Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

rriving from hyperspace in the nick of time, our heroes have won their first victory against the pirate forces plaguing the settlement of Ecumenopolis on the planet Dantooine. Their victory, made possible by deciding on route to Hoth to postpone the hunt for DAR’MANDA ARPAT to instead come into the employment of the TARISIAN, a mysterious man in need of our heroes to defend the settlement and his interests across the galaxy.

Little do our heroes know what they have signed on for on Dantooine, as many strange and dangerous adventures lie ahead of them, while the un-hindered Mandalorian renegades reek havoc on the Corellian Trade Spine half a galaxy away, and an army of defeated pirates plot their revenge on the so called Allies of Ando…

Salvagers Prize

Akira and Kalko both followed Orn across the settlement to the grass fields in the west where the two massive pirate Citadel Class Cruisers lay parked, having been tractored onto the surface the night before. There the three met Traz Nunb and his party of miners and Wookie volunteers waiting outside the two cruisers. Traz could barely contain himself in thanking Akira and his friends for shooting down the pirate Cruisers the day before, and was even more congratulatory to Kalko for what he called the best shooting this side of the Tingle Arm.

With pleasentries aside Orn had to excuse herself after learning on her comlink that a party of Jawas the night before had found some pirates in an escape pod. Traz then took Kalko and Akira on a tour around the exterior of the first cruiser, boasting that as it was their salvage claim as per their deal with the Tarisian they couldn’t have picked a better ship to shoot down as this model was famous for retaining it’s value even when stripped to it’s skeleton, a value of close to one hundred and twenty-thousand credits.

The group decided to enter the ship through one of the empty escape pod tubes, of which there were more than the make of ship typically held. Inside they found a ship that was nearly stripped bear as it was, with Akira finding eight weapon holds that were hastily torn open and empited with the exception of a single stash of adhesive grenades which Akira took into his possession. Moving forward with Traz and his crew, the group found themselves on the bridge where Akira noticed the ships navigation computer seemed to be offline, which was then found to be because the computer’s core had been ejected into space, thus eliminating the hope the planet or base of origin could be found with that route. Even more surprising was when Kalko took to the captain’s chair on the bridge and found the ships weapon’s computer was warning that all the ships concussion missiles were depleted, a surprising fact since only a single volley had been fired during their brief skirmish.

After discussing the mystery over with Traz, Akira and Kalko decided that what likely happened was that the pirate crew quickly and hastily removed their own missiles and placed them in the escape pods scattered on the surface below. This was a disturbing development as it meant the pirates that made it to the surface in their escape pods now had powerful anti-starship scale weaponry with them.

What was more puzzling however was that not a single trace of the stolen Danto-Lommite Ore was found on board, as the cruiser seemed to have been fitted specifically to cary extra personal, as many as two dozen extra than the ship was intended for. The second cruiser yielded similar results, causing Akira to insist that the ore must still be on Dantooine. Though Traz insisted the stolen ore was likely on the third cruiser that burnt up in the atmosphere, Akira pointed out that it was nearly two-hundred tons of ore which had been taken, where as a single one of these vessels could hold only fifty tons at most. Traz now agreed this did not make sense, until Akira quized Traz further about the raid the day before, when Traz mentioned a blinding smoke screen that had been dropped by the cruisers all over the town but based mainly on and around the river. Akira realized the smoke screen wasn’t meant to confuse the settlement defenders, but rather to hide what the pirates were doing with the two-hundred tons of ore. Traz theorized the pirates may have used the third ship to carry fifty tons worth of collapsable river barges which then slipped the ore somewhere down river from Ecumenopolis while the settlements attention was directed at the escaping pirate cruisers.

"Traz Nunb" "Akira Ben-Toshi" "Kalko the Colosal"

Akira comes to the realization about the stolen Ore still being on Dantooine.

