Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode III

The Traitors of Ando

aving accepted Colonel Taft Madine’s offer of employment on behalf of the Imperial garrison on Quantill City and the agreement to allow the salvaging of the YT-2400 burnt out in the nights earlier firefight, Aiden, Akira, Kalko and Nyla departed from the fortified garrison and headed back to Docking Bay 78 of the Quantill City Intergalactic Spaceport with little Umdat and Beesix in tow.

Escorted by a small but formidable Imperial detachment of speeder bikes back, the player party witnessed all manner of Aqualish citizenry being rounded up by Stormtroopers from one end of the island city to another by the hundreds, while even more Aqualish rioted in return with crude and primitive weapons against the occupying Imperials in the choking heat of the night. Though it made for an intense journey home, the party reached Docking Bay 78 safely unscathed and bid their Imperial escort goodnight as they prepared to settle in for the night on board the Renegade all under the supervision of a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers.

While Aiden, Nyla, Kalko and Umdat turned in for the night onboard the Renegade, Akira took Beesix with him to inspect the burnt out wreck of their new salvage, the YT-2400 with which they shared the docking bay. The damage to the freighter was extensive. A massive whole lay in the vessels port side where the massive bulk loading droid literally ripped into the ship earlier in the evening and fire damage had gutted most of the cargo hold, the engine room and the power core, quickly dashing Akira’s hopes of a quick return to flight for the party’s new acquisition. The smuggling holds, now partly exposed after the fire and firefight were still intact, along with their precious hold of tens of thousands worth of credits of the illegal spice Giggledust.

Still hoping to salvage the ship itself as a working craft, Akira and Beesix began to examine the shape of the vessels hyperdrive, only to discover it’s hyperdrive motivator had been completely removed, and quite cleanly and professionally as well. Further investigation by Beesix revealed that the ships entire fuel supply had been siphoned away as well, which after further investigation by Akira lead him to believe that both the Hyperdrive Motivator and the ships fuel were removed well before the ship and it’s Gamorean crew were attacked earlier that night, but removed by whom Akira and Beesix did know. It seemed to both though that someone had not wanted the ship to leave after it had arrived.

The dissecting of the ships onboard computer revealed that the vessel was unregistered with an unlisted owner, that it had left from somewhere in Hutt Space and that after they reached Ando they received a message telling them to wait to meet with none other than Jeyen, the mysterious figure who had enticed the entire party to meet on Ando in the first place. What connection these dead Gamoreans, their burnt out ship and their cargo of illegal spice had with the party however, was a mystery. Even stranger yet was the fact that Beesix discovered through the ships computer that in addition to several crates of illicit cargo having been stolen during the raid, one of the ships five proton torpedoes was missing as well. Akira wondered if the missing proton torpedo had been what the leader of the raiders had been holding in his arms when he escaped via rocket-pack. Believing finally there was nothing else to learn from their salvaged ship for the night, Akira and Beesix decided to retire for the evening while instructing several loading droids to work through the night transferring the unmarked crates of Giggle Dust to the Renegade.

The next morning at 0700 hours the entire party onboard the Renegade were awaken by the ships computer with a message for Aiden, a request from Base Commander Colonel Taft Madine that they be ready at 07:30 for the full briefing on their assignment for the evening. As the party prepared for the day ahead an Aquelish entered the docking bay, and shouted to the ship to speak with Aiden. Lowering the Renegade’s gangway plank, Aiden greeted the man who revealed himself to be the Chief Constable of the Civic Guard Rhok Ubarbo, the head of the investigation into the raid on Docking Bay 78 the evening prior. The Constable did however inform Aiden that as a result of an Imperial Directive regarding Ando’s local police forces, he cannot force Aiden to answer questions, he cannot arrest Aiden for any acts and that Aiden’s co-operation with him is strictly voluntary.

The questions were basic at first, if they knew the Gamoreans, if they knew the raiders of the night before, yet then the Constable began asking questions about information Akira had told Aiden only last night, about stolen weapons from the YT-2400, and about the Gamoreans being there to meet a man named Jeyen. Aiden insisted he knew nothing of Jeyen, only that he’d been asked to meet him here on Ando the next day at the start of the Festival of the Portage Moon. The Constable thanked Aiden for his co-operation, and left after asking him to tell the mysterious Mr. Jeyen that when he arrives, he would like to have a word with him.

