Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode IV

The Abyss of Ando

vercoming threats from mortar attackers at sea and assassins lurking in shadows, the Allies of Ando have successfully completed their first mission as bodyguards on behalf of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

As revelers and rioters have taken to the streets of Quantill City to celebrate the dawn of the Festival of the Portage Moon, the planet of Ando has been shook to it’s core with the arrival of Sector Governor Craz Oduur.

The Allies of Ando wondered what impact the arrival of Governor Oduur would have on the city as they retired for the night, only to be awaken by Commander Crack early the next morning at 0530 hours with a squad of his Stormtroopers on speederbike the night morning with a request of their presence from Colonel Madine.

As the party gathered themselves to leave the safehouse they spent the night before with the Quarren “businessman” Horrat in tow, Horrat pulled Kalko aside for a private conversation. After a few moments of speaking one of Horrat’s Mon Calamari bodyguards approached Aiden and informed him that Kalko would not be joining the rest of the party for the time being, and so the party left the safehouse with Commander Crack and his squad as Kalko and Horrat discussed business.

Once the party arrived at the Imperial Garrison they learned from Crack they would be joining him and four squads of Stormtroopers in safeguarding the Governor Oddur himself with Colonel Madine on a surprise inspection and tour of the Corellian Mining Corporation’s Seacrawler, a tour being directed by Jakkar Qin, the endeavours biggest financier. They also learned that Colonel Madine had insisted upon the party’s inclusion after learning of their being of such great help to his friend Horrat.

After a half hour journey in a flotilla of Imperial repulsor-patrol boats the party arrived at a massive elevated platform at sea containing the Seacrawlers servicing facilities and crew quarters. After a quick introduction to a delighted Jakkar Qin the party and all others involved boarded a massive turbolift which lowered them into the shallow sea below, finally docking with the massive Seacrawler after being delighted to a magnificent view of the underwater landscape through the turbolift’s transparent doors.

After boarding the lengthly but narrow vessel the party joined Crack, Madine and Governor Oddur along with Qin and a team of engineers as they toured the vessel’s narrow corridors and impressive engineering. Eventually the party came to the massive bridge complex where a large team of engineers and technicians monitored all sorts of sensors and scanner arrays with an expansive view through a large rectangular porthole before them of the ocean floor below. Jakkar Qin was about to lead the Governor to tour other parts of the Seacrawler when the Governor happily asked that he get to see it in action. Being fearful that the Seacrawler was not yet ready for full deployment Qin tried but dissuade the Governor, but in the end could not counter the Governor’s curiosity and ordered the Captain of the Seacrawler to get the vessel underway. Akira at this point mentioned his concern to Aiden that the vessel was under protected from possible attackers, but several engineers who overheard the conversation rebuffed the statement, insisting the Seacrawler could handle any reasonable threat.

An hour after the Seacrawler began it’s journey to the planned Mineral Fish harvesting grounds the vessel was forced to change course due to instability in the terrain, taking a much more treacherous route from an undersea trench to reach the harvesting grounds. Again the party expressed concern at the Seacrawler’s poor defences, but were again rebuffed even as a single Firaxan Shark appeared on the bridges long range sensors. The bridges Chief Marine Biologist Dyneh Lonin insisted that the species was harmless to them and warranted no concern. Akira began to take an interest in Dyneh, discussion the Firaxan’s with her until several more of the sharks began appearing on sensor, moving together in a pack and closer and closer to the Seacrawler until they were circling the vessel. Dyneh expressed bewilderment to the captain and Qin, insisting that the Firaxan were long hunters who never attacked in packs, and never attacked a vessel as large as the Seacrawler, even as the Firaxan suddenly began striking the starboard side of the Seacrawler with powerful force.