Traz immediately contacted Orn by comlink to let her know the ore was still planetside and how the surviving pirates were even more dangerous than previously thought, while Kalko and Akira talked to the Wookies in Traz’s crew about removing the cruisers shipboard laser cannon and using it for Ecumenopolis defense. Traz warned Akira that though that type of cruiser would still be valuable stripped to it’s skeleton, removing all of it’s weapons would reduce the value to between eighty to ninety thousand credits, an amount Akira and Kalko still felt was acceptable for their purposes.

The Wise Old One

Nyla Hawklight entered the cabin of the Kiwa medicine woman, and found a most unexpected site. Crouched on it’s belly behind a roaring bonfire was a large green reptillian beast of burden. The creature had natural plates of armour on it’s head and it’s sides, but seemed to be old and tired as it sat next to the fire. Yet Nyla sensed a lingering presence in the Force emanating from the creature, one that almost appeared to be partially hidden. Nyla introduced herself by speaking to the creature, yet the creature did nothing in return.

"Old Wise One" Kiwa Dantari "Nyla Hawklight"

Nyla Hawklight as she first enters the hut of the Kiwa medicine woman known as the Old Wise One.

Nyla made several attempts to communicate with the creature, each receiving not even an acknowledgment from the large and old creature. At last Nyla tried to communicate telepathically through the Force, and though she received no response the creature did seem to stir. Nyla was ready to give up and leave the hut of the medicine woman when the creature spoke to her in a woman’s voice, asking if she was ready to give up on so quickly what she sought. Nyla now realized this was indeed a powerful creature, a Force sensitive alien who clearly knew the ways of the Force herself.

The creature introduced itself as the “Wise Old One”, the village’s medicine woman and spiritual guide. The Wise old one further explained that she was surprised Nyla had sensed her, and wondered if it meant that her own ability to shield herself from the senses of others had grown weak with her old age. Nyla asked if the Wise Old One knew why her training remote would have travelled in this direction of the village, but the Wise Old One claimed to not know, saying that she didn’t recall ever owning a droid.

Nyla sat down opposite the Wise Old One and the two discussed many things over the course of the next order. The Wise Old One told Nyla that she knew that Nyla was a Jedi, though she herself was not one. She also told Nyla that she though she did not know the Jedi Order was nearly extinct, she had sensed the thousands of deaths a year ago in the Force and had known at the time a terrible and sad event had taken place. She confirmed Nyla’s impression that the Force itself was in a state of upheval, and that she could now sense darkness where there had once been only light. Though the Wise Old Woman admitted that even in her old age she may still be able to help others by leaving Dantooine and travelling into space, she told Nyla that the Dantari here were her family and that she could never leave them. She even asked Nyla if perhaps the Jedi had focussed too much on events of a grand galactic scale, when their powers and strengths could have helped so many that may otherwise have been forgotten, people like the Dantari. Nyla agreed that more could always be done, and that she would always seek to help those who needed it the most. These were words the Old Wise One was pleased to hear.

As the two spoke further, the Old Wise One told Nyla about the rare but potent Vincha plant. The small white tubercle plant the Old Wise One explained was an essential part of Dantari medicine as it had many healing properties. She explained to Nyla that when taken in raw form or applied to wounds it was a powerful anesthetic, but that when mixed in with a tea (which the Old Wise One provided the recipe for) it had incredible healing properties. Nyla took the recipe with great thanks, as well as a gift of twenty five Vincha tubercles wrapped in a cloth. Again Nyla thanked the Old Wise One, and was prepared the leave her to meet back with Aiden. As Nyla exited the hut, the Old Wise One warned Nyla not to venture to what she called the factory in the south lands. When Nyla asked what the factory was and why she should avoid it, she was only told that it was a place of great danger, and she feared Nyla was not yet ready for it. When Nyla asked what was in the factory, the Old Wise One replied “Only what you bring with you”.

With that Nyla left the Old Wise One, and went to meet up with Aiden once more.

A Friendly Gesture

Meanwhile, outside Bordup was continuing to give Aiden his tour of Poruk. Bordup introduced Aiden to the villagers going about their daily activities, tending to their extensive irrigated gardens, cleaning their furs and hides, and teaching their young basic brawling and weapon techniques. Bordup explained that the Kiwa tribe teachers their young early on to be able to defend themselves against other Dantari and the local wildlife, but that true warrior skills and traits are reserved for only the most sound of heart and mind.

