Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XIV

The Lights of Aunap

The Crawl

heir fierce resolve and the Force on their side, our brave heroes have soundly defeated the dreaded Hutt’s of the planet Manaan and secured victory for their employer, THE TARISIAN.

The arrival of the evil IMPERIAL GOVERNOR JAN HONTOR has changed the situation however, as now our heroes are forced to prove their loyalty to the EMPIRE, and do so by killing their deadly rival and Hutt assassin NEGAS, a fiend who nearly defeated them once before.

Setting out in pursuit of NEGAS in the hopes of ending his threat once and for all, our heroes remain unaware that the unending upheaval of the Force threatens to change their lives once more…

In Pursuit of Negas

The player party descended on the seedy area of Ahto City where the Deep Diver Cantina laid, the former lairs of the Hutt crimelords King Larngo and King Duumba. The city had been mired in unrest since the day before when a plan by the party’s deadly foe Negas started a riot that now spanned the city. They now hoped that they would easily find Negas waiting for them back in the very Cantina where they first met him only days before.

Imperial forces from the 416th Legion had quelled some of the violence, but the blocks where the Deep Diver resided were still in the grip of chaos.

After leaving Krith Nosix, Dyneh Lonin, and the droids LE-747 and R4-B6-3 behind on the Renegade, the player party opted to steal an airspeeder as per Akira’s suggestion to get to the Hutt’s cantina by air. After circling the cantina the player party spotted a Light Hutt Starfighter, the very starfighter Negas had been piloting earlier in the day. The party landed on the roof of the Cantina and Akira examined the starfighter close up, looking for booby traps. After finding none, the party agreed that steeling Negas’s means of escape was a good idea, not to mention the 30,000 to 40,000 credits a used Light Hutt Fighter was worth. Akira opted to break into the starfighter and pilot it to a nearby roof in case Negas tried to make a quick escape with it, but shortly after getting inside Akira triggered a hidden bomb, which detonated an instant after Akira lept clear of the cockpit. Akira survived unscathed, but the fighter was destroyed.

Sw do d hutt starfighter explodes on akira 12 10

Akira narrowly escapes certain doom from the exploding starfighter.

Unfased by the setback, and noticing that several roof top mounted blaster sentries had been removed from the roof by a skilled hand, the player party broke into the cantina, now devoid of the Gamorrean guards that protected it. Inside the party found Negas moving boxes by himself out the front door of the cantina.

Once Negas became aware of the party on the balcony above him, he confidently offered a truce to the player party in exchange for the return for the three million credits they stole. Akira jokingly accepted the offer, before throwing an adhesive grenade at Negas down below. The grenade impacted Negas who became bonded to the floor below, yet the prone Nautolan was still quick enough to dodge the blaster shots of Aiden Dyre and Kalko the Colossal.

Negas then surprisingly activated a remote switch in his hand, and he dropped down into a massive trap door beneath him along with the floor he had been stuck to, disappearing from the player party’s sight altogether.

After a few moments deliberation, the party agreed that they needed to chase Negas no matter what, and they followed him down into the dark hole. The party were wisked down a winding wet slide in the dark and thrown out into a massive dark underground cavern in three feet of water. Across the cavern no more than thirty meters away. The Nautolan though quickly disapeared behind a fast closing blast door, soon followed by a blast door closing at the slide that lead the party into the cavern. It was then that Aiden realized that Negas had lead the party right into his trap.

Negas’s voice then came over a loud speaker in the dark cavern, claiming that the player party had only served to complicate an already complicated situation since their arrival. Negas also claimed that the party ruined a very good job with the Hunto Pawa for him, but that he would at least respect the party a little bit more if they were still alive in five minutes. Negas added that he’d hoped to use this last resort sooner on the party, but that it was never to late to be able to say “RELEASE THE DRAKOTT”!!.

