Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XV

Destiny's Paths

The Crawl

lthough the fiend NEGAS has slipped through our heroes fingers, he has been driven from the planet Manaan once and for all as our heroes have escaped from the world with their lives and riches in tow.

While on the Imperial planet of Aunap however, our heroes rescued two twin sisters from the clutches of the evil Galactic Empire, sisters with a powerful connection to the Force and a dark and mysterious past that may complicate the heroes fortunes yet again.

Arriving Dantooine our heroes now have a multitude of paths before them, as renegade Mandalorians, lost Wookie refugees, a perilous expedition and the ever lingering threat of Negas now stand to shape the very destiny’s of our heroes and decide the path they take into an ever more shrouded future.

A Modest Wookie Proposal

Having delivered the news concerning Professor Mothheim and his interest in Kalko’s book, Ssruzzz was now on his way back to the transport he charted the take him off world as Kalko caught up with his old business friend and colleague. After congratulating Kalko on the profitable sale of the ancient book, Ssruzzz took note of the large amount of Wookies he noticed in and around the Ecumenopolis settlement. Kalko paid little attention to the casual observation, until Ssruzzz pointed out how valuable Wookies were to Imperial and independent slavers these days. He went on to boast that he had briefly tried to get into the business of capturing Wookies to sell as slaves, but that the amount of paper work and the complicated Imperial bureaucracy to obtain a license to hunt Wookies on Kashyyyk were too much to take, and he had to get out of the business, cutting his losses in the process.

Kalko politely tried to change the subject, wanting no part in even the suggestion that the Wookies of Dantooine could be enslaved, but before parting ways with Ssruzzz his friend made one last comment to Kalko, that he wouldn’t be able to rely on ancient antique book sales forever to make ends meet. With that Kalko bid farewell to his friend, and Kalko set off for the Upper City Gem to take care of some more urgent business.

An hour later Kalko lay in his bed at his suite in the Upper City Gem, with Miss M’Row resting beside him. After discussing more personal issues Miss M’Row reminded Kalko that their employer, The Tarisian, despite how he may not let on is in fact very greatfull for the party and their efforts on Manaan and beyond. She also added that she’d learned of several plans he has in store for the player party, plans including a subtle revenge plot against Governor Jan Hontor for monopolizing the Kolto market, braking into a former CIS vault filled with untapped and unclaimed riches, and most importantly finding out the truth about Outlander, as an unconscious Frohm Gin’Dahl and Gurk still lay prisoner here on Dantooine.

Kalko agreed that those were interesting ideas, and agreed that the party had grown very rich and successful in their brief time with the Tarisian. Yet he decided that for the time being he wouldn’t tell M’Row about the plan the party had in store for the Tarisian.

Through the Living Force

After discussing the situation on Bodir with Granzawaroo and Koturawa, Dyneh came to Akira and asked to speak with him. After pulling himself aside from the conversation, Dyneh apologized for how she’d acted on the Renegade, saying that she herself couldn’t understand why she’d been so emotional as of late. Akira told her not to worry about it, choosing not to simply explain her state away as the wild emotions of a pregnant woman. He did tell her that he’d ensure that nothing happened to her or their baby and that both mother and child would be safe.

On that note Dyneh asked Akira if he could use his “Jedi Powers” to tell if the baby was okay, confessing that she herself had been brought up to believe the Jedi were warrior witch cultists who drained hard earned tax-payer credits in their role as quasi-galactic police. Akira understood her parents view on Jedi, as it was a common perception for many in the galaxy about an order few understood. As for the baby, Akira could indeed sense the life inside of Dyneh, and it seemed as best he could tell to be healthy. Yet he admitted he couldn’t yet tell if it were a boy or a girl.

The Man on Bespin

Shad Raal passed Aidan a Mandalorian datapad which he said contained the information Aiden would need to search for the elusive Dar’Manda Arpat and their former brother in arms Darr Lannik who had now joined her ranks of renegade Mandalorians. Shad warned Aiden that before travelling to the remote ice world of Hoth where it was believed Dar’Manda’s base was located he had best make contact with the mysterious informant who brought the possible whereabouts of Dar’Manda to the Mandalorians in the first place, an individual named Dispak located on the planet Bespin.