Aiden was impressed with the Kiwa tribes strong warrior culture, as well as their restraint in using it only defensively and not seeking conflict with others, such as the Tarisian and Ecumenopolis. Bordup thanked Aiden for his kind words, but warned him that not all Dantari were as kind and peaceful as the Kiwa. Bordup told Aiden about the dreaded Irith tribe, a nomadic beast-riding people who brought war to the Kiwa lands two summers before. Bordup told Aiden about how the Irith came from the Southlands far away riding on their creatures of the land and the air attacking the Kiwa’s sacred Bol herds. Bordup explained how the Kiwa people gathered from dozens of villages to form a massive army, and over the course of one terrible summer fought the Irith on every inch of grassland they occupied. Eventually the Irith were defeated Aiden was told, and with the exception of a few small bands who continue to roam secretly in Kiwa land the Irith went back to the Southlands with their terrible beasts and their yellow, white and black banners never to bother the Kiwa again. The story of this war impressed Aiden, as he like all true Mandalorians believe that conflict is integral for physical and mental growth. Even more impressive were the trophies the Dantari of Purok kept from the war, such as the massive skull of the Irith chief’s mount, a Thune.

Aiden was then introduced to the chief of the Purok village, Bordup’s father Kardup. Kardup recognized Aiden’s armour from others like him he had seen before, and asked Aiden if he too was a warrior. When Aiden replied that he was, Kardup suggested that he fight Bordup in a friendly match of strength and skill. Aiden agreed, and the whole village gathered to watch Aiden and Bordup brawl. Though Bordup was taller and more imposing than Aiden, Aiden used his quick speed and faster reflexes to great advantage, and after dealing several powerful blows to Bordup’s chest finished him off by flipping him over his back onto the ground. Kardup was impressed and declared Aiden the winner, and Bordup congratulated Aiden on a fight well fought.

"Aiden Dyre" Bordup Kiwa

Aiden applies his finishing move to Bordup to win the friendly fight as the village chief watches on.

It was then that Nyla caught up with Aiden, and Kardup told both that they would always be welcome guests in Purok. Both Aiden and Nyla thanked the Kiwa for their hospitality, and headed back for the Renegade while Nyla told Aiden about the Vincha plant and her talk with the Old Wise One, and that she still hadn’t discovered why her remote was headed towards the village in the first place. On the way back Aiden observed a flock of the magnificent Brith flying overhead in the sky, and for a split second he could have sworn he saw a rider on the back of one.

The Best Laid Plans

Within the hour Aiden and Nyla returned to Ecumenopolis and had landed in the grass fields west of the settlement. Aiden right away called for Orn to come to the Renegade and take their four Klatooinian pirate prisoners into custody. Orn quickly came with a blue skinned Twi’lek as well three other local security volunteers, all of whom Orn shouted at to move faster as they brought the Klatoonians to their feet and herded them to the constabulary. Not long after that Umdat came to Nyla, explaining that he had been worried when she left in the morning without saying that she was leaving. Nyla apologized, but explained that she would never leave anywhere for long without telling Umdat where she was going first.

Umdat was glad to hear this, and asked Nyla if it would be okay with her if he started attending the local school in Ecumenopolis. Nyla was happy to hear that Umdat seemed to be liking his new life in the settlement, and believed that he may truly have found a home for himself here on Dantooine. Nyla said she was okay with the idea, and would help arrange it herself, but for now she and Aiden had urgent things to take care of and told Umdat to play with the other children near the ships in the field in the mean time.

Soon later Aiden and Nyla found their way to the downed pirate cruiser where Aiden and Akira were. The scene they witnessed when they met was Aiden and Akira, along with Traz and two Wookies and three others in front of a smashed laser canon on the ground and a crane beside it. Traz was shouting at the Wookie that he had dropped the laser canon from the crane onto the ground too soon, while the Wookie seemed to argue that Traz game him a bad signal. Ignoring the fight beside them, Akira and Kalko explained to Aiden that they were attempting to salvage the laster canon’s from the down cruiers to use on massive speeder-truck’s. At that moment the party was joined by Krassk & Tal-got who were told they were needed at the cruiser.