The Drakott Unleashed

The player party heard a great rumbling sound from below, as if a massive underwater gate was opening. A second later a wave of water rushed up from below on the opposite end of the cavern, and a monsterous aquatic beast, red with spines on it’s back, flesh tearing teeth in it’s gaping maw, and razor sharp claws between webbed fingers rose from the depths on it’s hind legs standing ten meters high, and let out a horrific cry. The Drakott stared down at the party.

Sw do d the drakott unleashed 12 10

The player party beholds the beast known as the Drakott before them.

The player party unleashed their blasters upon the beast, with Aiden scoring the most damaging hit, and drawing the attention of the beast. With an unbelievable force of strenth the Drakott slapped Aiden to the ground, crushing him and pinning him underneath the water. Akira shot at the beast as it was focussing on his friend of many years, but he only suceeded in drawing it’s attention to himself. The Drakott then took a snapping bite Akira, wounding him gravely as Aiden rose to his feet to continue shooting at the monster.

Nyla meanwhile stretched out into the Force to attempt to trick the creature by making it turn away and leaving them alone. It seemed confused by the complex instructions Nyla was sending it at first, but Nyla simplified her command to the word “flee!”, and with some confusion and puzzlement, the beast ended it’s attack on the party and retreated to the depths of the water on the other side of the cave.

After a moment had passed and the party was sure the threat was over, Aiden used his rocket pack to fly across the room to examine the blast door Negas had escaped through. While Aiden held Akira up in the air while hovering in his rocket pack, Akira was able to use his lightsaber to cut through the blast door in almost 20 minutes, an impressive feat for Akira as he had not used his lightsaber in so many years.

Sw do d aiden helps akira with the lightsaber 12 10

Akira is aided in using his lightsaber by both Aiden and Aiden’s rocketpack.

The player party crawled up and through the whole in the blast door just as the Drakott changed its mind and tried to attack them once more, but missing them as the player party escaped through the blast door just out of it’s long arms reach and returned to the surface above, still on the hunt for the elusive Negas.

The Hunt Resumed

The party soon found in the midst of the riots two Nautolan spacers dying of recent blaster wounds on the ground, one of which only muttering that it was a crazy Nautolan with a blaster who shot them and stole their landspeeder and then drove off towards the old small starport in the city’s south west before succumbing to his wounds.

With the two witnesses dead, the party then boarded their own airspeeder and hurried off for the old small starport, hoping to catch Negas before he finally made it off world and evaded the player party again.
Sw do d huk captain gives akira an idea 12 10

Kalko gets a lucrative idea from talking to the Huk captain.

Shortly later the party arrived at the small starport, where a Huk captain and his crew herded a long line of anxious citizens waiting in line onboard his light stock freighter. When asked what was going on the Huk captain explained that all day streams of spacers and outlanders and even some fed up locals from Ahto City had been trying to get offworld ahead of the Imperial occupational force, and that these anxious offworlders and locals were more than happy to pay whatever the cost in the process.

After learning of the Huk captain using his ship to generate quick credits off of scared sentients the player party knew right away what must be done. Akira immediatly ordered R4 and LE to pilot the Renegade to their position immediately and begin charging 12,000 credits a head for passengers to get off of Manaan, just like the Huk captain.

As their mutual ships began loading up Akira and Kalko inquired with the Huk captain if he had seen Negas, which the captain replied that he had, adding that Negas had shown up just as a Naboo Freighter was preparing to leave the port with a full load of passengers. The Huk captain further explained how at first the Naboo Freighter’s captain refused to let Negas onboard, as his hold was full of passengers and was about to close it’s loading ramp, to which Negas shot a male passenger in the head with his blaster, calmly stating afterwards that there was now an “open seat” for him. After that the Huk captain explained Negas boarded the freighter with it’s now terrified passengers, and took off for hyperspace. When asked about where the freighter was likely going, the Huk captain replied to Aunap, as it was the closest major planet where a ship could unload passengers without causing too many problems. They also learned from the Huk captain that the Naboo Freighter only had a Class 2 Hyperdrive, only half as fast as the Renegade’s Class 1 Hyperdrive, leaving them at least four hours ahead of Negas’s arrival at full speed. The party was now confident that Negas was within their grasp at last.