Shad then asked Aiden when he could expect to leave for Bespin, to which Aiden replied he would have to speak to his crew first and come to a consensus. Shad was disappointed to hear this to say the least, and let Aiden know his disappointment. He told Aiden he would have to now return to Mandalorian Space with the Protectors, and that he should contact him right away when Aiden received “permission” from his crew to finish the job he’d been hired for.

After bidding his old friend farewell, Orn Syndulla came to see Aiden, and took him on a tour of the improvements made in and around Ecumenopolis relating to the defense plans Aiden had helped draw up. Two large repulsor trucks provided by the brothers Krassk and Tal-Got now held a massive laser canon and ion canon and acted as mobile anti-aircraft batteries. The new giant targeting computer jamming array was being buried underground atop a nearby hill, high quality shield generators from the downed Citadel-Class cruisers were being distributed throughout the settlement’s vital areas, and a brand new fortified and durasteel barracks for the fledgling defense and police force was being constructed over the ruins of the old constabulary headquarters.

Aiden was quite impressed with the work done in so little time, but advised Orn that much still needed to be done. Orn agreed, and offered to show him a drill simulating a mock-raid on the settlement using volunteer militiamen from the settlement, an offer Aiden accepted with great interest.

Which of the Paths Serves Us Best?

Later that day the party convened once again inside the Renegade to discuss what to do next. Umdat was sure to give Nyla a great big hug and tell her how glad he was to see her safe okay, and he even tried to introduce himself to the twin sisters, though neither of them gave him their names. After which Umdat went right to work preparing a hot cup of eeffoc for the party, as the ships on-board auto-chef refused to make eeffoc for Akira as it had heard Akira called him junk the day before.

After eeffoc was served the party met in the ships galley to discuss what to do next, with so many options before them but with many threats and responsibilities begging to be considered as well. Akira spoke first, telling the party about the offer of possible plight of the Wookies on the agricultural settlement on Bodir deep in the Unknown Regions. Aiden was hesitant to accept the offer initially as the Wookies were unable to pay them any credits and such an operation could end with heavy costs incurred. Akira however caught the party’s attention by telling of the promise of one or more Wookie life-debt’s, a bond where a Wookie rewards an individual for whom they are greatfull with a lifetime of servitude. As Akira explained, a Wookie life-debt cannot be measured in credits, and could be invaluable in future combat. Akira also warned though of the dangers of the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, the famed and infamous portion of the galaxy that every spacer knew was full of uncharted danger at every corner, where few if any had ever returned from.

Kalko pitched his idea next, explaining that he’d just sold an antique book he’d acquired on Ando and now the buyer, Professor Monheim of the University of Byblos and his request that the party ferry him to a previously lost planet on an archeological expedition for five million credits. The party agreed the offer of money was good, but it was oddly high for such a mission. Kalko explained he would demand half of the credits up front, but agreed there was something suspicious with the professor. The party agreed to look into this expedition, but that it would not be their next job.

Aiden spoke next, telling the party of the new information on the renegade Mandalorians and the contact on Bespin they would first have to seek. Kalko, Akira and Nyla agreed that as they had agreed to this job they should complete it sooner than later, but Akira wisely pointed out that a life indebted Wookie or more would be exactly what they need for a mission that could end up in a firefight with fanatic Mandalorians. Aiden agreed that potentially getting a Wookie on their figurative payroll could only be a good thing, but used that to lead into a growing concern of his, the state of the Renegade and the the growing “family”.

Aiden explained that he didn’t buy the ship and hire Akira a year ago to turn it into a nursery, and yet with Dyneh pregnant and two young women now on board, that was exactly what it was becoming. Nyla tried to explain that saving the twins was the right thing to do, but Aiden countered that after a day they were still uncooperative, and that they didn’t even know the girls names. Nyla conceeded, and asked the one sister who spoke the most their names. The one answered reluctantly that her name was Eldewn, and that her sister, the silent one was named Elsae. Eldewn then began asking the party questions of her own, questions about who they were and what they do for a living. After Akira explained their employment with the Tarisian and the jobs they’d done in the past, Eldewyn commented that they sounded like Thugs, which Akira agreed with but Aiden took issue with. This lead to a long and lengthly argument between Akira and Aiden over the nature of their jobs, which eventually lead to Eldewn leaving the galley in disgust without either noticing. Nyla though followed the girl soon after.

