Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

ith the notorious Perlemian Sirens sent offworld and the sinister Tyrnia Masak fleeing for the stars our heroes have once again defended their peaceful planet of Dantooine from those who would bring terror to her plains.

Tough our heroes remain ever vigilant of new threats that could threaten the fragile peace, at the behest of The Tarisian our heroes are now preparing to travel into the heart of danger itself, the Core Worlds to visit the Imperial banking world of Aargau to retrieve a fortune taken from the Tarisian many years ago.

The player party know the dangers they are readying to face, the challenges that will test their skill and their resolve, and are ever aware that one wrong move in this Imperial stronghold could seal their dark fates once and for all…

Hatching of the Plan

With the party gathered in the office of the Tarisian along with Nyla and Akira’s padawan learners, the twin sisters Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool and Aidan and Kaklo’s Wookie life-debt pledges Koturawa and Quaggo, as well as Krith Nosix, the deliberating of how to retrieve the Tarisian’s stolen credits began.

Krith took the opportunity to tell the party about the infamous Bank of Aargau Security, the massive police and military force composed of hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of craft of all size and classification dedicated to enforcing law and order on Aargau. He also pointed out that the Galactic Empire, due to the planet’s Core World location and it’s importance as a galactic financial hub, a Star Destroyer squadron is kept in system at all times. Aidan thanked Krith for the information, so at least the party would know what they were up against.

The Imperial interest in the planet however gave Akira an idea, that they could pose as Imperial auditors inspecting the liquidity of the banks assets. Aidan agreed it was a good idea, and Krith pointed out that even though the banks central computers were completely isolated, if Akira, while posing as an auditor could get close to the banks computer core, Krith could introduce a viral program that would transfer the Tarisian’s money to a newly created account. Said account could then be closed by any one of them, allowing them to leave legitimately with the Tarisian’s money without the need to fire a single shot.

The Tarisian threw his support behind the plan, and promised a line of credit of half a million credits to support this operation, in addition to the ten percent of the half a billion credit haul the party would receive if successful, an astounding fifty-million credits. He also offered to them the services of Nilir Sylvurr, the Tarisian’s Cathar personal stylist to help prepare the party’s new disguises they’d surely need. It was then that Miss M’Row entered the room telling the Tarisian that the Vhindhi good will committee had arrived and were anxious to see him.

The Tarisian explained that Vhindhi in question were a small group of refugees who had arrived earlier that day, fleeing Imperial persecution who had requested permission to temporarily set up home on Dantooine while they search for a new home. The party thanked the Tarisian and excused themselves, passing the Vhindhi in the hallway outside. The species, which none of the party had ever heard of before was a type of green and brown hued large walking frog-like creatures, who all graciously bowed their heads to the party as they passed.

The Plan for Korriban

Later in the evening after the meeting had ended, the party found the archaeologist Ingle Mothheim, who was still after the party to help ferry him to the mysterious planet he called Korriban, a dangerous planet Akira and Nyla both remembered from their Jedi ancient history lessons. Instead Akira presented Mothheim with several of the golden scrolls taken from the Asteroid Ship, and with them he shared their story about the massive and deadly vessel that laid waste to the planet Bodir, and the even more terrifying Navigator that nearly killed them all. He also explained how Beesix had determined the vessel had originated form Companion Grek, the satellite galaxy more than three-hundred-thousand light years from their own.

Mottheim was confounded by this news, and couldn’t believe it with his own eyes, telling the party that if this was true, and that an entire unknown civilization developed so far away a hundred thousand years ago then it would revolutionize modern archaeology. When he asked why they were sharing this once in a lifetime find with him, Akira said it was because they would need him to guide them to Korriban once they finished their next mission, to lay low for a short time without being noticed. Ingle agreed, saying that what they had just brought to him may be the greatest archaeological find of the millennium.