Akira pitched his idea of using the salvaged lasers to mount on the biggest speeder-trucks they had on hand, and the brothers agreed that the idea was at the least feasible. They explained though that only three suitable speeder-trucks were on the entire settlement and likely the planet, and that though two were unsold and therefore ready for use, the third was being used by the Wookies to haul heavy loads to and from Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk. Akira and the Trandoshan brothers were debating how much it would cost to buy the massive speeder-truck back from the Wookies when Aiden explained why he and Nyla had left with the Renegade in the morning, and that they had taken four pirate prisoners back with them.

Akira exclaimed that this was great news, and relayed to Aiden his theory that the pirates were in fact still on the surface with the stolen ore somewhere down river and that as they spoke Orn and others were organizing a massive search operation of the entire river. He added though that it was a daunting task, with hundreds of kilometers of river and tributaries, not to mention swamps and marshes and outlying wetlands, to say nothing of the fact that the ore deposits always make sensor sweeps for metallic objects more difficult. Aiden knew this meant they had no time to spare in questioning the captured pirates, and so the four heroes set off for the constabulary to ask some much needed questions of their Klatooinian guests.

It Began Four Minutes Ago

The four heroes reached the constabulary, an unimpressive narrow and small two room two storied building sandwiched between two other buildings near the centre of town. Inside they found Orn shouting in Huttese at the blue skinned Twi’lek officer they had seen with Orn earlier. Orn explained to the group that she had to leave and take care of some unfinished matters before a full scale search for the estimated sixty or more pirates and stolen ore down river could begin, but that the four Klatooinian capture earlier were in the prison hold below and that if they had any problems Gard would help them.

After Orn left Gard opened up the door in the small back room that lead to the prison hold below, and after donning masks to deal with the stench Aiden, Kalko and Nyla descended down while Akira stayed above ground with Gard. In the hold below the four Klatooinians were still bound, but awake and snearing at their captors.

Aiden began the questioning, demanding to know where the other crashed pirates where and what had been done with the stolen Ore. At first the only pirate who spoke Basic responded with insults, while the others hurled insults in Huttese and other dialects. After several minutes had passed Aiden passed control of the interrogation to Kalko, who proceeded to pummel the Basic speaking pirate repeatedly with his stun baton and also with his bare fists, breaking several bones and ribs and causing great discomfort.

Nyla, wanting to end the beating of the pirate reached out to the Force and instructed him to tell them everything he knew. Immediately the pirate spat blood up and said he’d tell them everything he knew. Kalko stopped the beating, and stood back to listen to what the pirate had to say. The pirate explained that they had been recruited for the job by a Neimodian, and that since their recruitment they had been operating out of staging area on the planet Ordisan, a terrestrial planet on the northern most edges of Mandalorian Space, a fact he used to taunt Aiden with considering that the Mandalorians did not even know the pirates were using. He explained that the pirates were able to move back and forth between Dantooine and Ordisan in less than half a day, a fact Aiden could not believe due to the distance and lack of a direct hyperspace route. Akira theorized that the pirates had a secret and unknown route, which was why they had ejected their navigcomputers into space to avoid capture.

When pressed further the Klatoonian explained that the original plan for the raid launched the day before was to secretly smuggle the stolen ore to a marsh down river with several low lying repulsor-barges hidden under a smokescreen, where it would be kept until a task force of pirate soliders would then sneak back into Ecumenopolis and hijack enough freighters and starships to transport the ore offworld. He boasted that though the shooting down of the three cruisers complicated the plan somewhat, it meant that with the escaped pirates at the very least they would have a few more hands to help steal Ecumenopolis’s ships. Immediately all four heroes realized how dangerously easy this would be, as the settlement’s small starport had been rendered unusable and all ships had been docking in the open grass field west of the settlement. Now concerned at how vulnerable their ships were, Aiden demanded to know when the pirates were planning to hijack the parked freighters and starships. At that moment a series of explosions, blaster shots and screams of terrors were heard from outside. The Klatooinian pirate chuckled, and told the heroes that the second stage of their plan began four minutes ago.