A Masters Pupils

When Nyla entered the quarter the twins had used after regaining conciousness, she discovered Eldewn looking at an Imperial holonet site. Nyla expressed alarm at this, wondering if the twins themselves could be Imperial agents, but Eldewn explained to Nyla that the site she was looking at was an Imperial wanted list, one featuring a recently slain Jedi Knight named Ofar Tan-Doov who like Nyla was, or had been a fugitive from Imperial justice. Nyla looked at the notice for the recently slain Knight, reading that he was implicated in the deaths of countless Imperial Stormtroopers, and that he was also Eldewn’s and her sister’s master.

She explained that their parents had died just after the end of the Clone Wars, and that they had been living on the streets of their homeworld fleeing the warlord and gangster who had killed their parents. It had the fugitive Jedi Ofar Tan-Doov who had found the two, protected them as best as he could all the while trying to teach them to better control their powerful connection to the Force. Eldewn went on to tell Nyla of many of their adventures together with Tan-Doov, leading up to their ship being pursued to Aunap where they came under attack. It had been Tan-Doov who had literally thrown the twins into an escape pod and launched it as the ship exploded, and that though the loss of the man who had helped them so much hurt both sisters, it was Elsae who had taken the loss worst of all, as Eldewn felt she was closer and this was why Elsae hadn’t spoken once since his death.

Nyla sat beside Eldewn and shared her own story of loosing her master in the Jedi Purge, and felt if only for a short while that evening as all the others argued and fought that she may have begun to truly connect to Eldewn.

For She Couldn’t Do It Alone

Early the next day Nyla borrowed the Mud Hog from the Renegade, and began preparing it for a journey to see The Wise Old One, the only person who she could trust to advise her on how to deal with the twins and their future. Akira heard her and asked if he could join her too, as now that he was trying to continue his training as a Jedi he felt that this mentor to Nyla could possibly help him as well. Nyla agreed, and both agreed that the twins had best come as well so that the Old Wise One could see them for herself.

Both girls were silent on their journey to the Dantari village, and both said nothing still as they made their way through the wooden stockade wall and walked through the village of mounds and longhouses, it was only as they approached the roundhouse of the Old Wise One that either Nyla or Akira truly sensed the curiosity of the girls peak, as they too could sense her powerful presence in the Force no doubt.

Inside the roundhouse Akira reacted just as Nyla had more than a month ago when she first saw the Old Wise One, confused and puzzled as to what the Old Wise One was exactly, and how it could teach anyone anything, let alone speak. As before however she spoke to all through the Force, and all could understand her with ease. Nyla introduced Akira and the twins, and Akira explained his past and why he wanted to learn the ways of the Force again after abandoning his teachings so long ago.

The Old Wise One asked Nyla and Akira to wait outside while she spoke to the twins alone. The two obliged, and an hour later were asked to come back into the roundhouse, where the twins were now asked to wait outside. Now alone, the Old Wise One asked the two what they intended to do with the twins. With only a brief pause, both Nyla and Akira explained that they intended to take on the twins as students, and teach them the ways of the Force while learning themselves. The Old Wise One asked why they couldn’t be left alone on their own, to which Nyla explained it was too dangerous given their state of mind, their growing power and the fear in their hearts. The Old Wise One agreed, saying that the twins were indeed in a vulnerable period of their learning, that they knew a great deal but were ignorant of much still, and that if left to their own accord they could easily fall into darkness never to be saved again.

The Old Wise One’s attention turned to Akira, and asked him to explain why he now wishes to take on a student after turning his back on the ways of the Jedi, to which Akira replied that his master had told him too, recounting the once puzzling and cryptic messages that his master had spoken to Akira. The Old Wise One persisted, asking Akira if he was up to the challenge. When Akira said he would try the best he could, the Old Wise One in an instant reared up on her feet, and stood face to face looking down at Akira, warning him that for the path he was about to take he had best do better than “try”. Akira said nothing in return.