Nyla told Akira that she wondered if this was a safe idea at all however. She remembered her teachings of Korriban being a place where evil dark spirits rested, weakened but not vanquished, and that the planet’s location had been hidden by the Jedi for a reason. Akira reasoned that not only were the dangers of the planet long passed, but that any residual dark side presence could be what was needed to draw the dark side spirit out of his and Dyneh’s unborn child, whom Eldewn had told him was now possessed. To the rest of the party, this was the first time they’d heard that Akira planned on bringing Dyneh with them on the mission to Aargau.

After meeting with Mottheim regarding Korriban the party returned to Kalko’s office in the Upper City Gem, where soon after the Cathar Nilir Sylvurr and her team of fellow Cathar stylists. Over the next several hours the party formulated their plan.

The party would operate in two team, team Aurek and team Besh. Team Aurek would consist of Nyla, Akira, Beesix and Krith in disguise. They would all travel first into the Core to the beautiful vacation planet of Spira posing as rich investors on vacation. After a single night’s stay at a posh hotel after a “planned” stay of a week, Akira would pretend to have been called to Aargau on urgent business, which he would then attend to by chartering a starship for a one way trip to Aargau. Once on Aargau he and Nyla along with Krith would maintain their fake persona’s only until they left the starport in the capital New Escrow, at which point while in transport to the Bank of Aargau’s main office. When they arrive at the bank’s main office they will then introduce themselves as auditors with the Imperial Deposit Insurance Corporation, or the IDIC, and demand access to the banks records using credentials created by Krith.

Once close enough they would upload Krith’s viral program into the banks computer systems, thus allowing the Tarisian’s funds to be withdrawn by team Besh. Team Besh would be made up of Aidan, Kalko, Mottheim, the Wookies, the twins, Kalko’s onboard astromech S-19IM and the protocol droid from the Ellison’s Fury AC-3POR. Using Kalko’s new starship, the Emerald Eye, team Besh would travel straight to Aargau, where Aidan will pose as a businessman wishing to close his account at the Bank of Aargau, and will wait until the day team Aurek arrives to put his part of the plan in action. Once team Aurek has uploaded the viral program into the Bank of Aargau’s computers, Aidan will go to the bank in disguise and withdraw the funds, and walk out the front door without and trouble. If any trouble does come, Eldewn will pull the banks fire alarm in a desperate attempt to cause a distraction. The party agreed that last addition to the plan was desperate, and hoped it would not be necessary.

After sucessful completion of the plan the party would take the Emerald Eye to Korriban where they would wait for a week or so in order to wait out any pursuers, before heading back to Dantooine to transfer their money to the Tarisian.

Once the plan was agreed upon the cosmetic transformations began. Akira’s skin was temporarily coloured to human pink and his hair given a distinguished dash of grey. Akira also took the alias Marek Corel. Aidan was given a full beard, and his scar was removed from his face, and created the alias Kyle Nita. Nyla’s hair was dyed red and given a large padded push-up bra to wear, and adapted the alias Selina Corel, Marek’s trophy wife, while the twins were given different hair styles and colours, as was Dyneh.

Fleeing To Riches Unknown

With all the preparations made, the party gathered to set off and put their plan in motion. Bukah Hozard agreed to take the party into the Core on the Bigger Berta as he had a delivery to make in the Core in any case. Trouble arose however when Aidan told the others that their friend the xeno-archaeologist Ingle Mottheim could not be found anywhere. Bukah explained that he’d overheard Ingle trying to book passage just hours earlier into the Unknown Regions, a revelation that changed the parties plans drastically. When Nyla pointed out that Ingle still had the golden scrolls they had given up which were recovered from the Asteroid Ship, Akira suspected that Mottheim was trying to get to Bodir to salvage what was left of the ship if anything to win fame and acclaim.

