Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XX

Hostage of the Perlemian

The Crawl

error has been struck into the peaceful settlement of Ecumenopolis on the planet Dantooine, as one of our beloved heroes Akira Ben-Toshi has been kidnapped by the vengeful rogue Tyrnia Masak and her scoundrel bounty hunter allies.

Pandemonium has now erupted on their home base as the settlement’s citizens take up arms to fend off the encroaching bounty hunters. The party also must now consider that their actions and adventures have drawn too much of the galaxy’s attention to their adopted homeworld and that the secret of their location in hiding may now be out.

As Akira’s friends race against the clock to find and rescue their friend Akira himself may soon find his options few as he faces certain doom at the hands of the infamous bounty hunters the Perlemian Sirens seeking a substantial reward for capturing the wanted heroes…


Akira started to come too, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings. As his eyes began to focus as he willed them open, he could tell that he was tied well to a metal chair in what looked like a ships cargo hold. Yet as his hearing began to recover he could tell by the lack of noise from the ships engines that they were not running, and as he could still smell the Dantooine air he knew he was still on the ground.

Akira’s head throbbed painfully as if he had been struck several times, but still he was able to make out the conversation of two or more women in an adjacent room to where he was held. The women were arguing over him as it turned out, with one woman claiming that the other shouldn’t have given him a tranquelizer after Tyrnia had used the Force to put him to sleep. Another woman shot back that she had no idea how long the Force would have kept him asleep, and what sounded like a Gamorrean snorted with laughter. He also heard them discussing their surprise to find a Jedi’s lightsaber in Akira’s belongings, after they were told that there was only one Jedi in the “group” and that it was the purple haired girl.

It was then that one of the women leaned in to check on Akira, saw that he was awake, and shouted at the others for them to talk to Akira while they still could. It was then that Akira got his first good look at the women who had captured him. The first to enter the room was a dark haired woman in very short leather jacket and a very white tight shirt. The second woman to enter was a very tall humanoid, nearly Wookie height, in a white low-cut long and flowing dress with strange green skin and fire red hair. Akira thought to himself that these were a nice pair to be held hostage by, the fat Gamorrean that entered the room last however changed that line of thinking.

The three women then began interrogating Akira, the first woman, who the others called Neera demanded to know to had hired Akira and the “others” to perform the assassinations. When Akira didn’t know what they were talking about the green skin woman, who the others called Taldretha slapped Akira in the face with more force than he’d ever felt from a slap before. Soon Akira realized they were speaking of the assassination of Imperial Governor Craz Oduur on Ando. Akira pleaded with them that it was not he or his friends who’d killed the Governor, but rather they who had been framed. The women didn’t believe him, and asked him to explain the murder of three Stormtroopers as well as half of an Imperial consulate staff on Laponth. Akira didn’t know what to say to that, not knowing that anyone Stormtroopers had been killed, let alone a consulate staff.

Realizing that there was a legitimate danger, Akira used his Force powers of persuasion to get the women to let slip some information of their own. He learned that it was a strange Force wielding woman who had lured Akira out from the Renegade using Miss M’Row. This woman, though Akira had never met her was apparently framed by his friends for the destruction of the Hutt harvesting rig on Manaan. Akira also learned that this group of women called themselves the Perlemian Sirens, they were a combination gladiatorial pit fighting team as well as profesional bounty hunters, bounty hunters who had been on the trail of the party since the frame-up on Ando. It wasn’t until Tyrnia Masak found the team that they were able to help track them to Dantooine. The bounty as Akira learned for all their trouble was five million alive, and three million dead… a piece for each member of the party.

The plan of this bounty hunting team as Akira could devise was too kidnap them one person at a time, and then determine who had hired them to perform their assasinations so they could then sell that valuable information to the Empire. It was a sound plan as far as Akira could tell, aside from the fact that he and his friends were innocent and didn’t want to end up in an Imperial prison.

It was just then that Akira heard the engine of a speeder bike pull up a ramp and into another room of the ship, and a hurried and flustered young female Bothan ran into the room in a panic. She shouted to the others that the fat Rodian had foiled their ambush, and that Tyrnia had left to get to her own ship and had advised them to get offworld too, and to meet at the rendezvous with Akira. Neera ordered the Gamorrean, who she called Vulvugna to watch him as they get the ship into orbit.

One Man Escape

As the ships engines came to life Akira felt a voice speaking to him through the Force, it was Nyla, and she was trying to find him. Akira warned her through the Force that he was fine, and to NOT try to rescue him. He then broke his contact with Nyla as he knew he had only a brief moment at best to make his escape before they got offworld, at which point his chances of escape would greatly diminish.

Akira quickly called Vulvugna’s, getting the Gamorrean’s attention, then stretching out to the Force to tell her to sleep, which she did with a loud THUD. Akira then used a burst of Force fueled strength to break the chains that held him. He then quietly made his way to the engine room, where as fast as he could he broke off and damaged every component he could with his bare hands. Before ducking back into the hallways. When the Bothan woman, who the others called Karka ran back into the engine room along with a green S-19 astromech droid to see what was going on, Akira used the distraction to go to the room where he’d heard the women speaking from earlier.