Gurk’s Revenge

Aiden ordered the heroes out of the hold immediately to help stop the attack outside, but just as he was climbing the ladder out of the hold the windows of the constabulary were smashed through, and a Dug with one eye covered with an eye patch flew through the shards of glass, drawing a dagger in mid-air and stabbing Gard in the back of the neck causing him to drop to the floor. The Dug then landed on the ground beside Akira and tried to kick Aiden back down the ladder, but missed. Akira, who only now had the time to react shouted to his friends in the hold that it was the Dug pirate captain they had been told about, Gurk. Drawing his blaster Akira immediately opened fire at close range as Gurk ducked and avoided his shots. Akira then backed around a corner behind the wall in the next room, only to have the Dug pirate captain lunge around the corner swinging a massive hooked sword, only narrowly missing Akira’s head.

Gurk's Revenge

The notorious pirate captain Gurk engages the entire player party in close range combat seeking revenge for the downing of his three pirate cruiers.

Aiden, now standing threw an adhesive grenade at the Dug which detonated, bonding his hands to the ground indefinitely. With his feet still free to wield his weapons however Gurk took aim at all the heroes and a terrible gunfight began. Akira took shelter behind an overturned desk while Kalko shot Gurk straight between the eyes. Still Gurk bobbed and dodged Akira, Aiden and Nyla’s shots, and was able to hurl a concussion grenade behind Akira’s desk, with the resulting blast rendering him unconscious.

Gurk then tried to use a gas grenade against the remaining heroes, only to be thwarted by the gas masks they were still wearing from earlier. Though Gurk was able to keep himself conscious with stimulant injections he was constantly pulling from his vest and administering to himself, Nyla was able to use the Force to rip the vest off of him, seriously hurting him in the process. Weaken, still bonded to the ground below and badly hurt, Gurk was dropped unconscious with one last blaster shot from Aiden. The heroes had little time to savour their victory however, as the raid outside was on-going and the constabulary was on the verge of collapse from the firefight inside. With Nyla grabbing Gard and Aiden grabbing Akira the heroes dashed outside just in time to avoid the collapsing structure. Tragically, Nyla realized it was too late to save Gard, the dagger to the neck had been too much to live through and he had died. Akira however was brought back to consciousness with the help of the stimulant injections Nyla had taken from Gurk’s armoured vest.

A Race to the Marshes

Outside the collapsed ruins of the constabulary the heroes found a chaotic scene. Again dozens of structures were ablaze, pirates wooped and yellped as they drove stolen swoop and speeder bikes up the roads, and Dantari riding on the backs of galloping Bol on the ground and Brith high in the sky overhead, covered in black, yellow and white face paint and firing blasters and hurling grenades onto the ground below. Akira shouted to Aiden if these were his Dantari friends, to which Aiden replied no, they were their enemies, the Irith tribe.

The heroes ran after the last of the pirates and Irith, who now seemed to be allies with one another, with the Irish even wielding the pirates own weapons as their own. Following the attackers to the grass fields, the heroes realized that most of the settlements freighters and starships had indeed been taken, including a massive GR-45 medium transport that flew right over their heads. Yet the Renegade was still on the ground, as the heroes approached they found two dead Klatooinians and two dead Gamorean pirates on the ships loading ramp, with LE standing over the corpses holding a repeating blaster. LE explained the pirates tried to board, but he was only just able to hold them off. Worse however, LE told Nyla that the pirates had taken several children playing nearby hostage along with some of their parents, and that Umdat was among them. Immediatly out of fear for his love Akira tried to contact Dyneh on his comlink, but did not respond. Akira could only hope that meant she was safe in the Upper City Gem where he left her and hadn’t been kidnapped herself. Aiden and Akira then ran for the bridge, as Nyla and Kalko manned the Renegade’s laser turrets as the Renegade lifted off the ground and followed the stolen transports down river. Traz radioed Aiden and the Renegade to do all that they could, as the pirates had just stolen Big Berta and it was one of the most important ships for the settlement.