Going back into the ship Aiden found he had just enough time to prepare himself for the briefing, and at 0730 hours sharp the entire party, Umdat and Beesix included were ready for their briefing. Outside Docking Bay 78 they were met by an Imperial landspeeder, which took them to the main entrances of the Imperial Garrison nearby. Outside the durasteel doors stood a Stormtrooper Commander who introduced himself as Commander Crack, their new liaison for the duration of their service to the Empire. Crack explained that the target of their mission for the evening was a reclusive Quarren “businessman” by the name of Horrat, a name which made Umdat yelp quietly and hug Nyla in fear. Crack went on to explain that Horrat never leaves his posh estate on Aduhm Island to the north-east of the city, but will tonight to go to a gala celebration in the Entertainment District commemorating the start of the Festival of the Portage Moon tomorrow.

When Aiden asked if they should know why someone would want to harm Mr. Horrat, all Crack would tell them was that he was a former member of a group known as the Quarren Isolation League who had made some enemies in his time. Aiden had heard of the Quarren Isolation League, and was ever the more puzzled as he knew from memory they had once been a powerful Seperatist organization on the planet Dac. Crack concluded by telling them that they were to meet back at the base at 1600 hours for departure, and that until then as it was Market Day in the city he suggested that they prepare for their mission by buying supplies at the Bosk Yapayomba Market in the Market District, all of their expenses of which would be covered by their client Mr. Horat.

Excited at the prospect of new gear and weaponry, the party made their way towards the bustling kilometer wide sprawling market, while Nyla asked Umdat why he yelped upon hearing the name Horat. Umdat explained that Horat was a very cruel “businessman”, and was known in unsavory circles as the “Boss of the Appa Poa”, a long and vital roadway whos businesses in some way or another paid him protection. Beesix was able to further inform the party on Horat, telling them that though he was once a Seperatist, he had betrayed the Quarren Isolation League and had actually fed vital information to the Republic’s armies before their arrival on the planet, which eventually helped lead to the League’s defeat in a massive subsequent battle. Since then Beesix explained Horat had sought refuge on ocean worlds like his own homeworld, but with a stronger Imperial presence to protect him from former enemies.

At the market the party found tens of thousands of sentients of all races shopping at the thousands of open air or covered tent stands buying all manner of goods and products from antique coral carvings to illegal spice and advanced weaponry. After making their way past an unpleasantly smelling aquatic livestock auction, Kalko felt his back pocket being picked. Turning around Kalko caught a dark brown skinned Gungan in the act. A quick one sided brawl ensued, with Kalko breaking the Gungan’s arm at the elbow, slamming him on the hard rock street below and repeatedly stunning him with his stun baton until he was unconscious. Kalko then stripped the unfortunate Gungan thief naked and after helping himself to two other wallets he found on his person, left the now nude Gungan in the streets. Umdat shook his head and said “Poor Rabbo” to himself, explaining to the others that Rabbo was a tough headed but very dumb Gungan thief whom he’d met on occasion who worked this area, and had more than once made the mistake of pick pocketing someone he shouldn’t have.

Searching through the wallets Kalko had recovered, the party found the identification for two individuals, a human arms merchant selling goods at this very market, and an Aquelish High Lord with fifteen thousand on credit chips in the wallet alone. Making their way to the arms merchant, they introduced themselves to a Mr. Han Toranoth who was very grateful for them returning his wallet offered the party discounts on his merchandise, with Kalko picking up a new repeating blaster pistol and Akira buying an assortment of grenades. As Aiden and Nyla were discussing where the best place to buy combat armour was, Kalko and Akira overheard the excited fervent shouting of a nearby auctioneer. Making their way to investigate they soon discovered a gangly thin Rodian shouting in basic the potential highlights to the mind blowingly beautiful female Zeltron slave specimen to his side clad in only the most minimal black garments.

