Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode VII

Trail of the Hidden

The Crawl

aving escaped a slavers ambush, suvived a dreaded Heat Storm and deposited their Stormtrooper captives on Ryloth, the party sought the refuge of Hutt Space on the infamous “Smuggler’s Moon” of the galaxy, NAR SHADDA.

While Kalko has managed to sell off the Renegade’s illicit cargo through an old friend, Aiden has found himself recruited by a squad of Mandalorian Protectors to hunt down and defeat the very same “Mysterious Mandalorian” he himself has sought since fleeing Ando.

Little do they know that both Akira and Nyla have sensed a dark lingering presence on board the Renegade, a presence that just may be tied to the ancient gift Kalko received on Ando. Dangers of every colour now stalk the party on Nar Shadda, where nothing is ever as it appears to be…

A Courtesy Amongst Friends

As Kalko and his Trandoshan friend Ssruzzz supervised the unloading of the party’s illicit cargo at Ssruzzz’s warehouse, a labourer asked to speak with Ssruzzz somewhere private. After several minutes Ssruzzz came back to Kalko with a long and worried expression on his face. He explained to his old friend that he’d just been informed of Kalko and his friends status as Imperial fugitives and that this would change things for them while they were on Nar Shadda. Ssruzzz assured Kalko that as he is a friend he had vouched for Kalko with the powers at be, and as a result it was decided that as long as Kalko and his friends were conducting business on Nar Shadda then they would be guests on Nar Shadda, but that once said business was over they would be wise to leave the Smugglers Moon as soon as possible. Kalko accepted Ssruzzz’s offer, and both returned to supervising the unloading.

No Transmissions Were Made

Back at the Renegade Akira overheard a loud and near violent argument in Droidspeak between the droids LE and Beesix, and when asked what their dispute was over learned that Beesix had just monitored a microsecond long lag in the Renegade’s navigational computing speed, the same sort of lag that occurs only when long range transmissions are being made. LE strongly denied this however, telling Akira that no transmissions had been made according to the Renegade’s computer logs. Now suspicious that someone or something was transmitting data to sources unknown however, Akira, Dyneh and the droids swept the entire ship for bugs and or tracking devices, while Umdat served eeffoc to the Gamorean guards outside.

Honor Amongst Traitors

Meanwhile Aiden and Nyla had just finished finalizing their deals with the old woman and her Mandalorian Protectors to search for the mysterious and renegade Mandalorian Dar’Manda Arpat. Returning through the Bounty Hunter Guilds cantina Nyla and Aiden witnessed an Imperial newsnet program once again name them and their friends as assassins who’d killed an Imperial Governor. The large busted blond female in COMPNOR uniform however went on, describing that it had just been learned that Dyneh was the daughter of anti-Republic insurgents during the Clone Wars who was now believed to be in league with the Alies of Ando as it seemed the party was now being called by the authorities. The blond host even aired an interview with Commander Crack": who warned the party as being armed and dangerous, and deceptive and untrustworthy on top of that. Aiden and Nyla were both curious about whether this news about Dyneh was true or not, but realized that more importantly Nyla had to change her appearence before being recognized by anyone after the airing of the holonet broadcast.

The two quickly found a hair salon next to the Bounty Hunters Guild, and Nyla had her hair dyed purple by a Twi’lek stylist while Aiden kept a watchful eye on a suspicious looking bald headed female with a single long red pony tail who was next behind Nyla.

Aura Sing Aiden Nyla Nar Shadda

A mysterious stranger waits in line behind Nyla at the hair stylist.

The Hand of the Hidden

Gathering back back on the Renegade much later at night, Aiden and Nyla explained to the others what they’d seen in the Imperial newsnet broadcast, while Kalko told everyone about the “suggestion” that they leave Nar Shadda as quickly as possible after they finish their business there in two nights time. Aiden was most concerned with Akira’s news that his ships own computer may be sending out transmissions without his knowledge, and had Akira and the droids sweep the ship for bugs once again.