The Seacrawler went to red alert as the vessel took heavy damage from the strike, and Aiden forcibly took command of the vessel’s simple weapons control from a panicking engineer. Firing a barrage of torpedo’s Aiden did considerable damage to one of the attacking Firaxan, but not enough as the Seacrawler took more and more damage from the ramming Firaxan, now numbering nine. After one forcefull strike the Seacrawler was tipped more than fourty five degrees onto it’s side, pinned precariously against the trench wall. Commander Crack advised the Colonel it was time to evacuate the Governor, and with that Governor, Crack, the Colonel and the player party and two regular Stormtroopers boarded the bridge escape pod, with the Seacrawler’s captain ordering Dyneh to board as well to take the pods last seat, as Jakkar Qin elected to stay with his ship under seige. It was now that certain members of the player party reached out in the Force, and determined the Firaxan may be under the control of a powerfull Force-user somewhere close by on Ando. Those same Force-users became somewhat aware of each other incidentally when they reached out into the Force.

After boarding the escape pod the occupants were ejected safely to the surface where flotation devices kept the pod stable while an LAAT Gunship came to rescue the occupants. After a Seatrooper on a zipline safely extracted the Governor however one of the Firaxan Sharks suddenly surfaced ramming the floating escape pod with it’s head repeatedly, violently shaking the pod and injuring many of it’s occupants. The LAAT above struggled to continue the rescue mission while firing on the Shark below without injuring those needing rescue. The Colonel suffered a broken arm, Crack and his Stormtroopers were knocked unconscious, and Akira was nearly killed when the Firaxan Shark belly flopped onto the pod while Akira stood on top of the pod firing at the fish.

Nyla was able to stabilize Akira and ease the Colonel’s pain as they were both evacuated to the LAAT above as even more escape pod’s surfaced with even more LAAT’s arriving on scene. First Nyla was evacuated to the LAAT, but she was forced to watch helplessly as the Seatrooper attempting to rescue Aiden was swallowed hole by the leaping and now badly injured Firaxan Shark. A final attempt was successful however, as Aiden was able to fire a fatal shot at the Firaxan as he was finally pulled to safety with the help of Akira firing from the LAAT having regained his consciousness. With the terrifying ordeal over the Governor offered his sincere thanks to the party, and made sure they received the highest level of care at the Imperial Garrison’s infirmary upon their return to Quantill City.

After being fully healed at the Garrison’s infirmary the player party split up, with Akira taking his new friend Dyneh back to the Spaceport to show her the Renegade, while Aiden and Nyla went to spend they’re 15,000 credit reward for safeguarding the Governor. At the Renegade Akira learned of Dyneh’s love of marine life, as well as her father’s exploits on the Kessel Run, a hazardous navigational route which Akira boasted of having completed many times himself. After meeting up with a well fed Umdat who had just discovered the ships food processor and Beesix, Akira snuck away to a more private area of the Renegade where he and Dyneh could become better acquainted.

Meanwhile Aiden and Nyla ventured to the Market District of Quantill City, where they witnessed hordes upon hordes of excited civilians making their way towards the Historical District, where they were told by passerby’s that Governor Oduur would be hearing requests for pardon’s from the family members of all the Aquenlish arrested over the last three days, a number as high as eight thousand. Suspicious this was only a ploy to win over support for the Imperial regime, Aiden and Nyla went about their shopping in the Market District, with Aiden buying a 5500 hundred credit used LE Series Repair Droid, an 1100 credit Blaster Rifle (with license included) and lastly a new 300 credit jet pack for himself. More importantly, Nyla revealed her nature as a Jedi to Aiden, explaining that she had sensed another Force user at work in the area during the Firixan attack earlier that morning. Aiden himself revealed his connections to a late Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, and agreed to keep Nyla’s revelation secret.

After returning to the Renegade themselves at 09:30 hours, and after Umdat gave an overjoyed reaction to see Nyla safe again, the Spaceport’s communication tower informed Aiden of an incoming transmission, which Beesix projected via hologram. A transmission from none other than Jeyen.



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