As Kalko and Akira were left in jaw-dropping awe of the beauty of the Zeltron slave on the auction block, who seemed oddly delighted to be being sold the high stakes bidding began, with bids quickly reaching ten thousand credits, enough to buy your own ship nearly. Realizing they had fifteen thousand in credits on hand that belonged to an Aquelish High Lord, the two considered making a bid on the voluptuous Zeltron but decided against it out of concern what the others in the party would think of them purchasing a Zeltron slave for their own use, instead letting a well dressed male green Twi’lek win the bidding, proclaiming as he took posesion “Another fine treasure for Master Luborra”.

Returning to the others Kalko and Akira found Aiden, Nyla and the others just making their way further down the market to the tent of Mr. Nat Toranoth, a clothing and armour retailer who was brothers with the arms merchant who’s wallet they rescued. Once there Nyla was able purchase a fifteen hundred credit combat jumpsuit for only twelve hundred and fifty credits, a discount Nat gave Nyla for helping his brother out and for reminding him of his own daughter whom lives offworld.

With 1600 hours fast approaching, Aiden felt the party had the time to hand deliver the wallet back to the Aquelish High Lord in the hopes of winning the favour of a powerful local. Making their way to the Historical Disctrict of the cities north-east, the party soon found themselves at the estate of High Lord Chuda Mobabbo, a very narrow but six story high bright blue coral and durasteel structure with a fenced lush tropical garden in it’s front, surrounded on both sides by equally narrow but tall opulent homes. Being greeted by a chrome 3P0 unit and lead past several burly Aquelish brutes guarding the entrance into a grand entrance chamber, where they waited outside a massive door from which behind they could hear the loud shouting of two individuals. Once allowed inside they found the well dressed but flustered High Lord Chuda Mobabbo before a large holo-projector only just de-activating. The High Lord thanked the party for returning his wallet and assured them that Rabbo would not be stealing again for some time. Though he vowed he would return their favour to them one day, Akira regrettably learned he had no interest in buying the charred wreck of a YT-2400 off their hands.

With 1600 hours drawing near, the party split up, with Nyla sending Umdat back to the Renegade to be safe with Beesix, while she, Aiden, Akira and Kalko made their way again across the city for the Imperial Garrison where they met with Commander Crack outside, who escorted them to the bases docks where they boarded a small repulsor-boat and made their way for Aduhm Island to the north-east of the Quantill City through the calm still seas.

Upon arriving at Aduhm Island the party left Commander Crack and his boat after being given an Imperial com frequency to use for emergency’s, and made their way up the steep inclining island towards the heavily guarded Cliffside four level estate of the infamous Horrat overlooking the islands edge. After a brief introduction to the reclusive and a discussion of their plans to leave the island on his ornate private yacht Nyla was struck by a sudden shiver of imminent danger through the Force. Reacting with her Jedi reflexes Nyla tackled Horrat to the ground, throwing herself on top of him as an explosion of mortar fire shattered the glass and walls of the cliffside estate. Stunned but uninjured, the party rose to their feet only to hear another round of mortar fire descending fast upon the estate from the sea below. Fleeing the estate as Horrat’s guards returned fire to the water below the party and Horrat’s select Mon Calamari bodyguards made their way to the estate’s garage where Akira learned Horrat kept a high speed Flash Speeder.

Formulating a plan for a fast escape from danger, Akira had Horrat radio his yacht to set sail without them, as the party loaded into the flash speeder, with Horrat and his guards in tow. Akira then took control of the speeder, and accelerated it right through the garage door and down the incline of the island at break neck speed dodging spurattic mortar fire from the water. Struggling to keep control of the speeder as it dodged and ducked obstacles down the hill from passerby’s to other speeders the party neared the island piers as Horrat’s yacht sailed away at a high speed of it’s own. Seeing a small rocky incline to the left of the piers, Akira aimed their speeder head on for the rocks which they hit and were sent flying through the air. With great piloting skill Akira kept the speeder’s nose down as it flew towards the deck of the yacht, firing the inertial dampeners only at the last moment softening the speeders crash onto the yacht’s stern.