Kalko pointed out that while normally he would have no issue allowing someone he regarded as a thieving low-life like Mottheim to go running into the Unknown Regions by himself, but as that mysterious and frightening looking Governor Wilhuff Tarkin vowed in a message to the Ellison’s Fury to send a search party to Bodir, Mottheim could potentially lead Tarkin and the Empire back to Dantooine, and back to them. The party agreed that they couldn’t allow that to happen.

Aidan had an idea. He knew from experience that travelling into the Unknown Regions was typically done from the major planets on the edges of known space in the northern reaches of the Outer Rim such as Mygeeto, Muunilinst or Laponth. Aidan contacted his friend, former war ally and fellow Mandalorian Shad Raal on the planet Concord Dawn, who after asking Aidan about the status of the search for Dar’Manda Arpat, whom Aidan vowed to continue the hunt for, agreed to go to those planets in search of this Ingle Mottheim as a favour to Aidan. Shad suspected that if Mottheim was as unseasoned and experienced a traveler as Aidan claimed, he might actually be easy to find even amongst the tens of millions of travelers on those worlds.

Aidan expressed optimisim that in the six days they estimated it would take the Emerald Eye to get to Aargau, that Shad would have found Mottheim, and the party agreed that Aidan’s plan was the best hope to find Mottheim while not loosing precious time.

The Phantoms of Forewarning

Akira and Nyla departed first with Bukah onboard the Bigger Berta, their trip into the core was uneventful save for when they left the atmoshpere of Dantooine and were readying to make the jump to hyperspace. The ships hyperdrive computer was having difficulties, which Bukah explained to Nyla and Akira had been a minor annoyance, but nothing he couldn’t fix quickly.

Bukah had left Nyla and Akira alone on the Bigger Berta’s bridge to go back to work on the ships computer core, when Akira and Nyla observed a strange sight. A starship, long and wide but very low came out of hyperspace, but without making an approach to the planet below, instead flying perfectly perpendicular to the Bigger Berta’s flight path. The ship did not seem to be hostile, but still Akira tried to hail it, but received in response a frightening sound of a horrifying song played backwards with metal grinding on metal. Akira could only stand to listen to the sound for a moment before terminating the audio feed, and moments later the strange ship jumped back to hyperspace just as quickly and silently as it arrived.

When Bukah returned to the ships cockpit he asked if all the Bigger Berta’s indicators were a go, which Akira said they were, with neither he nor Nyla opting to tell Bukah exactly of what they had just seen.

On the third day of the journey however while eating dinner in the evening, Akira mentioned to Bukah that he had heard a spacer recently describing the sight that Akira and Nyla had in fact witnessed, not disclosing that it was he and Nyla who had seen it for themselves. In response Bukah recounted to them the tale of the Celestine, a reported all droid controlled and operated warship. Allegedly this ship was built with the most sophisticated droid brain ever built, but that on the day of it’s launch something unforseen happened, and the droid brain achieved a level of consciousness and awareness that no droid and maybe no sentient before had ever achieved. In that instant of discovery the vessel jumped into the depth of hyperspace to be lost forever with nothing onboard but it’s droid brain, speaking only to itself in a new language that it only it understood. Bukah claimed that some even said the vessel was in fact in communication with a higher intelligence that remained unknown to the rest of the galaxy, and that this intelligence or power guided the ships course and destination.

He added however that legend says that the ship will allow itself to be seen by sentients, only from a distance and almost always just as it’s about to jump into hyperspace. What’s worse, those who see it often meet a horrible dark fate shortly after witnessing the specter, and that most spacers consider it to be a bad omen.

Akira told Bukah that it sounded like a ridiculous legend, and asked if he himself believed it. Bukah assured them he didn’t, but both sensed he wasn’t entirely honest. Later on both Akira and Nyla began their nightly meditations, when Akira asked Nyla what she thought of the story, and if it indeed forewarned of bad things to come. Nyla responded simply that they had best continue their meditation.