The Renegade kept a close tail on the fleeing freighters in the air, but not too close as to risk them hurting the hostages. After several minutes of flight Akira detected two targets coming up behind them, two Brith with Irith riders with blasters firing at the back of the Renegade. Aiden targeted one of the riders and vaporized it quickly, causing the other rider to turn back immediately and flee.

Soon later the Renegade found itself over a vast and expansive thick and chocked marsh, where the stolen freighters were landing on swaths of solid ground and being loaded with crates from parked repulsor-barges. Just as the Renegade approached overhead however a sinister voice radioed the Renegade, ordering them to keep their distance and make no attempt to interfere or follow them or else the hostages would be killed. The heroes knew their options were limited, and as none wanted the hostages harmed they reluctantly agreed. Not before however Nyla was able to lean out of the Renegade’s brig’s airlock door and telekinetically throw a small tracking device onto the hull of Big Berta below.

Soon after the stolen cargo was loaded onto the now stolen freighters and starships, and all lifted off into the sky and made their way for orbit as the Renegade hovered helplessly. The last of the stolen freighters stopped over the marsh after taking off, and mercilessly threw more than two dozen hostages into the water below before flying away. Immediately the Renegade snapped into action, and were miraculously to save all the hostages including Umdat and Dyneh, whom it had turned out had run to the save the children when she saw the pirates heading for the grass-fields where the ships were parked earlier and had herself then been kidnapped. Akira understood however, as she was only trying to help the children.

With the rescued hostages in tow, the Reneagde flew back to Ecumenopolis to asses the rest of the damage.

The Sweet Hereafter Once More

After landing once more the heroes headed straight for the Upper City Gem, where they found the bodies of many Irith outside who had apparently died attempting to rob the facility, and saw a massive explosion had ripped open the Tarisian’s penthouse suite on the third story. Akira, Kalko and Nyla ran inside while Aiden stayed outside in case some Irith returned.

Inside the floor of the Gem was heavily damaged, but the three hurried up to the Tarisian’s suite where outside of his door they found Miss M’Row wheeping slightly. She explained that the Tarisian was in his suite being tended to by his Ortolan physicians. Nyla and Akira ran inside where the found the Tarisian cursing at the two Ortolan’s to not bother with the anesthetic, and to simply hurry up and sew up the massive gash in his chest. Nyla however was able to convince the Tarisian to let her apply the Vincha root, which considerably eased his pain, while Akira was ever the more impressed that the Tarisian was willing and able to be operated on without taking anything for the pain at all.

Outside Kalko could see that Miss M’Row was troubled by the days events, and offered her a shoulder to cry on as he hugged her gently, telling her it was going to be okay and that he’d allow nothing to happen to her as long as he was here.

Meanwhile outside of the Gem Aiden stood waiting for his friends when he saw Orn approach from the smoldering ruins of a collapsed building. She was covered in blood head to toe, and she was gripping a dagger in each of her hands. Orn approached Aiden slowly who was concerned and asked if she was okay. Orn simply asked if what she heard was true, that the Twi’lek Gard was dead. Aiden told her that regrettably he was, despite their best efforts to save him. Orn thanked him, and continued on her way towards what was left of the constabulary with a plain dejected look on her face. Aiden then shouted as she was about to disapear from sight that they captured the pirate captain Gurk who killed Gard. Orn simply turned to Aiden and said that interrogating him would at least give her something good to look forward to tomorrow.

Aftwards, Nyla, Umdat and Aiden returned to the ship to sleep, while Akira, Dyneh and Kalko went to sleep in their suites at the Upper City Gem.