While the sweep was underway a Given arrived at the open cargo bay door of the Renegade, identifying himself only as Sil, a technician Ssruzzz had sent over to help alter the Renegade’s transponder code. After greeting Akira with a mathematical equation Akira did not know the answer to, Akira asked Sil if he could help investigate if and why the Renegade’s computer was sending transmissions but not recording them. For an extra 200 credits, Sil did indeed help in the search and did learn the Renegade was erasing portions of it’s own computer logs but could find out why and what those logs contained.

Sil soon had an idea however, and suggested that had if he were to insert a device to influence a ships computer in a place it would likely never be found, he would put it inside the ships sublight engines which is where the transponder signal itself is embedded. After two hours of intense and careful labour, Sil had opened up the sublight engines and indeed discovered a small and light hand sized reflective silver box. Sil explained that it would have taken a great amount of time to hide this box inside the sublight engine and would have required the skill of an advanced level engineer such as himself. As for the box itself, Sil said it was a remarkably advanced piece of hardware, and speculated it may even be Imperial. Whatever it was, it seemed to have been directly the Renegade’s computer to send hyperspace transmissions to an unknown location and then delete all computer logs of the transmission itself.

Aiden, Akira and Kalko wondered when in their recent history someone could have snuck onboard to install it over the course of several hours while going unnoticed. They even wondered if it was being used by the Imperials, as if it was being used by the Imperials then surely they would have been tracked to Nar Shadda and arrested by now. Nyla meanwhile had developed a theory on how the device was installed, telling the others that she had remembered an old Jedi cadence that taught one how to manipulate complex objects repeatedly while using telekenisis, and that she speculated this complex work with the sublight engines could have been done much faster than by hand if it were done by a force sensitive being. Nyla also remembered the force sensitive presence she sensed the night of the raid on the YT-2400 on their first night on Ando, which Akira remembered as being the last and only time since they met the Renegade was left empty at any one time.

Aiden cursed this, realizing that the Renegade may have been tracked and monitored ever since they were on Ando. As the hour was late however Sil could not complete his work that night, and agreed to meet them at their new location the next night so that everyone could turn in for bed. Akira had the device locked away under his and Dyneh’s cot in his bunk for safety far from any computer.

Kings of Corellia

Before falling asleep that night, Akira asked Dyneh if it was true what the Imperial newsnet broadcast had said about her being the daughter of anti-Republic insurgents. Dyneh explained there was truth to this, that though she was truthful when she told Akira her father was a spacer like him, he was also a weapons and arms smuggler who had become involved in a plot to overthrow the Diktat of Corellia during the Clone Wars and replace it with a King who would be sympathetic to the Confederacy. Furthermore Dyneh revealed that had the plot worked, the new King of Corellia would have been Jakkar Qin. Dyneh explained that the plot however failed early on, and her parents were killed attempting to supply weapons to the conspirators forces. Out of sympathy for her loss, and to keep her from telling what she knew to the Corellian authorities, Mr. Qin had paid for Dyneh’s education at Coronet University and had picked her to personally be a part of his expedition on Ando.

Akira asked Dyneh if he thought Qin had given her up to the Imperial authorities, but Dyneh insisted this wasn’t the case. Akira left it at that, and both trailed off to sleep eventually.

Relics of Better Times

The next morning after eating a delicious breakfast prepared by Umdat and after Aiden and Akira brought the Renegade to their new starport location as directed by Ssruzzz, Nyla tried to spend the morning meditating in her bunk but soon sensed a small but distinctive trace in the force nearby. After telling Aiden what she sensed nearby he agreed to go with her to seek out what she sensed in the hopes that it could be a person, and maybe even a fellow Jedi.