The Old Wise One then produced a large empty bottle, the same one Nyla had practiced with not too long ago, and asked Akira if he could do what Nyla had tried to do as well, empty the bottle of all air and elements using the Force leaving only a vacuum behind, then with the Force again fill it only with pure oxygen before using the Force to put a stopper on the bottle. Over the course of an hour Akira tried his best, but like Nyla was unable to produce a pure oxygen filled bottle at the exercises end. The Old Wise One told Akira not to worry, that as long as he continued to make the attempt and strive to improve himself, he would be on the right path.

The Old Wise One asked the twins to re-enter, and told them that they would no be the students of Akira and Nyla, with Akira teaching the silent Elsae, and Nyla teaching the strong willed Eldewn. With that Akira and Nyla thanked the Old Wise One, and with their new students in tow they headed home for Ecumenopolis. Along the way home Nyla asked Akira what he thought should be the party’s next mission, to which Akira mentioned how he and Aiden had talked about perhaps investing in the Tarisian’s Bodir operation once they re-established contact with the settlement, that way the party could even share in the profits. It was an intriguing idea to be sure Nyla thought.

A New Set of Partners

Akira, Nyla and the twins arrived just in time to join Kalko and Aiden for a meeting with the Tarisian, a meeting where their future with the Tarisian would be agreed upon. When Akira asked as they headed into the meeting what Aiden was leaning towards, Aiden simply said that he had the perfect solution to their situation.

Once inside when the Tarisian asked the party if they had accepted his offer of a six month contract of employment, Aiden explained that they had a better idea for their mutual futures. The party would invest half of the three million they took from the Hutt’s on Manaan and invest it in the Tarisian’s operations.

The Tarisian was surprised by this agreement, as was Miss M’Row who was busily taking notes on the meeting. The Tarisian inquired what motivated Aiden to make this proposal, to which he replied that he and the party wanted two things in their lives now that were still eluding them, a truly long term stable form of employment and a place to safetly put the considerable amount of credits they had accumulated in their month with the Tarisian, and that this plan would provide both.

Akira sensing where Aiden was going, added that this would guarentee for the Tarisian that the player party would remain here on Dantooine for the immediate future, as they now had a vested interest in his operations based on the planet. It also meant that they would be able to respond to problems in his operations elsewhere, as they would also have a vested interest in making sure those operations succeeded.

The Tarisian looked long and hard at each member of the player party, and confessed that he hadn’t been expecting an offer like this, and that he wasn’t sure he was in the need of new investment partners. Kalko explained that the stability of the galaxy was only getting worse, no matter that the Empire claimed. Having the player party as partners would mean he’d have a solution at the ready whenever a problem arises, no matter where the problem was in the galaxy. The Tarisian nodded, and with further negotiations an agreement in principal was reached. In exchange for the one and a half million credits, the player party would be given allowed to buy a five percent stake in ten of the Tarisian’s most profitable operations throughout the galaxy. The party agreed, and Kalko, Aiden, Akira and Nyla all shook hands with the Tarisian, they’re new business partner.

Into the Unknown

With their deal agreed upon in principal, Aiden explained that it would be best for the party to head to Bodir as soon as possible, as this itself was a profitable operation, one that they could easily invest in once communication with the wayward settlement was re-established. The Tarisian agreed, boasting that at it’s height they could clear hundreds of thousands of credits a week, with quarterly profits in the millions.

The party agreed that Bodir was where they would head next. Aiden and Akira delivered the good news to the Chieftan Granzawaroo andKoturawa, and the entire village of Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk burst into celebration. A spontanious feast was held that night in honor of the player party who had agreed to come to the aid of their fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters on the remote world.

Chieftan Granzawaroo then presented the party with Quaggo and Baccitcuk, two of the finest Wookie berserker’s their village had produced, each of which had family on Bodir they were anxious to make contact with again. The party eagerly welcomed them into the group for their journey.