The Welcoming to Aargau

Soon later back on Dantooine, Kalko, the twins, Dyneh, the Wookies, Aidan and Aidan’s new 3P0 unit prepared to leave for Aargau. Unfortunately, Traz explained to Kalko that the upgrades he had requested for the Emerald Eye were not yet complete. As a replacement, and as to not yet endanger Kalko’s new long term investment, Traz suggested that Kalko purchase from him the Blaster Bolt. The Bolt, like the Emerald Eye was a Ghtroc Class 720 freighter, was space ready at the moment and could handle itself in a skirmish. When Kalko asked why such a fine ship wasn’t in the service of the Danto-Express, Trax explained that it was because the Bolt had originally been intended to use as scrap parts for a fleet of 720 freighters, but that those plans had simply never materialized. Kalko agreed to Traz’s proposal, and team Besh departed in the Blaster Bolt before sunset that evening.

As with Akira and Nyla’s journey, their’s was uneventful save for one strange episode. Kalko was awaken one night to the sound of Elsae screaming. When he came to see what was the matter he found her sister Eldewn already comforting her, but Elsae mumbling that she could feel their cold, wet and slippery hands on all of them. A moment later Elsae was fine, and Eldewn assured Kalko this had happened before.

A flustered Kalko went back to sleep, wondering if like the time he’d heard from Akira she had foretold of their encoutner with the Navigator, that this episode too was foretelling things to come.

Kalko hoped it was nothing more than a nightmare.

Once they arrived on Aargau, their ship was processed in orbit and given permission to land after passing by a massive armoured space station in Aargau’s orbit. The Blaster Bolt landed as the sun was setting on the massive bustling coastal mountain metropolis of New Escgrow, and after a quick inspection by BAS Customs the vessel was deemed welcome for it’s stay. All onboard however were read the famous Statues of Aargau, and made to sign a form acknowledging that they understood and would abide by the following:

On Aargau these crimes are punishable by immediate execution.

1. The unlawful removal of precious metals.

2. The unlawful possession of weapons by non-citizens. (Conversely, it is unlawful for citizens to be unarmed.)

3. Willfully conspiring to defraud, discredit or deceive the Bank of Aargau.

All signed the form as needed, and then patiently waited inside their ship as Aiden stepped outside. After being processed at arrival and customs desk, Aidan exited the starport and, using part of the funds the Tarisian had provided for the operation, travelled to a high end cantina where he was able to make a hyperspace call to his friend Shad. After several attempts he was able to reach Shad on the planet Muunilist, where his friend proudly announced that he had in fact captured Mottheim. Mottheim pleaded with Aidan not to be angry, but to understand that he badly needed to raise funds for his expedition to Korriban, on account that despite the fact he had pledged to pay the party to ferry him to Korriban, he in fact had none. He had hoped he explained to gain enough acclaim and support with a massive find as the one the party described on Bodir to raise the funds to travel to Korriban eventually for the expedition he had been planning for years.

Aidan was deeply upset to hear that Mottheim was in fact broke, and asked that Shad keep him on Muunilist for the time being, and that they would travel to Muunilist to retrieve him in no more than a weeks time, and that Aidan would compensate his friend for his time and effort. After a Mandalorian exchange of goodbye’s Aidan ended the transmission, and headed back to the Blaster Bolt to wait with his friends for his part in the heist at Aargau to take place.

The Wealth of Spira

For their one night stay on Spira, team Aurek booked a penthouse suite for a week on a posh and high end elegant beach front hotel. After being fitted with the latest Core fashions and attire the two attended a massive wine and cheese swarrey on the beach to celebrate the launch of the annual Spira Regatta. While posing as a wealthy importer and his trophy wife, Akira and Nyla had no issue blending in with the crowd, and Akira in fact made friends with a wealthy Mon Calamari shipping magnate, who loved speaking with Akira so much that he gave him his merchants card, and told him he’d love to do business one day.