As the party had to travel to Aunap anyways, it was decided that Aunap was where they had to head to head off Negas. So with 19 passengers in towe the party boarded the Renegade and left Ahto City and jumped to hyperspace, seeing Manaan fast disappear behind for what they hoped would be the last time.

On the way to Aunap

Upon boarding the Renegade the party realized much to their chagrin that there were stormtroopers onboard, ones sent by Governor Hontor to insure the party didn’t abandon the hunt for Negas. Though intrusive, and annoying in that they kept asking questions about why there were now 19 passengers on board, Kalko was able to get the troopers to give up a trove of information on Aunap.

For starters he learned that all incoming starships and vessels had to land in the starport in Hontor City to be processed, no matter where on the planet their destination was. Second Kalko learned that even though the population of Hontor City in the north east of the planet’s continent was very pro-Imperial, there were scattered settlements around an abandoned city in the south western desert which were a hub of illegal crime and smuggling. The trooper explained that if Negas was going to find safe haven with some of his fellow scum and villainy on Aunap, it would certainly be in those desert settlements.

Meanwhile Dyneh became furious with Akira when she saw how badly hurt he’d been in the fight with the Drakott. Dyneh demanded to know the details of what happened, though Akira did his best to sidestep the gruesome facts as to not upset her further. His plan failed though, and Dyneh later confronted Nyla demanding to know what happened to Akira and if that sort of damage that he took was common in his line of work with the Tarisian. Nyla tried to reassure Dyneh that she’d always been able to attend to Akira right away when he’s been hurt, but decided against telling Dyneh about the many times Akira passed unconscious due to his injuries.

Sw do d dyneh confronts nyla over akira 12 10

Nyla tries her best to reassure Dyneh that Akira wasn’t in too grave danger.

Later on Akira found Dyneh in the cargo hold with the other passengers, where she confided to him that her parents, both being intellectuals hated the Jedi Knights and all that they stood for, and how they thought it was rediculous that in this day and age the Republic should be funding an order of sorcerers and witches with taxpayer money. Dyneh added that she didn’t quite feel as strongly, and didn’t hate Akira for being a Jedi, but was simply confused with everything since she found out she might be pregnant. Akira let Dyneh rest her head on his shoulder, not saying another word on the journey to Aunap.

An Imperial Planet

The Renegade shortly there after came out of hyperspace, and was ordered as expected to land at the central starport in Hontor City for processing. The party did so, flying over the crisp and clean thriving city in the low lying of lands in the shadows of a massive mountain range.

The city itself was something right off of Coruscant, or Imperial Center as it was now called, albeit on a much smaller scale of less than half a million people at most. The starport was as advanced and well equipped as any the party had seen, and freshly built towering statue of none other than the Emperor himself made it clear this was beyond a doubt an Imperial planet.

After landing the Renegade was soon visited by two inspection teams, one from the Imperial Space Ministry and one from the dreaded Bureau of Ships and Services, or BoSS as it was known. The young and eager Imperial inspector and his team were mostly concerned with checking the ship for contriband and illegal cargo, which they found none, and soon after certified the Renegade as ministry approved and permitted the updating of it’s astrogational information. The Boss inspector, a short and portly Bith however was less easily pleased. At first he simply demanded to see Aiden’s Captain’s Accredited License, the Renegades Ship’s Operating License and it’s Arms Load-Out Permit, all of which checked out. Soon however he took notice of the 19 passengers waiting to disembark on Aunap in the ships hold, to which he demanded to see the ships Passenger Faring License which would allow ship of the Renegades size to take on more than 15 passengers.