Later that night, with the Renegade loaded with supplies for their journey, the player parties said their goodbye’s to their friends on Dantooine. Kalko bid farewell to Miss M’Row, after she was able to get the name and contact information for him from Traz Nunb for a local starship dealer which Kalko was in the market for. Krith Nosix thanked the party for saving his life on Manaan, but explained that he was now needed elsewhere by the Tarisian, and the party thanked him in return. Nyla said goodbye to Umdat, promising him she would be back soon, and Dyneh told Akira that she thought it would be best if she stayed on Dantooine for the time being. The Tarisian promised Akira she would have access to his personal physician and the best treatment possible, for which Akira thanked the Tarisian.

With the goodbyes said one last tribute was made by the Wookie’s, a dozen pregnant females all lit a candle for the player party, in hopes that they would deliver their mates home to them safely. With the candle offering complete the Renegade took off into the Dantooine night sky, and made the jump for hyperspace towards the great Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

It was a long and perilous journey to Bodir, with the Renegade having to make several stops along the way to find the only known route in Hyperspace to the remote world. Nebulas, spinning pulsars, and collapsing stars all made for a wondrous fourteen day journey. The only truly bizzare event happened the night before their arrival at Bodir’s coordinates. Akira, and Akira alone was awakened late at night by the tortured screams of Elsae, who no one else seemed to hear. When Akira rushed to her side he found the young woman sitting upright in bed covered in sweat with a horrible look of fear in her eyes. When he asked her what was wrong, she merely said that “I saw into his mind… it was so twisted”. Her trance then seemed to brake, and she had no memory of screaming or saying a single word at all. Akira was puzzled by this, but left her to go back to sleep, hoping it meant nothing at all.

The next day the party and their guests gathered on the bridge level of the Renegade to witness their arrival at the planet Bodir. When they entered the star system of their destination, Akira disengaged the Hyperdrive, revealing a horrifying sight. Before them lay the planet Bodir, a lifeless grey rocky mass, not the tropical blue and green world they had expected. The planet’s crust was cracked and broke, and the world’s molten core glowed through the shell of the world like a golden glow against the black of space. All around rocks and asteroids flew past the Renegade, as the ships proximity alarm went off warning them of the field of asteroids they had just arrived in.

Sw do d renegade arrives at bodir 2 11

The Renegade arrives over the ruined remains of the once tropical world of Bodir.


In regards to the last illustration used in this recap, the scene depicting the arrival of the player party over Bodir, I must credit the amazing digital artist Ryan Bliss and his website Digital Blasphemy, where in 2007 he created a space based wallpaper named Crucible. This image was so inspiring that upon seeing it I was inspired to write this adventure my party now finds themselves mired in.


This session truly suits the title Destiny’s Paths. I can’t help but think that having a Padawan will help Nyla work even harder towards becoming a Jedi Knight.

Episode XV

Great adventure! Wow, the party certainly has allot on their plate at the moment, don’t they. I’m curious to see what the future holds for these new twin force users. And what happened to those poor Wookies?! Guess I’ll have to read on huh?


Episode XV

Why thank you there Arsheesh, this was a story arc I’ve been planning since 2008, and I have to say that I’m quite well pleased with how it all unfolded. I had hoped to have more illustrations made to accompany this session and the next one, hopefully I’ll still be able to get a few made.

In the mean time thanks again for the kind words, I’m never sure if these recaps are being read or if their lengths tend to frighten readers off. So I’m glad to know at the very least I have one reader!!

Episode XV

Hey don’t fear they are being read. I wait to see how it goes everytime. My adventure logs are quite long too, so no complaints here!

Episode XV

Very good points Rusty, your kind words are much appreciated!

Episode XV

I can certainly identify with your concern that the length of the write up might stifle the casual reader (like you and Rusty I tend to write long adventure logs as well) but I must say that anyone who takes the time to read just one of your logs will want to come back for more; as far as adventure logs go yours are just excellent!


Episode XV

Thank you Arsheesh. It really does mean a lot to me that gamers that I respect so much such as yourself and Rusty appreciate the recaps. I have to admit I have a bit of catching up to do on your AoL recaps, but as you said I’m never sorry when I take the time to read them as they’re always leaving me wanting more!

Episode XV

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