Following down into the lower levels of Nar Shadda, Nyla and Aiden found themselves at a seedy cantina, where they found a portly Gamorean guarding a door near the back where Nyla felt herself being drawn to. Without a word of protest the Gamorean let Nyla and Aiden through the door, and both found thsemselves in a large amphitheater with only a few dozen attendees or such. On the stage stood a Verpine in front of a large array of goods, weapons and armour. The moment he began to speak both Aiden and Nyla realized what they were witnessing, an auction of Jedi memorabilia, which when put together combined their residual force signatures that Nyla had sensed. The auctioneer went into great detail describing the items behind him, a suit of Jedi Armour he claimed to be a thousand years old, a Great Lightsaber he boasted was once held by a massive reptilian Jedi who walked on all fours in ancient times, but it was the last item in the catalogue handed to Nyla by an usher that peaked her interest the most, an actual Jedi holocron was claimed to be on the auction block.

Though Nyla and Aiden ignored most of the items while waiting for the holocron to be put up for bidding, Nyla did bid on and win a simple Jedi training remote which was claimed to have come from the Jedi temple for the price of a mere 100 credits. When the holocron was put up for bidding however Nyla was immediately suspicious when the holocron produced a hologram of a Mon Calamari claiming to be a Jedi Master who explained to the auction crowd at hand that he, like all Jedi worshiped the Force goddess of Bendu and that he, like all Jedi were blessed with her spirit called the Chlorians of Midi. Realizing that the holocron was a clear fake, Nyla and Aiden left the auction with her new training remote.

The new training remote however did not respond to Nyla as she had hoped it would, as when she activated it it simply hovered at eye level, not responding to voice commands, not responding to her using her lightsaber near it, nor even responding when Beesix tried to speak to it in a variety of droid and computer languages. Even after a look over by LE revealed the remote was in seemingly perfect working order, Nyla was undeterred. She decided that she would meditate on this issue, and did so with the training remote hovering nearby.

A Ship by any Other Name

The night’s cargo pickup went eventful, and Sil came to finish the manipulation of the Renegades transponder code. After presenting the party with six possible new identities for their ship, six ships who matched the Renegade’s history closely enough according to the records of the Bureau of Ships and Services, the party voted and accepted the identiy of the Princess of the Hydian, a pursuer class enforcement ship like the Renegade, seventy years of age like the Renegade, a history of various low key owners like the Renegade, and best of all it hadn’t been seen since before the Clone Wars and therefore was likely lost in reality. With the decision made Sil made the last adjustments to the ships transponder signal and the Renegade had it’s new identity.

After seeing Sil off and thanking him for his help, Akira thought he would make an attempt to further examine the mysterious silver box that had been inserted into their sublight engines. After deciding he didn’t want to disturb things in Dyneh’s med/science lab she was putting together on the ship, and not wanting to damage their bunk, Akira opted to examine to the box on the lower-desk fresher. Akira examined it closely, but could not find a seam which he could pry open, not even on it’s edges. He used a fusion a cutter to apply heat to it, which immediately caused the box to begin to glow orange and hover several feet off the fresher floor while emitting an ever louder and higher pitch scream. Akira only had a moment to shout “Hit the deck”!! and leap into the air before the explosion went off, shaking the entire ship. The party rushed to the scene right away to find the fresher in ruins, the shower heads bursting and the toilets overflowing and Akira seemingly deaf for the moment. Aiden suspected it was some sort of intense sonic shock-wave that went off, but couldn’t believe it came from such a small device. LE grudgingly told Aiden he could fix the fresher eventually, but for now the party would have to use Aiden’s private fresher in his cabin.

With Akira patched up and no serious or permanent injury’s except for his temporary loss of hearing, the Renegade took flight once more for it’s final starport on Nar Shadda for the last of the three pickups the next evening.