Aiden and Akira knew this was a problem, as they had no such permit and were sure that this could cost them a Class Four ImPeRe violation. Worse even, they knew it could lead to the Empire finding out their true identity’s as wanted fugitives. Kalko was quickly on the case however, making a passionate and beautiful plea that the crew of the Renegades were just doing their duty as good Imperial citizens in transporting these tired and terrified refugees from a crumbling alien planet to a bright Imperial and just world.

Sw do d kalko cons the bo ss and im ps 12 10

Kalko and Akira make their impassioned pleads on behalf of their passengers.

The speech certainly moved the inspector from the Space Ministry, especially with the added help from Akira. The BoSS inspector was less impressed however, and with a single question to a passenger of how much they paid, shot back at Kalko that he knew these were passengers and not refugees, and therefore subject to Bureau licencing restrictions.

The ministry inspector however suggested to the Bith BoSS inspector that they could issue a one time only Passenger Faring License, in exchange for a fair personal benefit fee, which Aiden knew meant a bribe for both men. Aiden paid off both men 10,000 credits each, and after the passengers disembarked and their Stormtrooper companions left to check in with their home base, the Renegade left the city to find the Tarisian’s friend Tan Rybar in the deserts of the south west, all the while having Krith monitor Imperial space traffic control for the arrival of Negas’s freighter, which they would pounce on immediately.

The Falling Lights

Not to long later the party flew high and fast over the ruined city of Zhellland. The city was an eye catching spectre, an abandoned ruin of a city, perhaps once as beautiful as Hontor City but now mostly swallowed by a creeping desert. The party could make out the odd figures walking about the ruined city, but for the most part it was a true ghost town.

About thirty kilometers away the Renegade set down in the soft grass on the ranch of Tan Rybar, a heavy set portly bearded human who along with some workers greeted the party when they set down. After exchanging pleasantries and greetings, Aiden felt that Tan was a reasonable person who despite living on an Imperial world held no love of the Empire, as the Stormtrooper earlier had warned of people living in this region of Aunap.

Sw do d renegade lands at tan rybar s ranch 12 10

The crew of the Renegade shake hands with Tan Rybar on his Aunapian Ranch.

Using the Mud Hog to move the signal jammer in pieces, the party was able to load the entire signal jammer into the Renegade’s cargo bay in less than an hour, but still no sign of the Naboo Freighter with Negas on board could be detected by Krith. Aiden began killing some time with Tan, discussing the previous owners of the signal jammer and why they had to sell and such. Yet suddenly Tan’s attention was drawn to the twilight sky, where he exclaimed “What the Hells is that”? Aiden and the party turned to look up, and saw in orbit an old Consular Cruiser high in orbit, but being fired violently upon by a Venator-Class Star Destroyers. The party barely had time to gasp before the cruiser seemed to explode, leaving nothing behind but the victorious Star Destroyer. Suddenly however a streak of light split the sky begining from where the cruiser had exploded, and fly across the horizon disappearing out of sight.

Sw do d skirmish over aunap 12 10

Tan and Aiden observe the Consular Cruiser as it explodes and a single object fall from it to the ground below.

More remarkable however, both Nyla and Akira sensed a powerful Force presence from this streak of light.

Akira was able to guess at how far away the object, likely an escape pod from the looks of it had landed. Tan offered 15,000 credits for the reckage of the pod of the spot if the party could retrieve it before the Empire did, citing the possibility that if it was an Imperial cruiser, its computer banks may hold valuable data he could sell to the highest bidder.

In a flash the party had boarded the Renegade again, and had taken off for the crash cite hundreds of miles away. R4 had calculated that the pod had crashed a few kilometers off the south western coast of the continent, behind a massive mountain range. Using his piloting skills Akira flew only a few meters above the rocky mountain range, hiding in the sensor shadows from the ever approaching Star Destroyer in orbit who was racing for the escape pod themselves.