There he found his shadowsuit, which he activated, and his lightsaber. When he heard Karka shouting to Neera that she’d found Vulvugna unconscious and that Akira had escaped, Akira knew he had to make his escape and now. With a burst of speed he ran for a large bay window in the ships hallways, he activated his lightsaber, broke the window open with his blade and leaped through, rolling and landing on the soft Dantooine tall grass. A quick look back showed Akira smoke coming from the ships engines, and in the distance through the clouds Akira heard the familiar sounds of the Renegade’s engines, he knew his friends were there to help him. Akira ran as fast as he could from the Siren’s ship, knowing he didn’t want to be anywhere near them once Aidan gave the order to fire.

When the Renegade emerged from the clouds her blasters came to life, unleashing a firey blaze onto the helpless ship still struggling to lift off the ground. Aidan disabled the ships already struggling engines with the ion cannon, Nyla their shielding, and Kalko their weapons. With their ship in flames and under heavy fire, the three conscious women had no choice but to flee their ship, carrying their unconscious friend Vulvugna with them.

The Renegade set down beside the now burning wreck of a ship, and the party exited with the twins Elsae and Eldewn, the Wookies Quaggo and Baccitcuk as well as the three Dantari Kiwa warriors. The four women offered no resistance, as Aidan informed them that they were now their prisoners until he got some straight answers from them.

Divides and Consequences

Aidan demanded to know where Tyrnia Masak was, to which Neera replied she had gone offworld already. Disappointed to hear this, Akira tried to tell the women that their only beef was with Jeyen, the strange man who had framed them for the Governor’s assassination on Ando and who the party believed was still trying to manipulate their fate even after all these months had passed. When the party couldn’t explain however to the women just WHO Jeyen was, WHERE he was doing this from and WHY he would want to frame them, they simply dismissed their claims. The green skinned woman Taldretha even tried to bite Akira, for which Kalko stunned her with his stun baton, which to Kalko’s surprise Taldretha seemed to enjoy.

After Nyla took Vulvugna into the Renegade for medical treatment to be stabilized, Neera told the party that they didn’t care about Jeyen, but would offer them all two-hundred and fifty-thousand credits if they were to let them go. Kalko told Akira and Aidan that they had no choice but to kill them, lest they warn others where they are and bring the Empire in looking for them as well. Aidan agreed. Taldretha simply closed her eyes and breethed heavily, Karka began weeping quietly while Neera stared silently, unblinking at Aidan through her darkened visors.

Akira objected, saying that the women were unarmed and had surrendered, and that it would be wrong to kill them now. Kalko countered that letting them go would be suicide, that they had already threatened his life and Miss M’Row’s life, and that they had to learn that there were consequences for threatening him.

Aidan could see the hostile rift forming between his two friends, and knew that a captain was responsible for solving this sort of conflict by meeting the two sides half way. He then suggested that they could maroon the women on a distant moon, Kalko rejected the idea, and chastised Aidan for changing his mind on killing their prisoners. Akira asked Nyla to join them back outside after she was finished treating Vulvugna, telling her sarcastically that she was needed to help them vote on whether or not to murder the prisoners, a statement that Kalko found flagrantly biased.

As Nyla joined them Neera spoke up again, telling the party that if they were to kill anyone it should be her, as she was their leader and it was her decision to accept Tyrnia’s offer in the first place. Kalko scoffed at her suggestion, though Aidan respected that she was a strong leader taking responsibility for her teams failure.

When Nyla joined the group outside she saw how shaken the twins were by this ordeal, and knew as Akira did that killing unarmed prisoners, though justified as Kalko claimed, would teach a dangerous lesson to the twins. Nyla agreed with Akira that their lives must be spared, asking if there was any other way they could guarantee that they wouldn’t tell the Empire where they were hiding. Akira then had the idea of taking them to the The Wise Old One the medicine woman of the nearby Kiwa village. Though Kalko and Aidan had never met the Old Wise One, they had heard of her from Akira and Nyla, and Aidan approved the plan to allow the Old Wise One to deal with the prisoners how she saw fit.

Kalko was greatly angered by this decision, telling Akira that he’d just made their lives all the more dangerous. He accepted the decision however, and retreated into the Renegade with Quaggo for a drink in the galley. While in the galley Quaggo assured Kalko that he had agreed with him that the prisoners should have been executed, and told Kalko the story of the Imperial backed slavers who had kidnapped his family from his native world, and how he would have no issue killing anyone who threatened his loved ones again. Kalko agreed, and the two friends shared a toast on that agreement.