Safely out of danger for now with only minor cuts and bruises Horrat thanked Akira and the party for saving his life and claimed to feel safe with them as additional security. Arriving at the docks of Quantill City the party chartered two black speederlimo’s operated by Duros brothers. Once in the limo’s the party headed for the city’s Entertainment District, where they found a massive gathering outside a very posh restaurant. Aquelish, Imperial and other delegates from all over the sector and Mid-Rim were in attendance, with Akira and Kalko even spotting the seductive Zeltron they’d seen earlier that day at the slave auction on the arm of a large brown stripped Hutt whom they heard introduced by a green Twi’lek as Boss Nabotta. Even base commander Colonel Taft Madine was in attendance.

Nyla and Aiden escorted Horrat and his guards inside while Kalko and Akira took a reconnaissance position in the lobby of the restaurant with the horde of other private security. After several hours of winning and dinning Kalko and Akira saw Commander Crack arrive at the restaurant with a squad of stormtroopers with him walking in a hurry. Once inside the restaurant Crack sought out Colonel Madine, whom he spoke too briefly and then left with the Colonel in as much a hurry as which he arrived.

Sensing that something major may be happening, Kalko and Akira recommended that they leave for the evening and make their way home. The party made their way out of the restaurant through the kitchen’s back entrance and had the limo’s meet them in the alley behind the restaurant. Aiden and Nyla were in the process of helping Horrat and his men into one of the limo’s when suddenly the door of the other limo was thrown open from the inside, and after the dead Duros’s body tumbled out a masked Aqualish lept from the limo at Akira. Striking him with a stunning blow Akira was momentarily stunned, but regained his composure and spared fist to fist with the would be assassin as Aiden and Nyla drew blasters to fire upon the attacker.

A fierce duel ensued with Akira and the attacker trading devastating blows, until finally Kalko was dropped the agile attacker with a fatal shot to the head. At that exact moment as Aiden and Akira pillaged the attackers robes, jumpsuit and highly valuable Shock Boxing Gloves, the party observed a large Imperial Shuttle fly low overhead towards the Imperial Garrison with a squadron of V-Wing fighters escorting it. Now knowing something was in the works Aiden hurried the party into the limo’s and made their way to a safe-house owned by a friend of Horrat’s in the Historical District where they would all be safe for the night before the dawn of the Festival of the Portage Moon. Though along the way the party had to carefully avoid crowds and near mobs of rowdy Aquelish celebrating the impending festival and toasting the long fallen Confederacy, evening abandoning their limo to reach the safe house by foot alone.

Once safe at the safe-house Aiden radioed Beesix back at the docking bay to tell them they would be staying with Horrat for the night. Asking if there had been any unusual Imperial activity around the docking bay, Beesix told Aiden no, but that he had heard on Imperial communication channels that the Dufilvian Sector Governor Craz Oduur has made a surprise arrival under heavy Imperial escort.

With nothing to do until the morning the player party settled in at the safe house for the evening as the masses of Aquelish reveled outside throughout the entire city. The party could only help but wonder what impact a high level Imperial Governor would have on a Aquelish nationalistic and religious holiday. More so, they wondered if Jeyen will finally bring answers to them that they’ve long sought.

Questions Asked:

1. Why did the pirate raiders steal a Proton Torpedo from the YT-2400 along with
only some of the ships spice cargo?

2. Who disabled the YT-2400’s hyperdrive and depleted it’s fuel reserves before the raid?

3. How did Chief Constable Rhok Ubarbo know so much about the YT-2400’s history when Akira only learned that same history the very night before?

4.Why has the sector governor arrived the night before a major religious and nationalistic holiday when tensions are high as they are?

5. Will Kalko and Akira live to regret not buying a sultry seductive Zeltron woman all for themselves?


This has been a terriffic read so far! :) I’m not too familiar with the Star Wars setting, aside from watching the movies a few times, but I find the story easy to follow, a true testament to good writing.

Also I thought you might want to know that the paragraph starting "With 1600 hours fast approaching, Aiden felt the party had the time " appears twice.

Episode III

Indeed it did DarkMagus, indeed it did. Yet NO MORE!! Thanks for the tip, I have removed the duplicated paragraph. Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad to know that the story is apealing to not only fans of the expanded universe, but fans of simply the movies as well!

Episode III

The first mention of the historical district just under the above mentioned sentence is incorrectly spelt. Thought it might be important as it is a link.

Episode III

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