Akira was able to locate the small escape pod floating off the coast, and with Aiden using his rocket pack to attach a hook and cable, the Renegade lifted the escape pod out of the water and into their cargo hold.

En route back to Ran Rybar’s ranch, Nyla had a close look at the escape pod, where not only could she sense a strong Force presence, she detected two life signs from inside. With Kalko and LE’s help, they were together able to open the emergency access hatch, where inside they found not one but two mid-teenage human girls, twins, both unconscious with head wounds from the crash.

Nyla moved both girls to the Renegade’s medlab as they made their way back to Tan Rybar’s ranch. Tan evaluated the crashed pod upon their arrival and noted that it did likely have some valuable codes in it’s computer banks, but that the unit appeared to have gone at least a year without a regular maintenance job, the sort it would routinely receive in the Imperial Navy. Due to this, Tan speculated the pod and the cruiser it came from were operating outside of the Imperial Navy, and had been doing so for a year, possibly even against the Empire, which would explain why it had been shot down from orbit.

Meanwhile in the medbay Nyla was tending to the twin girls, and turned her back for only a moment to check some readings on a datapad, when she turned back she found one of the sisters awake, and standing with a scalpel against Nyla’s neck. The one concious sister demanded to know where she was, and Nyla could sense a mountain of panick and fear in the young woman. Nyla explained that she posed no threat and that her and her friends had saved the sisters, but the young woman heard none of it and only shouted angrily for answers about what happened to their ship. Nyla called for Aiden to come and help, which he did, and eventually the two were able to calm the young woman down enough for her to sit down and return Nyla the scalpel.

Sw do d twin attacks nyla in medbay 12 10

One of the twins catches Nyla off guard and demands to know where they are.

Afterwards Tan invited the player party to have dinner with him, his family and his ranch hands to celebrate their mutual business together. Both Aiden and Kalko attended, enjoying local grown delicious Nerf steaks and lively outdoor music and dancing afterwards. After a fun filled evening Aiden thanked Tan for helping the Tarisian and added that they would gladly do business with him again some day. Tan thanked them for their business, and asked only that they never reveal whom they bought the signal jammers from.

Back inside the Renegade however, while Dyneh got some much needed rest and and the droids prepped the Renegade for the journey back home to Dantooine, Akira and Nyla talked to the one young woman who had awaken earlier.

Akira bluntly explained the situation, telling her that the ship her and her sister had been on had been destroyed in orbit, and that her and her sister were the survivors. The girl took the news hard, but Akira didn’t offer her a chance to sulk, telling her right away that she was now a part of the crew of this ship, and that her and her sister were expected to carry their weight, then asking if she knew how to cook because their on-board chef was terrible. The sister was surprised and confused at the question, but answered honestly that she could.

Sw do d akira tries to calm a twin 12 10

Akira bluntly talks to the awaken twin while her sister recuperates.

Nyla wondered if Akira was risking pushing the young woman away, but knew that he was only trying to pre-occupy her mind with other things other than the loss and the grief she must be going through. Suddenly the other sister awoke, and with an incredible burst of shock used the Force to throw Nyla’s surgical tray flying across the room. Before Nyla or Akira could react the other sister was restraining her, repeating over and over the name “Elsae, Elsae, it’s alright, it’s alright!!”. Akira and Nyla took this to mean the one sisters name was Elsae, and that she may be more prone to outbursts.

The Calling Card of Jeyen

Later on as Aiden and Kalko returned to the Renegade, Nyla and Akira had gotten the twins to calm down, and both were now sleeping for the night. After consulting with Krith the party realized that Negas and the Naboo Freighter had not yet arrived, and it may have even diverted to elsewhere. R4 listed off a vast list of planets that have open slave markets in the Inner Rim which he could have diverted the ship too, if he had in fact taken over the Naboo Freighter and it’s unfortunate passengers.

