and told her he would try to channel light side energy of the Force into her womb, in an effort to draw the spirit out. Mothheim protested even louder now, claiming Akira was a witch doctor trying to hurt Dyneh and that she mustn’t allow him to hurt her or her unborn child. Reluctantly Dyneh agreed, and Akira stretched out into the Force, placing his hand on Dyneh’s stomach and channeling his energy inside of her.

Suddenly Dyneh fell onto her knees in shock, as if the wind had been knocked out of her, and the cargo bay suddenly grew colder. All inside were surprised, none more than Shaad who joked to Aidan that he hadn’t told him that he was hanging around with Jedi again, recounting their days serving under Braylen Bren in the Clone Wars. Akira rushed to ask Dyneh if she was okay, which she insisted she was, and even told Akira that if what he said was true, he owed it to them both AND their child to be rid of this spirit now and forever.

Nyla now placed her hand on Dyneh’s stomach out to the Force as well with Akira, Dyneh screamed in pain and fell on her back as the room grew colder yet again. Yet Dyneh told them not to give up, as she could feel a presence inside of her now, and that she wanted it out of her. The twins now joined their masters placing their hands on Dyneh’s stomach. Once more they all channeled the light side of the Force, and now with Dyneh screaming the warmth of the room was depleted, as all the lights were doused as a great Force was wrenched from Dyneh’s and took form in the center of the room.

Suddenly high in the air above the ground in swirling vortex of frozen wind the form of a torso materialized, laughing and cursing those beneath it. It’s form was pure black, marked only by flashes of purple lightning on it’s forms edges. “WHAT TH…” shouted Mothheim before a flash of purple lightning shot from the figures hands, stunning nearly all in the cargo bay. Akira and the twins ignited their lightsabers and attached the form of the spirit, while Kalko, Aidan, Shaad and the Wookies opened fire with their weapons at the spectre, while Nyla ran to Dyneh’s aid, ushering her out of the cargo bay and into the ships medbay.

The spirit writhed high in the air as the mortal weapons seemed to in fact be hurting it, Akira rallied the crew on with words of encouragement as he again channeled the dark side towards the Sith spirit. The spirit began to weaken, but sensed the strength in Akira was the one who threatened him most. It too reached out into the Force, and raised Akira off the ground, choking him badly, nearly crushing his neck and spine.

Nyla then returned to see Akira being crushed, as Aidan, Shaad, the Wookies, the twins and Kalko tried to save him. Nyla then stretched out into the Force to channel the energy of the light side again, even reciting the Jedi Code to the spirit as it taunted her with boasts of the power of the Dark Side. In an instant the power of the spirit was broken, and scream that pierced the Force itself shook the room to it’s core, knocking all inside unconscious.

A Secret It Shall Remain

Kalko was the first to awaken in the cargo bay, and found LE trying to alert everyone that a power surge from this room had temporarily knocked out ships hyperdrive, and that they had come out of lightspeed dangerously close to a Red Dwarf. A drowsy Kalko was soon able to wake Aidan up, and both to their horror realized that professor Mothheim was now grey and sickly looking, and chewing on an unconscious Akira’s arm. Kalko pulled Akira away, and Aidan grappled with Mothheim, who now tried to pull off Aidan’s armour and bite him while making ghastly noises. Finally Aidan simply shot Mothheim in the leg, yet he still came at him indifferent to the pain. Finally Aidan shot him in the head, killing the professor where he stood.

Soon all in the party were awake once more. Akira, after having his bite wounds treated by Nyla rushed to see Dyneh, asking Nyla if she was alright. Nyla assured him that both mother and child were alright, and even told Akira that in her scans she’d determined the gender of the baby, and asked if both he and Dyneh wanted to know, which they told her they did.

Nyla then told them that their baby son was as healthy as could be. Later while scanning the remains of Professor Mothheim however Nyla was puzzled to discover that Aidan’s blaster shot to the head hadn’t killed him, but he had rather been dead for several minutes. All were disturbed to think that with the spirits last grasp of power he had not only killed Mothheim but reanimated his corpse, and reaffirmed what must be done next.

Akira took in hand Mothheim’s personal data pad, which contained all the translations from the ancient Sith book as well as the likely co-ordinates for the planet Korriban. Both Akira, Nyla and the twins ignited their lightsabers, and cut the data pad into pieces, ensuring that the location of the planet Korriban would stay lost, at least for now.

With Korriban no longer a possible destination, the party agreed to travel to the Outer Rim world of Taris, a planet they’d heard was lovely but had never visited. Soon later the Renegade’s engines were online again, and after a funeral service for the deceased Professor Ingle Mothheim the Renegade made it’s jump to lightspeed en route to Taris.

Shaad confided privately to Aidan that he’d actually been worried this adventure would be boring, and how wrong he’d been.


Im all caught up. Good stuff, lots of mystery going on here. I too have had my party fight the sith spirit, though mine was released anytime the jedi activated his lightsaber since it was in the crystal. Thus he was always trying to get him to fight in anger, needless to say eventually he fell to the dark side. muahaha

Episode XXII

Im all caught up. Good stuff, lots of mystery going on here. I too have had my party fight the sith spirit, though mine was released anytime the jedi activated his lightsaber since it was in the crystal. Thus he was always trying to get him to fight in anger, needless to say eventually he fell to the dark side. muahaha

Episode XXII

Glad to hear your all caught up on the session recaps! I’m actually going to start the next recap this week so that I have it out of the way before I start writing up the next session, which isn’t going to be until about mid-November I believe. Hopefully I’ll be finished that recap by the end of this upcoming week.

A Sith spirit trapped in a lightsaber crystal you say??? Now THAT’s an idea I wish I had thought of;) Good stuff my friend… good stuff:)

Episode XXII

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