That night however once again Nyla was awaken by the strange sounds of whispering from the hallways of the Renegade’s lower deck, and once again she seemed to trace the sound to inside Kalko’s bunk specifically. Remarkably, Akira too could hear the whispering, and he too was drawn out into the hallway outside of Kalko’s bunk even though he couldn’t seem to hear any other sounds. Though when he met Nyla in the hall he insisted he was only up for a glass of water, Nyla was none the less suspicious as she had been for some time now regarding Akira and his seeming ability to sense things like she could.

A Fools Plan

The next day went as it should have, with Ssruzzz arriving to pick up the last of the cargo. Kalko told Ssruzzz of the mysterious book he had been given by Horrat back on Ando, and gave Ssruzzz a list of potential buyers Horrat had thought may be interested in purchasing the ancient book. Ssruzzz agreed to look into making the sell for Kalko in exchange for a finders fee, however Kalko decided that for the time being he would hold onto the book himself, and would check in on Ssruzzz from time to time to see if he had found an interested buyer. Kalko thanked his friend for his help, and Ssruzzz set off with his trucks for the last time while Aiden had the ship prepped for takeout.

While about to close the cargo bay door, Aiden noticed a shadow quickly ducking from behind a corner at the edge of their hanger bay. Both he and Nyla went to investigate, and found a Ryn peering around the corner, whom Aiden grabbed by the neck and dragged into an alley behind their hanger bay. Meanwhile Kalko noticed from the bridge’s security monitors that a two figures had snuck into the cargo bay and were climbing onto the Renegade’s sublight engines and attempting to meddle with the engines. Acting on a suggesting from Beesix, Kalko quickly burned off their sublight engines, incinerating the would be intruders instantly.

Aiden, hearing the commotion back on his ship demanded to know from the Ryn what was going on, who then panicked and for fear of his life told Aiden everything he knew, that he worked for a ringleader named Brek, and that Brek had hatched a plan involving the party after finding out they were wanted criminals who were soon to be unwelcome even on Nar Shadda. The plan involved sabotaging the Renegade’s engines so that upon attempting to enter hyperspace they would suffer a catastrophic malfunction and would have to return to Nar Shadda immediately for repairs, where upon they would face arrest or seizure by any interested bounty hunter, who in this case would have been Brek and his gang. Akira meanwhile single-handedly subdued three other would be saboteurs who had tried to run to the aid or their now incinerated friends.

Aiden, though annoyed knew there were much bigger worries at hand, and let Ryn go with a warning to never mess with him, his crew or his ship again, and Akira likewise let the three other saboteurs go as well.

Realizing that his hearing had returned, Akira took the opportunity to go one last shopping trip with Dyneh, this time however buying himself a new shadowsuit as well as visiting a hair stylist and taking up a more Core world and less conspicuous hair style.

One Last Note from Nar Shadda

With the ship secured once again, Aiden gave the order to takeoff which the ship had only just begun to do when a young gangly man ran into the hanger bay waving his hands begging the ship to power down. Concerned that the man was another saboteur, Kalko offered to shoot him with the ships lasers. Aiden opted to power down the Renegade once again however, and hear what this panicked man wanted.

The man identified himself as Jacen Orwan, the solicitor for the Tarisian, whom he was here representing. Mr. Rayon hurriedly explained that his employer, the Tarisian was in need of a group of soliders for hire and known killers like the party to help stave off the rampant and ongoing attacks to his interests on his base of operations on Dantooine and elsewhere in the galaxy. Though somewhat put off by the label of “Known killers”, Aiden had heard of Dantooine, knowing it was an extremely remote world far from prying Imperial eyes, and that it could potentially be an excellent place to hide once the Mandalorian on Hoth was neutralized. Aiden took Rayon’s merchant card, and told him that they may be in touch. Rayon thanked Aiden and the others profusely, telling them over and over how desperate their situation was and how he thanked them even for their interest.

With the last matter of business taken care of, Aiden ordered the ship launched, which Akira happily obliged. With their course set for the Javin Sector, the Renegade jumped to Hyperspace begining the hunt for Dar’Manda Arpat and all those who follow her.



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