Regretfully Aiden had to call Governor Hontor via the holonet to explain that they’d failed to catch Negas, and likely wouldn’t be able to. The Governor was displeaded, and forbid them from ever entering her sector of space again before abruptly ending their transmissions. For the most part Aiden explained, that had gone well.

Akira and Aiden were just about to lift off of Aunap when R4 asked the party if he could see them in the ships galley to deliver some disturbing news. When gathered, R4 explained how he had monitored a holonet transmission by COMPNOR, boasting of the killing of four terrorist enemies of the Empire. At first Aiden asked how this was relevant to them, to which R4 played a copy of the transmission. In it, a busty COMPNOR officer displayed images of the group, a veteran mercenary, a scout, a smuggling pilot and a wanted Jedi Knight, whom she claimed were wanted for the assasination of a Kuat Drive Yards executive only two months before. Immediately the party realized this was familiar to their own predicament, and that this may have meant that Jeyen had framed others groups of innocents for murders and assassinations as he had done to the player party.

Sw do d compnor newscast with vader 12 10

Ms. Navine delivers a COMPNOR holonet newscast concerning Lord Vader’s victories.

Before the party could deliberate more the busty COMPNOR officer, named Bath Navine explained that the tracking down and killing of the terrorists had been done by none other than famed hero of the Empire, Darth Vader himself, and displayed an incredible image of what appeared to be a man in massive black armour. None of the party had heard of the name before, but R4 revealed further research he had just conducted on this strange character. He revealed that he was often called “Lord Vader”, which made Aiden wonder if he was simply a noble who had bought his way into the military. It was further revealed however that Vader seems to routinely command generals in the army and fleet admirals in the navy, something Aiden unheard of for a mere noble. Furthermore, this Vader was in direct command of the 501st Legion, the elite and most famed Clone legion from the Clone Wars. Aiden now knew this Vader could not be an ordinary noble, as to command the elite legion of the Empire was something that would never fall on any rich noble. What’s more, the legion had been given the nickname “Vader’s Fist”, and Vader himself wielded what Bath called a “crimson laser sword”. Nyla explained that this meant Vader must be a force user of some kind, as one needed the Force to properly wield a lightsaber.

Akira speculated that Vader may well be a Dark Jedi, someone who developed their own strenghs and skills in the Force for evil purposes, or even a former Jedi who fell to the dark side of the Force. Aiden explained to all that he felt that maybe Jeyen and Vader were working together, with one framing innocents for crimes so that Vader could heroically swoop in and vanquish the villains, gaining greater acclaim and fame for the Empire along the way. Akira disagreed, saying that Vader, as a hero of the Empire, seemed unlikely to want to have Imperial officials killed in the first place. Therefore, according to Akira, Jeyen’s framing of innocents was not and could not be for the benefit of the Empire, but someone else’s. Who’s though, remained a mystery.

The Adventures that Await

After six days in hyperspace, Dyneh was still unsure of things and seemed moody to Akira and the twins had barely spoken a word to anyone, except for one morning after breakfast when the sister who first awoke found Nyla and explained that her name was Eldewn, and that she was sorry for pulling the scalpel on Nyla, explaining that she had a feeling Nyla didn’t mean any harm but wasn’t sure yet.

Nyla was also able to find an hour during the trip to practice a meditation technique oThe Wise Old One had tought her, one of emptying her mind of doubt, anxiety and of fear. Nyla truly found serenity, and felt a stronger connection to the Force as a result. She could not wait to see the Old Wise One again to tell her how greatly she was improving with her help.

The Renegade soon arrived on Dantooine where it landed at Ecumenopolis, where after a quick greeting from Traz Nunb and Orn Syndulla, the party set off to meet with the Tarisian. Umdat greeted Nyla with great enthusiasm, telling her all about the fun things that had happened since she left, and told Kalko that there was a tall lizard man and a short human waiting to talk to him. Kalko was confused, wondering if the “lizard man” meant Ssruzzz, but Kalko had never told him of where he was based.