The Veil of Truth

Akira and Nyla were able to load the prisoners into the Mud Hog, and headed off for the Dantarri Kiwa village where the Old Wise One lived. Before leaving Akira removed an important component from the Renegade’s engine in secret, one that would prevent it from flying faster than the Mud Hog, even in the air inside the atmosphere, just in case Kalko and or Aidan changed their minds and decided once again that the prisoners had to die.

By mid afternoon Akira and Nyla had made it to the village of Purok, home of the Old Wise One. After exchanging greetings with the guards to the village the two were allowed in with their padawans in tow. They were able to see the Old Wise One right away, who Akira commented to Nyla was looking more tired than usual, which made Nyla recall being told once that she may be reaching the end of her natural life span.

Inside the Old Wise One’s round hut she sat by a warm fire as she often did, and greeted Nyla and Akira and asked the twins to wait outside. With the prisoners kneeling before the Old Wise One Akira told their story, and how they had come to her so that she could determine what was needed to do. When pressed by the Old Wise One on if Akira would go agree with what she decided, even if Akira knew it to be wrong, Akira conceded that he would, which the Old Wise One scolded him for.

The Old Wise One the reached out to the Force, and with a wave of her massive paw the memory of the four women as why they were on Dantooine and who the party were was erased from their minds, or so Akira, Nyla and the Old Wise One hoped. Akira tried speaking with Neera, and indeed she had no recolection of the party or why she and her friends were on Dantooine. Nyla and Akira thanked the Old Wise One, who then asked that they take the women back to the Ecumenopolis and help them secure transport offworld, where they can live in peace. Akira and Nyla thanked the Old Wise One, and made their way back to the settlement with the twins and the Sirens.

Akira would later tell the women their ship had crashed on Dantooine and was a complete write off, but they had survived with only minor head injuries. Within the hour of arriving home Akira had booked passage for the women with his own funds, and the very confused but now grateful women thanked Akira and Nyla for their help and headed offworld for good Akira and Nyla hoped.

Before they rejoined the party however Nyla asked that Akira and the twins join her for a Farseeing attempt, this one however directed at Jeyen. Nyla explained that that this something she had put off for too long, party because she wasn’t sure if she could succeed in finding someone as powerful as Jeyen, but that their conversation with the Sirens had convinced her it needed to be done. Akira agreed, and he and the twins joined her under the setting Dantooine sun on the tall grass prairie for her attempt.

After igniting her lightsaber to help with her focus, Nyla stretched out to the Force, and soon saw a plant, a dark mass in the midst of a green nebula. Within the Nebula Nyla suddenly saw a face, the face of Jeyen, staring back at her through the Force across time and space. Nyla knew in an instant that he was looking at her as she looked at him. She tried speaking to him, demanding to know why he had done what he did, but the focused unemotional face simply looked back at her and said nothing. After a moment of this frustrating exchange the connection was lost, and the face disappeared from Nyla’s sight, and her focus was drawn back to the setting where she was. Neither Akira nor Eldewyn saw anything they said, though Nyla as always suspected that Elsae in fact had seen it all. In any event, Nyla explained what she had seen, before telling the others she was tired from the ordeal, and that they should head back home.

More Than a Smash and Grab

By early evening the Sirens of the Perlemian had left Dantooine, and Nyla, Akira and the twins rejoined the rest of the party in The Tarisian’s office at the Upper City Gem. There they found Aidan, Kalko, the Tarisian and the Wookies discussing how best to steal back the Tarisian’s half a billion credits long ago stolen by Frohm Gin’Dahl and his Separatist cohorts for the still unknown Outlander project.

What they knew for sure was that the money was held on the planet Aargau deep in the Core Worlds. The planet was one of if not THE banking hubs of the Core. Massive cities covered most of it’s surface, including the capital New Escrow with it’s towering sky scrapers and freeways laid thousands of feet in the air. Massive lakes and forests and oceans covered the remainder of the words surface, which was host to not only a massive Imperial presence but the Bank of Aargau Security.

This meant that a strict hit and run robbery was most likely out of the question, so new plans had to be drawn up. After the Tarisian remarked on the delicate financial situation of the Empire, Akira suggested that that could be their ticket in of itself. They would pose as Imperial auditors there to “evaluate” the banks liquidity, and while doing so transfer the credits offworld before the Bank of Aargau, the BAS or the Empire knew what happened.

While the party pondered this dilemma, Aidan used the Renegade’s computers remotely to post a private bounty on Tyrnia Masak.


Aiden, you are my HERO! Post that bounty on the those crazy semi hot kidnappers. Muahahaha, out smarted those non-violent Jedi. For MANDALORE!

Im loving the intra-party conflict. Akira sabotage of the ship, the Jedi vs the “rogues.” Good stuff.

Episode XX

@Reiko Indeed Aidan is a man that knows how the galaxy works, and at times knows how to make it work for him. The game just wouldn’t be the same without my favourite son of Mandalore:)

As for the intra-party conflict, there are to be sure different opinions and different approaches forming as to how to best deal with the current and unfolding situations. How they will play out in the long run still remains to be seen…:)

Episode XX

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