The two unfortunatly had to leave the party early when they spotted a familiar face who could identify them, Dyneh’s former employer Jakkar Qin. As the two left the party before Qin had spotted and recognized them, Akira speculated that whatever losses and embarrassment he suffered on Ando were, they couldn’t have amounted to much if he was still wealthy enough to be seen with this crowd, which Nyla agreed with whole heartily.

The next day Akira, Nyla, Krith and Beesix put the next phase of their plan into action. Akira went to the front desk and told them that he’d been called away suddenly on urgent business to Aargau, and though he would gladly pay for his entire week long stay at the hotel he had to leave early none the less. The hotel manager gladly offered to book Akira’s passage to Aargau himself, which Akira accepted.

The Heist at Aargau

A short twelve hour flight through hyperspace later on a high end luxury starship and the four arrived on Aargau. After being processed in the capital New Escgrow’s starport by the BSA Customs agents and read the Statutes of Aargau, and after catching a glimpse of the Blaster Bolt at the starport they rented a high end limosine to take them to where they learned the head offices and accounts of the Bank of Aargau were on Aarga, the massive citadel known as the IBC Arcology.

For fourty minutes neither Akira, Nyla, Krith or Beesix said a single word, riding silently in the repulsor-limosine along the one of a kind elevated highways of Aargau, whisping by the tops of towering skyscrapers and majestic mountain tops alike, yet Akira and Nyla both could hardly enjoy the spectacular views for the nervousness of the danger ahead of them. Both were forced to use every ounce of Jedi instinct and training to calm their nerves as they arrived at the massive pyramid shaped structure nestled high in a mountainous district of the Aargau capital. After sending a simple signal to the Blaster Bolt from his comlink to alert Aidan that they had arrived and he was to leave for the IBC Arcology now himself, all four entered the building.

Once inside the massive corporate headquarters they introduced themselves as Marek Corel and Selina Corel along with their solicitor and droid to a bank officer, wishing to speak with a manager regarding their extensive holdings in the bank. They were then greeted by an eager young manager who took them to his office, where Akira and Nyla began the next phase of their plan, revealing themselves to be officers of the Imperial Deposit Insurance Corporation here to conduct a surprise inspection of the banks assets. The manager’s mood quickly dampened as he imediatly notified his superior of the inspection.

Moments later the group was introduced to Korm Stomra, the executive in charge of holdings and assets. Stomra greeted the group, and after quickly viewing their doctored identification politely escorted them towards the central terminal for their banks massive computer, Dematrix. Along the way the group and Stomra were met by Kuri Stomra, the Bank of Aargau’s chief Imperial liaison and sister of Korm Stomra, who herself was upset that upon learning of an unannounced Imperial audit while she was giving a tour to an Imperial delegation from the planet Naboo, Nyla’s homeworld.

Nyla recognized the leader of the Imperial delagation, Governor Panaka, a war hero and champion of Naboo who’s exploits were well known to all the people of the otherwise peaceful world. As luck would have it the Governor was in a happy mood, and didn’t mind his tour being ended early if it was for official Imperial business. He politely greeted the group, wished them the best of luck, and went on his way with the rest of his entourage. Even luckier was that Nuri accepted the group’s doctored documents just as her brother had, though grew somewhat suspicious when Akira and Nyla both referred numerous times to the planet Coruscant, as opposed to the name Imperial Center which it had recently been renamed as.

Despite this cause for interest, both Kuri and Korm accepted the group for who they said they were, assuring them for the entire journey through the expansive interior of the IBC Arcology to the Dematrix terminal that they were happy to comply with Imperial audits and glad to please the Empire. Both Nyla and Akira could easily sense the annoyance at unwanted Imperial visits, but took such annoyances as a sign that their disguises were working.

Enter the Damatrix

The group soon reached the entrance to the Damatrix terminal, where after a thorough scan by the exterior independent security computer, and several rude exchanges in droidspeak between said security computer and Beesix, the group was admitted entrance.