Meanwhile Aiden and Akira went to meet the Tarisian, who welcomed them warmly and asked them to sit down to discuss business. The Tarisian said that their month long temporary contract was now up, and he wanted them to sign on to the 500,000 credit six month contract of employment they had negotiated more than a month earlier. The Tarisian made it clear he had a great number of jobs already linned up that the party would be set off on if they should choose to accept, but that in the mean time there was another matter concerning Aiden. The Tarisian explained that a week earlier four individuals arrived to see Aiden, and then asked Miss M’Row to show them into his office.

The Call of the Clans of Mandalore

Moments later three Mandalorian Protectors entered the room, along with another Mandalorian Aiden had not seen since the end of the Clone Wars, his old friend Shad Raal. Shad asked Aiden for a word outside on the Tarisian’s balcony, which Aiden obliged. Shad explained that the Mandalorians were growing impatient that Aiden hadn’t made any progress on the hunt for Dar’Manda Arpat, the renegade Mandalorian reaking havoc in the galactic south. He added that there was a new Mand’alor on Mandalore, and that he was anxious to see Arpat’s escapades put to an end. Aiden asked who the new Mand’alor was, and scoffed when Shad told him it was the co-founder of the Protectors Mand’alor Fenn Shysa, who Aiden knew of and dismissed as a weak pacifist unfit to lead the Mandalorian clans. Aiden then told Shad he took offense at the notion he had to be reminded of his commitment to killing Arpat, no matter what his feelings on the Mandalorian leadership were, and that having promised to find Arpat he could be counted on to do just that.

Shad then revealed that there was another reason he had been asked to talk to Aiden, that reason being that it was a former friend and ally of their during the Clone Wars who had now joined Arpat’s renegades, Darr Lannik. Aiden now wondered just how, if at all, he could possibly defeat his former brother in arms.

Lost in the Black

As Akira waited for Aiden to return from outside, Miss M’Row told the Tarisian that the Wookies Granzawaroo and Koturawa had arrived to see him, and the Tarisian admitted them. Once inside, through a translator droid they brought with them they made an impassioned plea to Akira concerning their friends on the planet Bodir. The Tarisian explained the two Wookie chieftans were talking about a recent operation he and the Wookie’s had set up, where the bountiful tropical planet of Bodir rich and exotic fruit plants had been harvested and sold at high mark up prices across the Outer Rim Territories.

The Tarisian explained that until three weeks ago this had been a very profitable venture, but then suddenly all communication had ceased from the planet, and no ships have yet returned to the world. Granzawaroo told Akira that nearly all of the labour was being done by Wookies, who’s friends and families have become distraught with fear, and that they need to find out what has happened and soon. Tawovvuk promised Akira that though the Wookies cannot pay him in credits for their help, they could offer their aid, their strength, their labour, and even several life debts in return for helping to find their loved ones.

Akira was blown away by the thought of having free Wookie help on the Renegade, and all but agreed to take on the job immediately. All he would have to know now he told the Tarisian was where Bodir was. The Tarisian then became grim, explaining that the planet was a Wookie secret for years, only shared with him because of his kindness in allowing the Wookies to hide from the Empire here on Dantooine. The planet secret planet, the Tarisian explained, was deep in the Unknown Regions.

Kalko and the Ghost Planet

Kalko found none other than Ssruzzz waiting for him at his hotel suite, along with a short and spectacle wearing man. Ssruzzz hugged Kalko like it was old times again, and asked how he had been doing, Kalko responded that he was fine, but demanded to know how he had found him on Dantooine. Ssruzzz apologized, but explained that he had traced their last holonet transmission concerning the book that Kalko had asked Ssruzzz to look into selling for him, which Sruzzz explained he was now ready to do with the man beside him. The man introduced himself as Ingle Mothheim, a professor of Xenoarchaeology at the University of Byblos. He told Kalko that he was ready to pay him 300,000 credits for the purchase of the book. Kalko quickly accepted the offer, and in return took a suitcase full of the 300,000 credits.