Once more Nyla found herself in a grass field as twilight’s last light clutched the horizon. With her were the two lights she had saved when they fell from the sky earlier. The lights glowed warmly in her hands, and she sensed that they needed her. In the distance however Nyla sensed two threats approaching, to her right a red light moving fast towards her, and on her left a silver light moving just as quickly. Both lights wanted the white lights for themselves, both wanted to hurt them.

Nyla held the lights close to her and ran, but they weighed her down. Nyla knew she could drop the lights and she could outrun the silver and red lights, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the white lights on their own. Nyla held on to the white lights, and emersed herself in the light side of the Force as the two sinister lights struck. They were powerful, and their heat scorched Nyla, but Nyla held her ground, she was not destroyed, nor were the lights she held close to her, she had become one with the lights.

Nyla and the Lights

Nyla flees the menacing forces in her determination to keep the precious lights safe.

Nylwa awoke in a cold sweat, in her bunk on the Renegade. Realizing it was a similar dream to the one she had before, Nyla truly began to wonder if she would soon find herself protecting two lights against two sinister forces, and wondered if she was strong enough to defend them on her own.

In the Upper City Gem not far away, Akira was awakened with he felt a mist enter his room. Seeing Dyneh undisturbed by the gathering mist, Akira rose to his feet and exited the room into the hallway where the mist seemed to be coming from, but not before pulling a folded towel from under his bed first.

Outside in the hallway Akira found once again the specter of his late Jedi Master waiting patiently for him. Akira asked the specter why he came again, to which the specter replied once more that “She cannot do it on her own my boy”. Akira lashed out demanding to know what that meant and why he kept repeating it to him. The specter calmly repeated it once more, adding that “Time is fast running out, you must soon decide what path to walk”. Akira simply unfolded the towel he held in his hand, revealing his Jedi padawan lightsaber. “I’ve never forgotten” Akira replied. With that the mist retreated and once again Akira was left alone in the hall. He returned to bed beside Dyneh, placing his lightsaber in hiding once more.

Akira tries to comprehend his masters ever cyptic messages.

Next door Kalko’s deep sleep found him once again in the barren rocky valley, surrounded by massive valley walls hundreds if not thousands of feet high, with dozens of hooded figures carved into the stone, each with it’s face covered, each looking down at the ground below.

Before him stood a figure in dark robes turned away from his direction, yet still speaking loudly. The figure welcomed Kalko back home, and when Kalko asked where this home was the voice explained that it’s where he’s always been, and where Kalko will find him soon. The figure then asked Kalko how it had felt earlier that day when he was beating the Klatooinian prisoner, if it felt good to feel the blood dripping from his body, to feel the bones breaking under his skin. Kalko was put off by the figures questions, and demanded to know who he was. The figure turned to face Kalko, revealing only two glowing white eyes on a shrouded face, and a massive crown of two tall horns. The figure said that he couldn’t wait to meet Kalko in person.

Kalko's Apparition

Kalko encounters the mysterious apparition who’d spoken to him in dreams perviously.

Kalko awoke with in a cold sweat, but was able to calm himself down after a few moments. Miss M’Row, lying next to him was undisturbed in her sleep, and eventually Kalko laid down again next to her, wondering why he’d had a repeat of the strange dream he had before and what if anything it meant.

Aiden has a Good Night Sleep

Aiden had a good night sleep with no interuptions.


I really loved this session! Nyla definitely had an interesting experience when she talked to the Wise Old One. Learning that that darkness that follows her is worse than she originally thought.

Episode IX

Very cool surpirse that the Old Wise One was not what we were expecting, but actually an intelligent reptilian beast.

Also I’m digging your use of dreams, I often use dreams as an added element of story telling and forshadowing.

Episode IX

Thank you Mr. DarkMagus, the Old Wise One is actually a member of a species that has appeared before in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so I can’t take full credit for the concept. They are a largely unknown species however, hence the reaction of assuming them to be just a hulking beast of burden is actually quite common.

As for the dreams, there IS a reason the players are dreaming now more than they have ever dreamed before. Hopefully time and fate will allow the party to discover why exactly this is!

Episode IX

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