Inside was a dark circular room with a moving display of a starscape along the circular wall. Once the group reached the middle of the room, a massive blue scan envelloped Krith and Beesix, who began conversing in computer languages as Akira and Nyla watched, hoping that for starters neither of them would tip off the massive and sophisticated computer that they were frauds, and second that Krith could upload the viral program without issue.

Krith and Beesix conversed for not even ten minutes, but in the dark terminal at the heart of the IBC Arcology Akira and Nyla felt hours had passed. Soon though the blue scan that enveloped both ceased, and Krith happily declared “All checks out commander”. Akira thanked Krith, keeping up the charade, and together the group left the terminal and greeted Korm and Kuri outside, informing them that they had gathered all the information they needed and that the Bank of Aargau had passed their inspection.

The Final Phase

As Akira, Nyla, Krith and Beesix were escorted back to the main entrance by a now relieved looking Korm and Kuri Stroma, Aidan’s and Eldewn’s own repulsor-limousine pulled up to the IBC Arcology, where he entered the massive pyramid structure and asked to speak with a manager, just as Akira and Nyla had.

When Aidan was shown to a manager of the bank he introduced himself as a wealthy exporter named Kyle Nita, who was here to close his half a billion credit account, an account that little did the bank manager know had just been created by Krith’s viral computer program to hold the Tarisan’s stolen money which was only transferred in minutes earlier. The manager examined Aidan’s credentials, all of which checked out accordingly, and with much disappointment to be loosing such a large client, the manager transferred the entire half a billion credit balance to a secured credit disk. When the manager asked Aidan why he was closing his account, Aidan explained that he had new clients that required him to deal with somewhat less regulated institutions. To Aidan’s surprise the manager tried to persuade Aidan to keep his money with the Bank of Aargau, telling him they could even aid him in dealing with these less regulated institutions, Aidan thanked him but declined, but placated the manager by telling him he would bring his business back one day in the future.

Meanwhile outside in the main lobby of the IBC Arcology, Akira sensed as they approached the exit, still being escorted by Korm and Kuri Stroma that they were being followed by plainclothes security, a fact Akira confirmed when he took a quick detour to the mens fresher. Upon exiting the fresher he confronted Korm Stroma, and used his IDIC persona to lambast the executive for having security follow him, threatening an official complaint from the home office on Imperial Center. Any doubts that either Korm or Kuri Stroma had quickly vanished after Akira’s well made threats, and Krom apologized if Akira was insulted.

In a remarkable feat of timing, both Aidan, Akira, Nyla, Krith, Beesix and Eldewn left the front doors of the IBC Arcology at almost the same moment. Aidan war sure to quietly signal Eldewn NOT to pull the lobby’s fire alarm as all had gone according to plan.

A Near Flawless Getaway

After leaving the Arcology in separate limo’s, and after switching vehicles in and underground parking lot in the capital’s financial district, the party reunited inside the New Escgrow starport.

While in the starport Akira, Nyla, Krith and Beesix still pretened to be in character, and were merely part of Marek Coral’s entourage, which just so happened to book passage on the ship chartered by fellow noble Kyle Nita, the Blaster Bolt. Once onboard the Blaster Bolt all charades were dropped, Akira and Nyla greeted their padawan’s once more and Krith transferred the Tarisian’s money to a previously created untraceable account where it would be safe from any investigator and ready for the Tarisian to access.

Akira took the helm of the Blaster Bolt, with Kalko serving as co-pilot, and together waited for their permission to take off, which they received without incident.

Soon the Blaster Bolt was lifting off into the setting sun of Aargau, with the party celebrating the successful retrieval of the Tarisian’s money without incident. Akira and Kalko themselves were recounting how nervous they had been during the operation, when Akira detected a missile launch targeting the Blaster Bolt itself.

He shouted to all onboard that he was taking evasive action, as he desperately tried to maneuver the ship out of the path of this sudden and unseen menace.



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