Kalko thanked the professor for doing business, but was then offered another 300,000 to help the professor on an expedition to a planet he believed that very book would lead him too. Kalko thanked the professor, but explained that he and his friends simply had too many jobs on their plate at the moment, to which the professor replied by offering Kalko 500,000 for the expedition, then one million credits. Kalko could only refuse the offer so many times until at last the professor offered five million credits in return for taking him on his expedition, to what Kalko thought of as a ghost planet.

Kalko immediately called Aiden on his comlink, telling him that they had just been offered five million credits for a job. Aiden replied that that was a most interesting offer indeed.

The party was then faced with four, very rewarding, but potentially very dangerous tasks. So many paths now laid before them, they were uncertain of which to take.

The Silver Lights of Aunap

As a squad of Stormtroopers searched the beach and the waters off the south western continent, two officers stood and watched as the Aunap sun set over the horizon. The troopers, hard at work for several hours were certain the escape pod had from the cruiser had crashed somewhere here, but it was now nowhere to be found.

“We had them Pauth, we had them and they slipped right through our fingers again” said the female officer, tall and slender in her bright silver Imperial uniform. “They’re escape only buys them time Nerira, the Imperial Security Bureau shall not rest until every Jedi traitor is brought to justice” replied the dark skin older officer.

He turned his back to the younger officer Nerira, heading back to the landing shuttle they had arrived on, but stopping to proclaim “..and if the twins lead us, the Imperial Security Bureau
to more traitors, then so be it!”.

Sw do d the silver lights of the isb 12 10

Officers of the Imperial Security Bureau and their troopers discuss the missing twins.

No Second Chances

Somewhere in the deep recesses of space, three Hutt’s discussed the troubling news from Manaan. “We can assume then, that as we have not heard from Negas in 24 hours, that he is either dead or has betrayed us” said Aroba to his comrades. “He should be dead then, otherwise he shall only share in the fate that awaits the scoundrels who robbed the fools Larngo and Duumba. The Hunto Pawa do not give second chances.” stated Caibara to his fellow Hutt’s of the Direktoranda.

“Then we are all in agreement of what must be done?” asked Aroba to the Hutt’s at either side. To which Margori replied “The Corpse Droid has already been contacted”.

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The Hunto Pawa Crime Lord Margori tells his fellow Hutt’s that the Corpse Droid has already been contacted.


Dyluth, I really like how you’ve developed the character Negas as a reoccurring rival/enemy. I’ve tried to do something similar in previous campaigns but inevitably the party ended up killing the villain too soon and thus ruining my fun. I’m curious to watch how your party handles this slippery little cod fish!


Episode XIV

Well thanks Arsheesh. For starters the recaps still a work in progress, so we might see him pop up in this session again :). As for the players killing hopeful recurring big bads too soon, well Negas easily could have been killed himself just the same way back in XI had things gone just a little bit differently.

Though I’m glad he’s coming off to readers just the way I intended him too. Heh heh, slippery little cod fish eh? That sounds just about right. Anyways, stay tuned for more!

Episode XIV

Dyluth those images are just awesome! I don’t know of any other campaign site on the Portal that has even a fraction of the amount of amazing custom artwork as yours has. Well done my friend.


Episode XIV

Arsheesh you are far too kind my friend. The current format of the pictures and how they’re displayed in recaps is something I (once again :)) borrowed from Age of Legends, and it certainly works MUCH better than the format I was using before.

This does remind me though, I’m going to have to add some new credit buttons to the credit page to give the proper acknowledgments to pages like Concept Ships and Digital Blasphemy that provided me with a mountain of inspiration for some of these illustrations.

Episode XIV

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